Instead of luck 🍀 Nathan Drake

Instead of making a stock subliminal for luck it would be tremendously awesome to have a Nathan Drake subliminal which guides you to certain places where you can find precious metal , cool abandoned places , old ww2 bunkers crystal caves and the likes.

I always dreamed of being like Nathan not just because I look like him. His personality is so sigma i couldn’t think of any better sigma male role model and for people like me Ascension is too much YANG energy for me. As there are ying and Yang men and women.


It has to have some sort of nautical/naval module for people who love diving or are the surfer types or at least make you more agile or better swimmer.

Better climbing navigating nature environments. My inner child is going crazy here.

Maybe even set an end goal for the sub to find a real treasure or something very valuable antiques included or instead manifest money to go on adventure trips or even move to exotic places.

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A decent combo could be a custom with CWON , fortunes favorite , Aegis Initiative to help with safety as you explore and you can go from their and explore what other modules would fit. In terms of scripting that would allow you to find locations to explore i think alot of data is online for this.


You could enter this idea on the roadmap.

A sub To help you find El Dorado and Atlantis. I support This