If It's Possible, I Do It - 1 Year Life Transformation: Khan ZP and Beyond Limitless ZP


Khan Beyond Limitless ?¿?

12 Cycles Total

Entire Khan Program Ran 3 Times

The goals of this stack are far more concrete than my last journal which, though not as successful as I’d hoped, was a smashing success when you factor in where I began vs where I am now.

This journal is essentially a continuation of the previous journal but in a new form to reflect the minor but significant changes that have taken place since that journal was started. To put it another way, this can be seen as version 2.0 of the previous journal as…

Now it’s time to become the Khan. So much of my last journal was spent complaining about the walls that I had trouble bursting through, well Khan was built for that. So it’s time to bust through these walls. It’s time to become the Khan.

The Journey
There are 6 things that I will accomplish in the next 12 months, and this journal will be a reflection of that process of growth and change as I transition into the next stage of my life. Stated simply I will:

Maximize my physical attractiveness, maximize my love life, maximize my social life, finish my Master’s degree, and complete a Coding BootCamp, increase financial security.

Physical Attractiveness
Sub 10% body fat, good proportions, height increase, male enhancement. Simple.

Love Life
Have a good time with as many women as possible. Simple.

Social Life
Make as many deep and lasting friends as possible. Socialize, be the life of the party, have some fun. Simple.

Finish my Master’s Degree
Finish my Master’s degree as one of the top students in the program. Simple.

Do a Coding Bootcamp
Do a coding BootCamp and finish as one of the top students in the cohort, while doing my Master’s degree and land a tech job once I finish both. Simple.

Increase financial security
Through any means possible, saving, new job, whatever, increase the amount of money I have on me at any given time and decrease debt. Simple

Final Thoughts
Balance all of this and make this shit happen effortlessly. Simple.

Pulling This Off
This is going to be the single most ambitious thing I’ve ever done in my life. It’s balls to the wall, high stakes, completely manic…But it’s humanly possibly and therefore, it’s what I’m going to do. There actually is no doubt at all that I can do this, fear is turning to excitement. This project will be butting up against the absolute limits of what I believe is possible for me to accomplish within one year. I’ve pulled off similar feats (work wise) but never have I so comprehensively dedicated myself to such an intense path. The stakes are high, sure, but who gives a damn.

Is This Heaven or Hell
It’s heaven! This is what I’ve been working toward all my life, a chance to put my hands in the fire and come out forged. GOD DAMN IT! I feel like I could punch through a cement wall right now.

A Parting Thank You for Those That Have Come Before
Thank you Emperor, Stark, Primal Seduction, Limit Destroyer, Wanted, Angel (custom), and Lovebomb for Humanity for being part of my journey and getting me to this point.

Where I Stand Now
My Bootcamp starts in December which is during Winter Break for my Master’s program. That will give me a few weeks to focus exclusively on my coding program and really get a leg up on the competition before the Spring Semester begins for my Master’s program. I will end up graduating from both programs at around the same time.

I’m in washout from my previous cycle. In the coming days I will come up with a routine to keep my stuff on track. As a rough draft, there are some things that I need to do before December:

Try and learn as much computer science as possible in the next 8 weeks while doing well in school and balancing a social life of some kind.

We begin the first loop of BL on 9/25/2021

The Journal
Come interact, give advice, give guidance, memes, tips, take what you will, give what you will. Ultimately, this journal is for the subliminal club community and I’m here to give back to the community. If you have questions, ask. If you want details, let me know. Anything I can do to help while I’m going through this, I’ll do.

My purpose here is to push my limits, and this path that I’m on is seeing what I’m capable of in a year. If I can do it in a year, anybody can, trust me.

This Journal has been edited to reflect significant changes.


Cycle 1 Day 1 Khan ST1 Beyond Limitless

Here I am boys. First loops have been run and I feel pretty damn good. BL feels really light so far, so I think it’s a good paring and shouldn’t interfere with healing because it’s not an archetype.

First loop of ST1 felt like a weight had been lifted. I’m so damn excited to run this for 3 cycles. Also, since it only removes negative scripting, I’ve still got Emp and Wanted in my subconscious to keep giving me result while I heal–I think so anyway.

For this journal, I’ll be doing weekly checkins every Sunday where I’ll go into some detail.

Not much else to report yet.

All checkins will be filtered through the 6 goals above.

Looking forward to the journey.

Bye for now.

Praise the Urd Tree.


Cycle 1 Day 2 Rest

I’ve had a very difficult evening and I’m having a little trouble composing my thoughts, but I think it’s important for me to share my experience in the moment and not wait until next week. I really hope Khan makes me a man of my word, so often I make these promises and don’t follow through with them.

