If reality is a computer simulation


Some food for thought… and I start to undersrand the importance of taking action…

So life isn’t so much a path, but a tunnel. We can move about within the narrow focus of our reality but we are always traveling to predetermined destinations.

We are only free to choose the options presented to us. But Choice A or Choice B always leads to predetermined Outcome Y from the script. Or we are hardwired to always choose A because we have never had a preference for B.

The idea we have free will is an illusion inside the illusion.

Our options are limited because the outcome has already been decided.

We can move within our reality tunnel, but we can’t move outside it.

Can we move the tunnel?

If we take a detour from our life path, might we meet someone who gives us a piece of information that changes everything?

Would going off script create a disturbance in the simulation which forces it to recalibrate and loosen control until it sorts it out?

**What happens when we introduce true randomness into our reality?


I think that the only way to do that is by making decisions from the small percentage of time that you are consiously aware. I think the evidence that these subs work from the users sharing their experiences only goes to validate the truth behind the theory of the subconsious mind running most of our lives. Makes me think about the relationship of these two tools of improvement: subliminals (changing the subconsious), and meditation (growing that small window of awareness where you are not being controlled by the subconsious programming).
Really interesting topic.