I'd like to see a "Universal Breakdown" track be created


I’d like to see developed a track that was a “Universal Breakdown” and could be an entry point for getting people into the right mind state to listen to
and benefit from other subs.

A bringing of the mind back to square one to start rebuilding it.

This also might be a four track series if one track would not be enough to achieve the goal.


Paging @Fire.
We’ll chat about this idea.


Another sub maker has “foundation” subs that work on the same principle. A multistage sub might be overkill.


The reason I am here is because Sub Club is operating on different principles than those of other sub makers.

I guess Fire and St Sovereign can determine if a single or multiple tracks would be more effective. I trust their judgement on the subject.


I think it is interesting to look at all the possible methods that exist for reframing, removing or reviewing ideas and experiences that get in the way of a person’s goals.

There are many models that could provide strategies or techniques for this from many psychological and spiritual traditions.

How can we learn from past experience, clear away the detritus of trauma and limiting belief systems, and find the clearest path upon which to move forward?


This is such a great idea. Would be a great way to make the subs much more efficient and reach your goals quicker.


New Beginnings is planned for release, as part of the self-service Q


I have no idea what Self Service Q even is and a search didn’t help, but if it is something custom it is not what I am looking for. Saint Sovereign said he and Fire would talk about the idea I presented, and that is all I really need to know.

I am not sure what you think you are adding to the conversation, Michel, but it feels like you are attempting to invalidate the idea as already existing, and I don’t know why you feel a need to do that, especially after Saint Sovereign already posted that he would discuss it with Fire.

Like I said, I am interested in what Saint and Fire might think of the idea and how they might work with it.


I’m sorry you feel that way, mate.

New Beginnings is a planned module for Q, I intend to add it to my stack, to complete the healing process:

ST1 for beliefs, Regen for emotional charge, NB for everything else.


I’m definitely not your mate and do not care to be.

St1 only exists as part of Khan. I have Regeneration. New Beginnings as far as I know only exists as a lite module in Emperor. I still do not know what Q is, and if it is custom then likely I am not interested, unless the cost is not a whole lot higher than the standard subliminals.


Q will be a service where you can get name embedded custom subs built with different modules that you can choose of a list if i remember correctly.


Thanks, Floridianninja. So it is a custom service. Any ballpark on cost? Generally I will avoid custom services due to significantly higher cost.


No idea on the cost but it should be lower then the customs subs were before since it will take less time to make them and people can really tailor them exactly as they want to some degree.


I will just reiterate that I believe a single title “Universsl Breakdown” that is not a custom as an if necessary entry point to sub listening would be a useful addition to the Sub Club line. Nothing posted has convinced me otherwise.


Whilst I appreciate your passion for developing new multi stage sets (and I agree with more healing subs) the above is an unnecessarily and overly aggressive comment from you. I do not appreciate it.


Noted. I did not appreciate what I perceived as an attempt to undercut my idea, which was not in essence a new multi-stage set. You seem to want to mis-characterize what I am presenting, which in essence is a standalone, unless Fire and St Sovereign would feel it would be better as a multi-stage set, if it were to be made.

Personally, I’d be fine with never interacting with you again. I am willing to make that a reality. Will you help out?


C’mon everyone, bring it down a notch. I think what @Michel was trying to point out that we’ll be able to create titles much easier once we finish development on Q – our automated subliminal creation platform. There’s a self-service option that will let you create name embedded, highly customized titles (that’ll automatically be delivered to you within a day or so), and @Fire and myself can use that same platform to create new titles or update existing ones VERY easy.

That being said, we’ve been discussing a foundational subliminal for awhile – something that would both serve as a powerful standalone, and a “lead in” to our other titles. It will most likely be developed with Q.

Details on Q are available here: Main Discussion Thread - Q