At about 9:30p.m, things started getting difficult. My intention was to quit smoking cold turkey and go on a 14-day water fast that began today. I had fasted all day and had my final cigarette at around 6:30p.m. At about 9:30, my head started racing with all these thoughts. I can’t even remember exactly what the narrative was that was going through my mind, but it wasn’t a positive one. I found myself driving to a fast food joint. Ate to the point of sickness, then got a pack of cigarettes. In the two hours since the recon started and now, I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster that’s really difficult to put into words.

Old thinking patterns. Memories. I started screaming in my car, nearly cried two or three times. I was angry, sad, everything all at once. Failure, painful memory after painful memory flooded my awareness. So many thoughts and memories flooded through me that it’s difficult for me to even express exactly “what” was going on.

The common themes were fear of losing a woman in my life. I think I love her, but there is something lacking either in me or something lacking in her that prevents me from getting closer to her. It really feels like it’s me that needs to run the relationship.

Fear of failure of my stated goals above. I’m terrified that I’m making all the wrong choices.

Fear, fear, fear, and anger and fear and a sense of a lack of control.

The Through Line

I was finally able to calm myself down by reflecting on the past 6 months with subliminal club, looking at how the positives so grossly have outweighed the negatives that I can confidently say that how I’ve felt tonight is not who I am. This is not normal for me. Normally, I’m calm, confident, and almost always happy. In the moment, it felt as though this person is who I am, or perhaps who I’ve always been. That’s just not the case though, this is reconciliation, it’s not me.

I Don’t Like This

It’s really intense and I’m worried that I’ve made the wrong choice. I’m worried of losing everything that I’ve gained so far. This recon is the most intense that I’ve felt so far. Nothing about Khan is a joke, nothing at all. I’ve never had recon like this on the second day of a stack. I had some light recon last night, but it wasn’t worth noting because it was rather mild. This…Well it feels like I’m being broken down, quite literally broken down. I have to wonder if this is the healing modality that I want in my life…

Wanted and Emperor are Still Within Me

I have to remember that Emperor and Wanted are still within me and anything positive about them isn’t going anywhere, especially because I’m still consciously guiding my goals. This is a horrifying experience, but I’m safe.

The friends I’ve made are here to stay.
The women in my life are here to stay.
My social status is here to stay.
Everything that I’ve earned so far, is here to stay.
The woman I love is here to stay.
Everything I want, I get.
Everything I have, I’ve asked for.
The universe gives what we ask for.
I asked for Khan to break any walls that stand between me and my goals.

God Help Me

If anyone who reads this has run Khan ZP, any anecdotes would be welcomed.


Cycle 1 Day 4 Rest

Weekly updates will begin soon. For now, I’m still learning the technology. Khan will make me a man who knows himself so well that he honors his word.


Okay, this cycle started off pretty dramatically but that’s alright. Frankly, I have no idea what to expect going forward but what I do know is that during the last 6 months or so of subliminal use–5 cycles of EmP and Wanted; 1 cycle of Stark, Wanted, and PS; 5 cycles of a custom title; and 1 cycle of Lovebomb for Humanity–there have been some very dark days. Heck, before I started subliminals, I was in one of the darkest places that I’d been in, in my life.

What I tried to explain in my previous update was that I’ve grown accustomed to a new state of being, a state where more often than not (75-90% of the time) I’m happy, confident, and calm. This has been my normal state for some while now–I can’t really say when it became the norm, but it happened sometime in the last 6 months that I’ve been here. So, to break down on day two the way I did was emotionally jarring.

Imagine the shock of taking a cold shower for the first time: it’s such a drastic shock that for the first several moments, it’s unbearable. If you stay in the water for a while or take them often, eventually you get used to it–it always sucks, but it’s not so frightening and certainly not as bad as your mind told you it was. My breakdown was like a cold shower–fast, dramatic, frightening, short-lived, and not as frightening as my mind made it out to be. Just like a cold shower, I was more scared of the starkness of the change than anything else.

Speaking of Shocks to The System

I haven’t drunk any alcohol in three days, as a result of this, my sleep has been great! I’ve been sleeping like 10-12 hours a night since I stopped drinking. Physically I already feel healthier, younger, and more alive. It feels good. I’m still a cigarette smoker. Part of my breakdown the other day was admitting to myself that I don’t want to quit smoking. I screamed it to myself in the car while TB was tormenting me with memories of failure and ruin.

What good does it do me to be delusional about my smoking and keep talking to everyone about how much I want to quit? I don’t want to quit, I simply don’t have any desire to quit which is why I still smoke. Why should I delude myself about that? Never once have I tried to affirm that I quit smoking. Never once have I honestly tried to quit. Never once have I actually meant it when I said, “I want to quit.” I tell people I want to quit because I sometimes get embarrassed of being a smoker. Well, why not embrace it for now? Why not be a man and be honest? That’s what I’m doing, I don’t want to quit and at this moment in time, I don’t intend to quit.

