I ride [SOLO] MaveriKobra = EmperorQ [ The JOURNAL] And the experiment begins


I purchased the very first version of Emperor and since than I m hooked on this beast of a subliminal.

Haven’t received such quick results on any other subliminal ever.

My journey and growth from different versions of Emperor is on a private journal because it hinders my manifestation process if made public. Still I have shared many of my successes here and there.

But for this latest experimental version of Emperor aka EmperorQ, I will update my journal regularly.

I have received one hour plus long subliminal. I don’t know whether it’s the intense one or not.

I’m listening to the first loop as I write and post this. Fingers crossed.


How many loops?

2 loops of masked version while I’m awake
2 loops of ultra, while I sleep.

I might increase my loops, if needed.

What are my goals?

As I don’t know what exactly Emperor Q does better than its predecessors, I will not assume anything as well.

Still, we know what Emperor is all about.

In the next one week, I will notice it’s affect on my emotions, business decisions taking abilities, very subtle changes in my habbit pattern etc

My first loop is done, one more to go.


Two loops and i feel damn aggressive, fcuk. I had flue and I was down and out for most part of yesterday and today. But as I completed two loops of this EmperorQ. I felt good and also began to argue with my new Gf, which proved to be helpful for our relationship.

I can literally feel blood in my veins, and warm aggressive feeling through out.

What have u done EmperorQ, am I becoming HuLk or what?


There’s no such thing as an “intense” one and “not intense,” so don’t worry about that. Just enjoy the ride :wink:


Seems like pushing the boundaries worked after all, looks like most people have been seeing good results the first few days. Which for subs like emperor is a great thing because it is so giant, I can’t wait to see the final product in use plus a few months or more on that final product could really change the course of someones life.


2 loops masked
2 loops ultra

I was down with cold and flue, yet 8 hours of sex and after 3 hours of sleep. I’m working again. No lag, full on power, high on energy. My Gf is getting mad about me, super extra possessive, can’t get her hands off for even a second.


A confession

I stopped listening to Emperor v4 since last few days because of migraine issues.

Physical changes

  1. Fat loss :- I was on a High carb diet, where i lost almost 12 kilos till Feb mid last month. After that due to some family functions and marriages my diet plan got fcuked.

Since I’m on high junk diet. Which made me gain 4 kilos again.

After I started listening EmperorQ, I lost 1 kilo on high junk diet. Which is fantastic.

  1. Standing position :- Im standing more firm and it’s making me look more confident and I feel more confident.


8 hours of sex? Which subs are you playing?


I’m listening Emperor since last one year which includes Sex mastery.

Now only EmperorQ, its not only sex in those 8 hours , it also includes lots of foreplay and total one hour of after sex chat. Did it 5 times. That’s that.


That’s great buddy! 5 Times! Once in my life( 24 year-old), I spent 17 hours with probably the best couple ever and we reach 9 times. At the last, my eyaculation sounded like an empty spray can. Hahaha! Now, I’m 40. I need a fast action EmperorQ manifestation.


I have reached maximum 7 times ( I was 22) and after that I was not able to walk properly. Never tried that stunt every again. 5 is maximum for my body. ( I’m 31 now)

Empty spray. Hahahahahah. After 9 times I would have died empty body.

I don’t know which subs are you using but Khan plus SM will make you a beast.


I started (Emperor Q X 2 + QL ST1 X 1) as many loops I can for the next 15 days, then change for QL ST2 + Emp Q.
I have one exam in 2 months, so I need QL to boost my preparation.
In any case, congratulations! Enjoying sex is one of the most pleasurable thing to do in life.
I will consider latter the combination of Khan + SM.
All the best with business as well!


Just saw your journal, will read through.

Thanks you so much and all the best to you too. Ace the exam.


Was that a typo, and supposed to be “low carb diet”? Or did you really lose weight on a high carb diet?
If so, how was your energy level?

Yes! Or SM by itself, it’s not too shabby :wink:


I’m on a High Carb diet since June or July 2019. I’m following John MacDougalls The Starch Solution.

My energy levels, mental clarity were off the roof untill I reintroduced oil and junk in my diet.

Believe me , I have tried evry diet possible, the worst diet (keto), scam diet ( juice) Bad diet (paleo) unsustainable diet (80:10:10). This high carb high starch diet is best so far, never felt better in my life.

I was introduced to John MacDougalls diet, when i started listening to limitless in Feb, i was on keto at that time.


That’s very interesting! How did Keto make you feel?


Very bad, low energy, water weight loss, muscle loss. I was on keto for two months, worst two months of my life. Done everything to the T with the help of the best dietitian and nutritionist.

It’s very very very very very bad for the health. People who follow keto for weight loss, will suffer major heart problems in future.


It’s amazing to me how different bodies respond differently to all kinds of diets.

I feel the most alive, focused, and healthy when on Keto, and starchy food just puts me to sleep.

I am happy you found the diet that works best for you :slight_smile:


Great if keto works for you. It was not for me. Yes different bodies respond differently.


Sorry No Update in last two days, because there is nothing to update. No major or minor changes. Apart from energy levels, which are high despite bad health and hectic schedule.

Loops increased

4 loops each( ultra n masked)