Intro ! (*Rolling tambourine*)

Hi everyone I’ve been experimenting with subliminals for over a year now,
I’ve got some success but mostly not.

Even I continously failed to find a legit source for them I never discontuned my search for the GRAAL of Sub’s I just know that it should work because the science behind it makes sense, plus I had some results with a few of them. but the results were minimum and recquired way too much time of listening.

Long story short I think I found my Graal here
I’ve bought so far the StarkQ and Love Bomb Ultima
I still do work on myself to better the being that I am without subs
But let me tell you, the second listen of Love Bomb ? Dammmn that’s so good
I feel so good while on it. I already know that’s rly potent Sub right there, I never got that before

So far I listen :
2X the StarkQ masked
1X Love Bomb rigth after / 1X Love Bomb before sleeping
I will do the 5 days On and 2 rest

My interest are now into building a more physical transformative sub
But it’s for later.
I’m so glad I found this website :partying_face:

I’ll finaly be able to quench my thirst of stacking progress dixit subs over other activities and knowing I am gaining so much time and efficiency :drooling_face:


Welcome to the Club :smiley:

You’ve arrived at the right place for transformation. Be sure to take it slow and increase your momentum as you gain more experience!

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Yeah… I had bad results or none at all when not taking rest days plus the medium to bad quality made the whole experience really not so great in the end
Lesson learned

Thanks for the warm welcome !

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Least I could do :+1:

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