Intermittent Fasting?

Looking into starting this here and I’m curious if anyone has any experience and any advice?

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high protein diet and focusing on animal products that are high in fat


Yes and yes: don’t start with a “hardcore” eating window of 18-6.


Not an advice brother, just sharing what I’m doing with regards to IF.

Started years ago with 16/8, then 20/4 now OMAD mostly cause I’m used to it.

I’m not too strict with it but barring any temptations or events/parties/travel etc, I usually do one meal a day.

One, usually heavy meal and that’s it until the next day. I don’t usually track calories not unless I feel a bit heavy and I’m cutting actively.

When I really want to boost my weight loss, I remove or at least decrease my carb intake.

I’m also using an App (Zero) to track my fasting.


Seconding this advice.

Fatty meat is great for satiety, and everything else really.

What works for me is OMAD.
My meal consist of two parts:
1st - A ton of fatty meat and eggs.
2nd - A ton of natural fruit, sometimes in greek yoghurt.

It satisfies the need for good, heavy meat. It satisfies the need for fresh, juicy fruit. I feel great on it and am shaping up nicely.

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What’s OMAD??

One meal a day :hamburger:


I have 2 typically and don’t count anything.

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I have been doing this for many years and my pee-pee grew 1.5 centimeters.

I was wondering where you were!

I was just growing my pee-pee, it took me all my time.

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+1 carnivore


16/8 Is a good starting point, and I found it alright to maintain weight but not much fat loss. 18/6 was good for weight loss but it was hard to stick to for more than 3 or so days.

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I wish mine was at least 1.5 cm

It takes all his mental energy

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This physician has written a few books on fasting in general: