I'm truly broken. Need help

Hello everyone

I am going through a severe episode in my life, the likes of which I have never experienced before (not counting the last few months). All the difficulty is not coming from the outside, but lives inside of me. The fact is that I have lost all motivation to do anything in this life, I don’t feel any drive: not to create, not to make money, not even to sincerely dream about anything. I remember times when I had so much ambition and goals that I didn’t want to die until I made all my ideas a reality, and every day I took steps towards my goals, I was the most dreamer ever. But, not now…now I feel devastated, shrouded in a fog of despair, with no way to see the lighthouse light. Simply put, I’m an I.T. guy, doing system administration and iOS development, but I literally have -100 points of desire to do anything, to develop and learn. It used to be like I was engulfed in a black hole of new knowledge, of something I was interested in, but now I’m not interested in anything. Even history, which I’ve been fascinated with since I was 6, doesn’t bring me any pleasure or even interest. It’s a stage of deep and rapid stagnation that has replaced the very drive to learn and create.
I thought the money related titles would help me. I even started listening to Stark and Index Gate because I remember SaintSovereign’s words about Stark and Index Gate being a rocket-like combo in IT. Unfortunately, however, I don’t see any improvement.

I sincerely admit to being helpless. Please help me. I need help as I cannot help myself. I have heard that Genesis helps in cases like this, however I have not purchased it yet and have never listened to it. I have had thoughts of purchasing LOTS: if I see changes in the exterior, maybe there will be changes on the inside? However, what scares me is that LOTS is quite demanding on energy and vitality. Anyway, any help would be welcome.


Genesis is a better bet than LotS. But you should first and foremost get professional help.

A counselor/therapist to help you is far better than any sub.


Honestly when i felt like that Khan stage 1 and Emperor together helped me get out of that state of mind.

I also think this might help… Some people need it others dont but it can’t hurt


Seconding @Palpatine .

You’re coming at the subs with a desperation. I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way, but I’ve been there. Do not go down that road. Get the professional help, have a support system outside these subs.

As far as the career. It sounds like you’re dealing with some burnout. IT can be a brutal field. Has the company you’ve been working for been overly demanding or taking advantage of you?


Sounds like depression and only a therapist can help.
I wouldn’t listen to any more sub for a while and get medical advice.
As @palpatine already said.


@SaintSpring : There is nothing that’s happening to you right now that is out of the ordinary. Most people go through it at some point of their lives. You’re just questioning the direction of your life. I still have to meet one person who hasn’t go through that at some level. Now, the mistake that I think you’re making is turning a normal evolution process into a bigger deal than it really is.

I went through an almost identical situation last year (and earlier this year) when I realized that I didn’t want to work in marketing anymore even though I have spent close to 10 years doing it and I am really good in that line of work.

Tony Robbins said that not only you have to know what you want to do but you also have to know what you don’t want to do. It seems like you already have half of that figured out: you know what you don’t want to do. Now you have to find what you want to do.

My personal philosophy about subs is to only run subs after I have a clear goal that every part of my being agrees with. I don’t run subs because the description looks appealing (like I see a lot of people do).

If I were you, I’d stop running subs completely until I figure out what I want to do. It could take a week, a month or a year, who cares? Then when you know what you really want, find the subs that support that goal and run only those.

People change interests and career paths all the time. You’re just making too much of a big deal out of it. As long as what you’re doing right now pays your bills, keep doing it but just be aware that you’re doing it to pay your bills. Nothing more. What you’re really meant to do next will come in its own time. It might even be in your life already but you’re too busy panicking to notice it.

Bro, just stop running subs for awhile and do some soul searching about your own life and what you want to do. Subs won’t do that for you.

Here is the best advice I can give you (that someone gave me a long time ago): IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO, DO NOTHING!

What you’re going through only looks like depression because you’re doing too much panicking. You might not be depressed at all. There is a time to take action and there is a time to do nothing at all. Now you looks like your time to do nothing all.


Hey there, I want you to know that you’re not alone in this journey. Many of us have experienced moments of deep inner struggle and loss of motivation. However, it’s important to hold onto the idea that even in the darkest times, there’s always a glimmer of hope waiting to be rekindled.

I’ve been in a similar place myself, where the drive to create and pursue dreams seemed to fade away. But let me tell you, those moments of despair don’t define your entire journey. It’s okay to feel lost, but remember that this is just one chapter, not the whole story.

Taking small steps each day can lead to remarkable transformations. Building upon the advice shared by others, consider integrating new habits into your daily routine. Engaging in activities that once brought joy, connecting with supportive individuals, and exploring uncharted territories might just reignite your passion.

If the idea of a life coach resonates with you, don’t hesitate to explore that avenue. Their guidance can offer fresh perspectives and help you rediscover the path that aligns with your aspirations.

You have an incredible potential within you, and though it might seem distant now, your drive and ambition can be rekindled. Don’t give up!


