Intermittent Fasting


I noticed that many people are following some find of fasting…especially intermittent fasting.

  • Can you share your diet and
  • What you eat when breaking your fast

If you follow any other type of fast please feel free to share.

I personally follow the 16/8 fasting plan. My main concern with that type of fast is will healthy fats such as MCT oil break my fasted state?
While being in a fasted state i dont want to lack energy to process the subliminal and brain power.


Yeah it will break a fast. But try to think of what the fast is, a fast could be all calories (water fast). You could fast from everything that hurts your ketones (mct increases ketones, so doesn’t hurt fast/biological state).

One important thing to think about is OMAD fasting, and eating all the food groups in one meal is not particularly the healthiest fast (western diet/processed food compacted).



In humans, the glucogenic amino acids are:

Amino acids that are both glucogenic and ketogenic (mnemonic “PITTT”):

Only leucine and lysine are not glucogenic (they are only ketogenic).

no, but Sucralose will delay onset of ketone production, so make sure to take this only later in day (End of fast). Other than that, there is so little calories (Macros), you don’t have to worry about glucose.

Anticaking Agent, Trisodium Citrate, Flavouring, Stabiliser, Sucralose, Prebiotic Fibre (IMO), Colourant

Also avoid sucralose in the future for health reasons. Don’t worry about it in short term.


Will this mix break my fast?


Thanks @user9437773791397760
Appreciate your help :+1:


@pacman, it depends on the kind of fast you’re doing, generally speaking it does not. Fasting is helpful because you’re body becomes deprived of fast sugar intake whereby it relies on body-fats to energize our bodily functions.

In this case MCT-Oil won’t break your fast, on the flip side it will encourage your fast. If you want more information regarding your question you can easily look it up on Google or YouTube, I’m sure there are many websites and channels that go into the science of fasting and why MCT-Oil doesn’t break it.


I want to keep body fat min and keep brain power high


As long as you restrain from sugar intake your body will keep in ketose (burning body-fat), moreover, the MCT-Oil will provide optimal energy for brainpower.


It is good to avoid sugar, similar detriments to other “addictions” like PMO. Humans are meant to consume as much sugar as you can find, since it is supposed to be a scarce resource.

You can make your brain stronger and increase neurogenesis by avoiding sugar. Just make sure to put in some learning/effort during your fast, to augment this, you wont be “smarter” just because you fast, and in fact you will likely become “dumber” if you are starting.


I do intermittent fasting, I wake up at 6:30 AM and then break my fast at 12:30 and I stop eating at 10:00 PM. In my opinion, my brainpower has increased a lot and focus has been amazing but that might because I’m running a productivity sub.


@pacman you may be complicating IF by trying to figure out a way to hack around the “no eating during fasting” rule.

When I started, I started with OMAD every day with a 48-hour fast once a week. Did that for several weeks. Nothing except water in the fasting window.


Just start with getting your body used to not eating. I usually fast 16-20 hours per day (no calories intake, only a black coffee in the morning and water)

Sometime I take break and go back to regular 3 meals per day.

Push back your breakfast by a few hours, and try to push is back slowly until you are satisfied with the amount of time you are not eating.

Your body might need time to use fat as fuel and feel energetic while you are not eating or haven’t eaten in like 14 hours.


I believe we both do it because of kinobody;)

Are a kinowarrior aha


Hey @pacman

I’m also doing intermitent fasting for 80+ days in a row, I even train almost everyday at about the 15th hour calisthenics, I have energy yet at that hour. I fast at least 16 hours, most days 18, some days 20, every other day 24 hours, I don’t have a lot of hunger in those hours, I only drink water in the hours I fast. I drink green juices at least 4 days a week, they help me to have more magnesium and potassium in my body. I eat boiled eggs, chicken breast or thigh, lettuce, cucumber, watermelon, banana, olive oil, himalayan salt, that’s the main source of food I get. Of course is boring sometimes, but that’s the way our ancestors used to eat.

I sin some days by eating a complete pizza by myself, bread, corn, burgers, tacos, almost every 2 weeks I buy KFC, 12 pieces of chicken for myself to be eaten in two days, yummy, of course keeping intermitent fasting. I’ve not drunk sodas, alcohol (actually I don’t like to drink, even socially) for about 3 months, so I’m not pushing too hard. But it’s a good improvement in my health and the things I eat.

Anyways in those 80 days I’ve been fasting, I have lost 5 kg (11 pounds) of fat or more, and gained some muscle, I don’t do a lot of cardio.

There’s a lot of room for improvement for me, but I’m a bit lazy and relaxed, just following slow and steady path in this area of my life. Maybe someday I’ll try harder, who knows?


That is an excellent achievment so far!


Yeah, love Greg and his philosophy. I started fasting with the reading of the book : Engineering the Alpha 2.0 by john romaniello tho, pretty good training plan to build a great shape (at least burn a shit ton of fat).


Yeah, I did his warrior shred program last year and now I got his movie star program that is really good. I’ve lost around 4kg in the past 3 weeks without losing much muscle how about you?


Hmmm, my workout sometimes revolve around his reverse pyramid style. They are pretty good to build strength. I usually follow those reps schemes 5-6-8, 6-8-10 or 8-10-12 for my key lifts. I even sometimes add rest pause at the end (drop another 10-20% weight on the lift and do 3-4 rest pause set between 2-5 reps) or just regular drop sets to finish.

I’ve bulked up a lot with the Stronglift 5x5 method. Which was my bread and butter before I watched him on youtube.

Right now my biggest challenge is my nutrition :rofl: I’m pretty inconsistent. I stopped nicotine not long ago and gained like 4 lbs of lat. I was starting to bulk up again but I had my surgery last week which makes it harder to hit the gym. I lost my gainz in 2018 because of a hand injury (had to stop working out for a month because my hand wasn’t usable) and back injury later that year, lost it again in 2019 because of I tore my ACL and couldn’t go to the gym for a time (they had diagnosed me a level 2, but it was level 3), didn’t have any medicin and my knee was swollen for two months I couldn’t walk. Then covid happened… And now my surgery. I went to the gym yesterday just for a small back workout :wink:

But yeah I hope they won’t close the gyms again. :man_facepalming:


I’m sorry to hear about your injury!

Your lucky they still have your gyms open, my province decided to close gyms again for “20 days” which in they’re way of saying things always means at least 6 months.


Just the gyms? How about no dining in?


That too:( stupidest thing is that schools stay open (why can’t they just do put online like everyone else is doing) even tho they’re the number one cause of increasing cases after bars in my province.