Compare this to drinking. In the last three days, I haven’t drunk a drop of alcohol. Was that difficult? Nope, effortless. It was effortless because I wanted to drink less and feel healthier, so I drank less and feel healthier. Simple.

I’m going to start a water fast today. I’ll fast for 21 days total. 7-14 days will be water fasting (water, coffee, tea, cigarettes) and the remainder of the 21 days will be modified fasting (low protein, low carb, high fat (it mimics the fasting state but allows you to eat food still)). What’s the point of the water fast? Physical healing and emotional healing. Right now is actually a darn good time to do a fast, so I’m gonna do it.

How Am I Doing Now?

No recon (fingers crossed) but things are shifting. When I quiet down (for instance, before bed) and watch what the mind is doing, I see all these memories from the past popping up and being transfigured.

Beyond Limitless Works

Yeah, it’s working. Yesterday I skimmed the reading for class and when I got to class I was the most well-spoken and insightful person there. People really seemed to appreciate my contributions. It felt like I was able to connect dots far better than ever before, not to mention that I spent less time doing homework and got better results.

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Cycle 1 Day 5 Khan ST1 Beyond Limitless

I’m a mover and shaker today. Been running since I woke up getting caught up on a bunch of things that I’ve been neglecting.

The Trend/Results

The trend that I’ve noticed so far is that in the mornings, I tend to wake up feeling good, refreshed and very social. In the evenings, I tend to crash and the demons come out to play. Last night I had another breakdown, not as bad as the first one, but still a breakdown nonetheless. This morning I woke up with this overwhelming sense of responsibility. I have been neglecting my role on the student government–not responding to communications, not setting up the financial account, not preforming my duties–and today I woke up with a keen awareness that I need to set this right, right away. Setting it right has dominated most of my day thus far, which, is a worthy sacrifice. The goal of this is to do it all and balance it all, and sometimes you need to add some stones to balance the scales.

Very social this morning, which is on trend.

Very social for most of yesterday until around 8:00p.m. Prior to that, I had some amazing conversations with some people, and generally was a pretty cool dude. I also have begun the work of patching things up with a girl that caused me some heartache a few months ago–don’t have the time to link the relevant posts, but I went into a tailspin about it at the time. Thusfar, the work of patching things up is going great! She still likes me, if she didn’t she’d be ghosting me, but she’s responding to me, and seems willing to work things out in some way or another.

What else? Oh, Beyond Limitless is working. I’ve noticed today that I’m much more verbally fluent, my thoughts are clearer, and I express myself better. I’m also moving fast as hell today, yet I’m not anxious or rushing. So yeah, it’s working. This is joyus news.


Total Breakdown is doing something to me. It seems that it’s throwing the past in my face over and over again and forcing me to confront it for the sake of healing. It’s rather uncomfortable. Dispite the discomfort of the method, I notice that every night I break down and every morning I’m a little bit better–a little bit more socially open, a little bit happier, a little bit more confident.

TB scares me, but it’s helping me and it’s what I asked for and have been asking for, for months. I want it all gone damn it. Burn the weakness, burn the trauma, burn everything holding me back from being the man inside. BURN IT ALL TO THE GROUND AND LIKE A PHEONIX I WILL RISE SWORD IN HAND!

Boom boys!

I’m caffinated and high as hell on subliminals. This is fantastic.

Closing Mantra

All that I ask for, comes to me.
The universe always gives you what you truly desire.
There is no fate, only causality.
Every moment is an opportunity to break the causal chain of events and start a new one.
We are creators of our realities.
Separate but unified by the shared human experience.


How could I forget? I also doubled my money on a crypto investment. The investment was small, but who cares?


This is not an easy one man, to stick to Khan for one year!! Kudos on this journey.

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I won’t support this if I should advise.
You are running subs man, water is very necessary for your body system and nervous system to work synergistically and process these subs.

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No, no, no. I’ll still be drinking water. No food, only water, coffee, and tea.

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Cycle 1 Day 6 Rest

The recon is very predictable. I tend to get it on rest days in the evenings, and that’s exactly what happened tonight.

A lot of stuff came up for me today. I’m actually starting to see that many of the things that came up on Love Bomb for Humanity, are coming up now. It’s different for sure, but people are still confronting me with things that I need to change.

The recon is ending. The fast had yet to being. The hard work begins soon. Things are good, tough but good.

My nights are when the demons come out and now I’ve seen many of them. Let the fires burn them out. I don’t want to live with these…things anymore. They are small things, but I hate them and they will dissolve. 3 cycles of Total Breakdown, never been more sure about anything in my life. I don’t want this weakness anymore.

It feels like a moral duty to burn this weakness. The world needs people to take up the sword, why shouldn’t it be me? Why? Why not me?