I Want To Believe


Hello folks, just joined. Figured I should introduce and outline my goals to see if these subs will be a fit (not sure atm).

First of all, I’ve done a ton of self improvement over the years. Started with PUA, then Tony Robbins books, pheromones, subliminals (from another company), you name it.

I’ve made great strides but also haven’t. I’ll explain briefly:

  • Was able to quit my “for lack of a better idea” job and go self-employed. This was before subliminals. I know how to hustle and I’m NOT into subliminals that require me to hustle to work. I can do that ON MY OWN and the last company I was buying subs from, unfortunately, put their subs deficiencies on my lack of “hard work”. So I asked myself: “If I need to work hard to get subs to work, why not just work hard without buying subs and save myself the money?”. This is where I’m at now. I put this right at the front so any developers reading this can tell me straight up if these subs require herculean effort on my part to work.

Now onto the rest of my back history.

  • Struggled with PUA and remained a virgin for years into my late 20’s. Finally lost the V and began having lots of sex while using a subliminal. It “worked” but the women I was getting weren’t usually up to my standards and, I felt, were within my ability to get without the use of said subliminal. To test this theory I quit the sub and after nearly a year sub-free, I’m currently living with my GF of 8 months. No subs needed.

NOW, what I want from subliminals:

  • I know from experience that the aura is real. On the previous sub I saw a MASSIVE change in how people treated me and the amount/quality of women increased MASSIVELY. However, when I was a teen, I was often approached by the hottest women yet could never capitalize. On the sub, I was rarely (if ever) approached, and the hot women were ONS that I couldn’t keep around. Not what I want a sub for.

Basically, any sub that gives me the same results as I would be getting without using them is useless to me.

It is frustrating because I’ve seen glimpses into it working, but it never goes beyond what I believe I could achieve on my own.

Guess I’m looking for something that will give me what I can’t get on my own.

So that’s the simple, short, and lean version.

Hopefully someone here can provide some assurances that will allow me to justify paying for a program from this site.


Hi and welcome.

I wouldn’t say herculian effort, but at least a bit of effort. The idea is to prove the subliminal right by going into the right direction. The subliminal will make it easier to walk the path but you have to walk the path to begin with.

But I understand you fully and wholeheartedly. I am in a very similar situation. I am on day 80 of using Ecstasy of Gold, a wealth creation subliminal and haven’t seen much wealth yet. I mostly had massive symptoms of reconciliation so far. The thing is this though: Subliminals work most of the time by rising your baseline bit by bit over a period of time, which is so subtle most people, even myself don’t notice it. It’s not necessarily a big bang and then something happens that proves the subliminal right,
most of the time these are little subconscious adjustments, which it make success more acceptable for you. Other times they will urge you to take action. I experienced both.

Btw. it is not that you lose any progress as I myself believed for a long time, not when you keep doing what you have been doing while using the subliminal. The subliminal permanently changes the way your genes are being signaled, which changes your destiny. Small adjustments make big differents.

You will discover this to be true, if you decide to try it, when you watch your expectations and your confidence regarding them. For example when I started with EoG, I began a job next to my own business. I haven’t earned a single penny with my own business(es) then and it was a huge milestone for me to earn even 1$ online. It was a proof of concept. Now I am at around 20$. Not much, of course, but now I know it works and I am confident enough to aim for hundreds of dollars while at the same time earning thousands of dollars in my job at a pretty young age.

What I want to say is: The least you should do is to go into the direction you want the subliminal to take you. Otherwise you are sabotaging it.

I’m thinking about other ways to explain to you what I mean


I experienced something completely different when I used the experimental version of Emperor. It urged me to start online dating which I have never done before and I ended up taking the steps the same day and contacted a girl I liked. Now, it didn’t work out, but that isn’t the point. The point is that my baseline has been raised and I proved myself I can do it, so I am more confident with producing even better results next time.

Edit: You know, I too am still in the process of understand how subliminals work for me, and you will discover that there are different types of how people react to them.


I hear that Sex Mastery gives all the proof that someone needs.


Yup. I ran it. Taking action on that sub could be as simple as pulling your pants down. IMG_20200427_184419_01