Maybe a combination of DR LD + Genesis can kick you somewhere. But of course, Palpatine ruler of the known galaxy has always been true.




Did you take action? Apply for new jobs, ones you may not think you can even get? Work on your own projects? Create something? Inner turmoil is just energy that needs expression and controlling, like everything else.

I would know, I have tons of inner turmoil. It’s the side effect of having a very creative and penetrating mind. Things REALLY affect me. Seeing people needing hurt and abused. My heart cries whenever someone asks for help and I have to turn them down, because I can see what it is they need and there’s nothing I can personally do to help them — only they can help themselves.

But to maintain the stability to get the job done, I have to buckle down and just do it, regardless of how helpless I feel. I embraced deep meditation, deep moments of devotion. I spend a lot more time engaging in self-care. One of the things that women do SO much better than men is engage in self-care.

My lady is a fashionista who of the queen of luxury. I used to be annoyed by this, as I am quite Spartan. She do things like order expensive robes and stuff and surprise me with them, which would frustrate me because I don’t like owning more things.

Then, I started wearing the robes regularly. Using the face creams she bought me. Going to the chiropractor. She does this thing where she will just walk up, close the laptop lid and then cuddle. Annoyed me, because my train of thought would be broken. Then, I started leaning in on those moments.

Guess what? Life became easier, my mind less tense. I’m able to think and create better. Wait until you all see the next chapters of the ZPL and what titles will be released with it.

Through self care, which I thought I didn’t need, I found peace. Am I still deeply torn about things, especially whether or not we should keep improving the tech in a world that isn’t ready for it? Of course. But at least now, I have the space to even dwell on it.

So, engage in self-care. Take space for the next four months to just relax. Don’t force yourself into any decisions. See a therapist or qualified mental health professional. Don’t add more subs.

To the bad actors, this is not your opportunity to jump on this man’s crisis to justify your agenda, especially since some of you have legitimate diagnoses of mental illness and shouldn’t be running subs anyway.

But @SaintSpring, engage in mental and physical self care. If you cannot, you shouldn’t be running subliminal audio until you are of sound mind. Meditate, exercise, take a break from troubles. It’s your life and no one can make you engage in that which doesn’t make you happy.


Give Khan a go.


I felt totally lost most of my twenties. It was around 28 yo or something that I started to find a direction. Started to do self improvement. Around 35 I really started to figure out what I wanted. I’m now 42 and doing very well. Although I still need to start taking better care of my health, but I’m working on that too.

@SaintSpring Just keep on keeping on. You’ll figure it out.


I can understand the anxiety one may have with not having the solutions right away.

Good share of this story to put it into perspective. Goes to show the scope of the journey is different for everyone.


Yo man. You already got loads of good advice here. I will add a few practical things in addition to them:

  1. Cold shower as soon as you wake up. Will get you in a good mood and improve your immunity.

  2. 10 to 20 minute meditation every day. Thoughts aren’t you. You are Awareness. It is time to separate the two and detach from your worries.

  3. Exercise. Pretty self explanatory.

  4. Semen retention. Will get your mood better. Only release during sex. That makes your mood better too. But be prepared for a dip in mood in the first few days of retention. You will be okay by day 6 or 7 though.

  5. When you feel okay, get and run Genesis. It will help you decide which direction to go in and what subliminals to run. You could run it along with Stark and Index Gate: Ultimate Programmer too if you want.

Cheer up. Things will be okay. Now go out and take a walk. Not in the middle of the night though lol.

EDIT: Exercise before you shower. Unless you wanna shower again haha.


I second these! Great advice!


When you say Spartan. You mean like not being tied down, not having a lot of possessions, traveling light, being able to move or detach from an area at a moments notice?

Yes. I also don’t own a lot of things.


Ive done this for most of my life. But I only realized recently in my case it’s a result of trauma.

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That’s a good thing to understand. I just like a quiet, relaxed zen atmosphere and having too many things ruins that, lol.


Professional boxers often times go up into the mountains to train, secluded from everything so they can be at pure focus and adapt the right mentality to train.

You being a connoisseur for subs would imagine is no different. Free from distraction to create


Man, I know the feeling :confused:

Sometimes we get so caught up trying to accomplish our goals and forget to give ourself some self love :heart:

I know when I start to feel this way, I have my goto remedies…

  1. Washout :+1:

  2. Micro loop LBfH, if I feel like I can tolerate a sub. Fucking works every time :grin: :rofl:

  3. REBIRTH works amazing at reseting and motivation after a hard stack.

  4. Smoking some good bud :ok_hand: :+1: :raised_hands: :relieved: :relaxed:

  5. If do want smoke and keep my lungs 🫁 clean I’ll play https://classicrockflorida.com/

This is not your normal radio station, it’s encoded with high states of bliss and stress releasing technology. As a matter of fact I’m listening to it right now. I woke feeling like shit today :confused: but now I feel way better :relieved: :relaxed:

Hope this helps Bud :pray: :relaxed: