Impress the boss


So I was watching a Youtube video on confidence, including several tips for how to have more confidence in general. The #1 tip was “impress the boss”. Now, this has absolutely nothing to do with person who’s in charge at your work. Think of “the boss” as a personality in your mind. The thing that is always telling you to do what’s right, that we generally mostly tend to ignore. That voice telling us all the things we need to do to win is the boss. The more you listen to the boss and take action, the more rewards the boss gives you. Remember, the boss is ALWAYS watching - what are you doing to impress them daily?

In case anyone wants them the other tips for boosting your confidence were:

  • Change your perspective
  • Know your weaknesses
  • Gain knowledge

I found these to be more general tips that you can find anywhere but the first one is the one that really stuck with me. I’m definitely going to start trying to make the boss proud more. Just thought I’d share that in case it strikes a chord with someone else as it did with me :slight_smile: