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Hey guys. I got recommended the subliminals here from a personal friend and saw the 30 day guarantee so figured I’ve got nothing to lose. I got Ascension, Emperor and Wanted. I’ve used competing subliminals before that have me negligible results so I’m really eager to see some actual progress🙂


Welcome. But please remove the name of the other sub maker in the title of your post.

References to other sub makers go against the forum policy and also don’t serve the purpose of self-improvement.


Welcome @0zephyr0s,

Do take a look through the instruction manual and, there’s quite a bit of a difference with our subliminals compared to other producers and companies.

Start slow with just 1 program before you start stacking.


Also, for a week or two, try playing just one of those subliminals first. I’d choose between Ascension and WANTED; whichever one feels closest to your nature and focus at this time.

If you play just one program, your mind has less to process, and the results can come even faster. (But they’ll still work if you play them all together.)

Emperor’s a powerhouse.


Done. Wasn’t intending to start drama



I would personally recommend running a single title at first for 3-4 months as to reap massive focused benefits, without feeling too much existential dread aka recon.


When’s the last time you listened to a competing subliminal? If it’s been the last 2-3 weeks, you may want to take a 7 day break from all subliminals before starting subclub


As for results, I’d start with the area of life you’re strongest in so that they’re most noticeable.

If you already have a business or career, focus on ascension or emperor.

If you’re already around women fairly often, wanted could be awesome.

That way, you’ll get more opportunities to notice the effects of the sub. You can’t see the results of a money sub (quickly) if you don’t have a money making vehicle that’s influence-able by your actions! Same goes with wanted and women - you can’t notice the effect if you’re never around any!

I agree with other users here that you should pick one to start, as you’ll get noticeable results faster that way, better for your experiment.

You could also stack with Love Bomb For Humanity - free and extremely powerful.

So ascension + LBFH or wanted + LBFH

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I last used a competing subliminal on Saturday.

I’m around attractive women legit every day because of my job. I’ve already got Wanted and Ascension so what if I just switch out emperor for libertine

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I’d try Wanted alone first. Get a feel of how things go with our titles. Plus, Wanted will have the most dramatic and immediate effect on the women around you.

And also: welcome to Subliminal Club. I hope your experience with us will be a positive one!


Do you have a recommendation as far as time off day I listen to subliminals? Should it be before bed or should I do it upon waking?

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It’ll work any time but individual users tend to have their own preferences, based mainly on their personal schedules and on their idiosyncratic subjective responses to the input.

So generally you’ll just hear the advice:

“Try a few different times and then pick your favorite.”

Playing just before sleep sometimes lead to wonky dreams. Depending on your preference that could be desirable or undesirable. (Though it’s also true that whenever your brain is very actively processing the subliminal your likely to get heightened dream activity regardless of when during the day you play it.)


So if you decide partway through a 21 day cycle that you only want to continue with one of your stack, can you continue the next day with whatever you’re replacing them with, or do you have to wait the whole 21 day cycle?

The simple answer is, “Yes.”

Let’s say that you start your 2-program stack on 1 January 2023. (You’re listening to Emperor and Heartsong.)

The scheduled ending date for that first play period would be 21 January. You’d then rest for 5 days and start your next play period on 27 January.

On 11 January, you decide that love can wait. You want more money manifestations to kick off the year right. So, on 11 January, you swap out Heartsong and bring in RICH. Now, your stack is Emperor and RICH.

You continue listening as before, according to the same schedule, but just using RICH instead of Heartsong.

By 21 January, you’ve played 11 loops of Emperor; but since you brought in RICH on 11 January, you’ve only played 6 loops of RICH.

Nevertheless, to keep things straightforward, you take your scheduled 5 processing days and play nothing from 22 to 26 January. Then on 27 January, you start again with your current stack: Emperor and RICH.

That’s generally how it will work.

Thing is, those are the generic listening guidelines.

As you get a feel for the programs and for yourself, it’s possible that you may tweak and make slight adjustments.

For example, you may get a feel for when you need more processing days, or when you want to take a longer Washout period, in order to let your mind more fully integrate a particularly dense or rich program.

Take Emperor. It’s a very multilayered subliminal. So, in the previous example, it occurs to you that the money manifestation that is already in Emperor is enough. And you consider that running Emperor alone may allow more of its functionality to be expressed more quickly.

So, in that case, you stop playing Heartsong and play Emperor alone for a while. Then following your intuition and your sense of your body, you take 8 or 9 days between play periods instead of the standard 5 days.

Things like that.

You can also type the word ‘Bloom’ in the search window here, and you’ll see descriptive and anecdotal accounts of how—with longer resting or ‘fallow’ periods, there will often be a period of noticeable increase of program manifestations. By not constantly bombarding yourself with more and more stimuli, you give yourself a chance to express more of what you already took in. “Bloom”.

Anyway, the short answer to your original question: “Yes”. haha.


Welcome to the community. You have come to the right place.

The founders are two very smart gentlemen Fire and Saint. They are the only guys i know who make authentic products based on patented algorithums.

If you’re looking for a recommendation, I strongly believe in listening at night… unless of course, listening at night keeps you up.

But if it doesn’t keep you awake, there’s a good case to be made that you process subliminals better in sleep than during wakefulness

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I listen as I’m going to sleep. I think then my brain processes it in my dreams.


Yes subs are most effect at bed time.

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Hmm interesting. I also listened in the morning since Q. Perhaps I should try listening at night for this cycle.

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