Interesting happening after using emperor


It’s been around 17 days listening to emperor.
One effect of it I noticed is that I get eyeballed by many other men
What do you think is it’s cause?
And should I get ready for some real fight?

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First, be careful not to generalize or make race-based assumptions (and people, do NOT let this conversation devolve into racism). Second, don’t assume that because they’re eyeballing you, it’s because they want to get in a fight. You’re most likely being observed by all men, you’re just noticing the more aggressive ones because they’re directly watching you.

Emperor raises your internal status. Your body language, personal energy aura, speech, etc. is changing, giving off a more dominant aura, even if you don’t realize it. These people are simply reacting to what seems to be an enigma or potential threat. In their eyes, you are the one being aggressive. It’s simply a consequence of gaining more value. People complain about this all time – I experienced it myself when running status based subs, and even natural ways of gaining more status (like opening a business).

Don’t let anyone shake you, but also don’t go around punching everyone that looks at you sideways.


I knew you would pinpoint my observation, but it’s raw truth.
What’s even more interesting is, my boss seems to get intimidated by me.
I don’t know what script you have written, but mate, it’s really top-notch.


Just gonna drop this here :joy:


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Truth, even when someone thinks it’s “raw” is subjective. Consider the idea that “what the thinker thinks, the prover proves.” Regardless, the race of people staring at you is largely irrelevant, and leads to inflammatory discussion online. Consider this interpretation of what’s happening to you, based on my personal experiences / truth: the people staring at you are less dangerous than those glaring at your back angrily.

In my experience, when people are eyeballing me in the field, they’re essentially sending me a warning – the enigma, the emperor – to stay away from them. It’s a fear / defense response. They’re not going to overtly attack you unless you take some kind of threatening action. Those waiting for you to turn your back are more than just scared – they’re envious. Your presence, your status, is bringing out a part of them that wants to see you destroyed. Your existence reflects their shortcomings, but they’re too afraid to them (and you, for that matter). That’s the one that’ll start some shit with you in an attempt to balance their mental homeostasis.


I’ve seen more people that are running Emperor say that people are intimidated by them. Is this something you could also expect with Khan, or does Khan give a more warmer vibe compared to Emperor?


I’ve been running Iron Throne/Primal Seduction since the release but I’ve recently invested in a new sound system and It’s greatly increased my listening time. Since doing so I’ve noticed the same thing, like I stand out way more. One thing I noticed though is that if you smile/ open those making eye conctact with you they are super receptive to having conversations and joking around.


I’m running emperor and I get the same thing. I don’t attach any race to it. I get it from all races of people. I wasn’t exactly sure why but I thought it was on the lines of what @SaintSovereign said. I get more respect and more hate. I like it though. It makes me feel better about my self and tells me that people feel my presence damn it!


Something funny is my wife said I’ve been walking around now like I’m some big weightlifter with huge muscles and bulging chest and my arms all spread out wide. I’m fairly built so I thought she was just teasing me but she insists she’s not. I’m assuming this is emperor aura lol?


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Same thing happened to me multiple times. There is an aura for sure.


All confident & attractive people get looked at everywhere they go.
This is normal. Get accustomed to it.

Translating attention as threats is just an effect of limiting beliefs.
I recommend stacking along Regeneration for a few weeks.


@SaintSovereign : There was nothing discordial in my post. Funny that you chose to moderate it but you left the original offensive post intact to be read by everyone. Why not moderate that one as well? :thinking:


Running ST4 I can feel the opposite effect. Noticing a lot of people loving me lately haha… giving me compliments behind my back. Yes I could hear several conversations where people started to talk about me (even though I was not there) saying how they admired me and what personal traits I have they absoluetly loved.
On the other hand, I don’t feel that more people started to “hate” me or something like. But I get rid of some bad influences for sure…


His original post was misguided, but it’s a leap to say that he’s racist, or “has a deep seated fear of black people, which is making him miserable,” as you stated. We want to educate people to become the best they can be, not immediately jump to attacking someone when they say or do something that bruises our personal sensibilities.

This company is devoted to self-development and growth. That cannot be achieved if we can’t have a discussion without going straight for the jugular. My response to him already said to please avoid generalizations and to consider the alternative.


@SaintSovereign : I get your point. But calling black people “spineless bastards” like he did is not misguided. It is just plain racist generalization. Let’s not tiptoe around it.
Alright, I’m not going to pursue this conversation any further. It doesn’t help anyone.
Thank you for your efforts to build a space like this for people to learn and grow.


I didn’t take it as him calling black people that, more like the people staring in general were. That being said, your concerns have been heard. I’ve moderated out that statement.

In the future guys, please avoid generalizations and blanket statements about race. It’s a touchy subject that brings out a fire in people that doesn’t help the goal of the forum.


Man, that’s some serious amount of fire, I stated what I saw, as simple as that.
Now I do get your point @SaintSovereign


I would just like to say that what you just did is what I consider an Emperor-like reaction. Instead of firing back (and going right back in that rollercoaster that just goes round and round), you took a step back, looked at all the posts and moved on. Off the top of my head, I can think of only one reaction more powerful than yours.