Intro to StarkQ and BLU

Hello everyone!
After several months of subs on youtube and another vendor I’ve found SubClub which seems to be good community and vendor!
I started with StarkQ almost 2 weeks ago and I added BLU in the past 2 days.
I’m writing my journal daily and when I’ve some more time I’ll start the journal in the forum as well so I can entertain a little … :slight_smile:
I didn’t have any breakthrough yet… I’ve added BLU to get more focus on learning as I’m in a training to improve my skills and knowledge to get a better position while I start an online biz on the side.

The first 2 days were ok, I was feeling excited, but after that I’ve been little angry.
I played Stark 2 loops a day the first 2 days. Than I went up to 4 and this week since I added BLU I’m playing 1 BLU and 2 Stark.

Procrastination towards study is very high… And although I really want to study I’m having a rejection and keep pushing away… Instead of study I waste my time thinking and doing other things, and at the end of the day I’m mad at my self for not following up on what I planned to do.

When I purchased Stark I was little undecided between Stark and Emperor and choose Stark because I didn’t want to get the side effect of being a “commander”… I’m already that kind of guy, and through years of experience I smoothed that out and I don’t want to go back to that!
I’m very upfront guy type of person and I say what I think no matter what and take responsibilities on… but it has gotten me in some trouble to be so “brutally” honest!
Anyway I’m gonna get ahead to the help section now to ask for some advise!

Feel free to post.


Welcome to Subclub !

Yup good building your stack on what you already consider yourself good at and what you want to developp!

Welcome to the forum, Looking forward to reading your journal

Interesting you picked a sub that didn’t amplify your already strong alpha traits. My reconciliation is because I’m not naturally an outgoing type of person.

What are your early results on BLU?

Thank you guys for stopping by

Yes. I wanted to get Emperor or Ascended Mogul because my focus right now is wealth, career, studying, and after reading few journals I decide not to. I’ve worked on my self through the years with meditation and other spiritual practices to change this aspect of mine but still need to check in to avoid “supremacy”. Also at the moment I don’t care much about women and don’t want to waste my time. (no offense to any women in the forum and in general. I respect you very much!)

As for BLU well, I can’t say much yet. Today is my 3rd day. I chose to stack it up hoping to get me more focused and motivated with studying, but it hasn’t happened yet.
Actually I see I’m wasting more time than before. I’m having a rejection towards studying and I don’t want to give any false interpretation to it.
Is it my subconscious telling me to cut it out? It is time to have a change in my life and pursue other things that I care more about? Or Am I having reconciliation?
Don’t know! I want to give few weeks to find out.
I can tell you that running StarkQ alone in the 1st week I was more productive.
Maybe someone else or an experienced member can shed some light on it.

Welcome. Create a journal. Stick with one sub to start. If that is StarkQ, then stick with that for 3 months or more. Also a reminder to take action.