Industrial Looping Media Player


This looks like an ultimate media player for “set it and forget it”.


Why not just use your phone or laptop ?


Why use them when you can have a “set it and forget it” solution you don’t need to touch and is used only for playing your subliminals?

The above media player is probably overkill, but I have Sandisk media players that will run continuously for as long as I want without maintenance and are paired with inexpensive computer speakers. Cheap. no maintenance. No need to remember to hit play or check if your subliminal is running.

That is how most of my listening gets done.

I do sometimes use a phone to play a track when I am out and about.


the challenge for me is not unwittingly exposing the people with whom I share space. That’s pretty much it. So, I try to use headphones, but sometimes I don’t want something sticking on or in my ears. Also, I use them while sleeping and sometimes they’ll stay in for the whole night, and sometimes they won’t.

So for now, I’ve just given in to the process. Let it work as much as it will work.


I live by myself and have an office at work that is only inhabited by me, people only visit ocassionally, and for very short periods of time, so set it and forget it works well.