I’m a goat baaaa (Muay Thai Mastery/spartan)

Muay thai mastery
skeletal system
9. all seeing
10.submodel alpha
11.achilles heel
12. ebon maneuver
13. deus
14. omnidimensional
15. tyrant
16. inexhaustible
17. serum x
18. deep sleep
19. mosaic
20. the architect

Very lofty goals

Ordered it yesterday

First time in years I have a clearly defined purpose that I feel passionate about and desire immensely for a long time

I’ve had 20 pro fights in the past

I will journal


My physical condition is superb thanks to the power of zp, along with Three cycles of emperor fitness.

I’ve signed up in a gym here and have gone every day vigorously, I tend to focus on keeping my eyes still and unmoving on a place such as the chest (on the big bag) and am using visualization to bring back my fluidity. I got a blister under my foot from kicking the bags, my shins are red and swollen, and I feel fantastic because I am focusing on breathing and being cool in a fight which is a huge change from the scared me of the past


I worked today in my moving job, The entire day I kept visualizing my gains and goals, fighting and winning

Some guy who added me on instagram asked me again to remove some pics of me due to them containing blood and I flipped on him, I do really have a trigger related to it by the way I reacted.

My barefoot shoes are reaping insane benefits for my leg and feet functionality

I kept saying “my spirit is calm” as I listened to the book of five rings audio book and then I was able to understand that being calm is the only way to manifest


Nice. I’ve been looking at getting some barefoot shoes for a while. How long have you had them?


A month now.
I used to think I was very strong used to walk like 5-6 hours a day when I first got to the USA

When I first got those shoes within two hours of walking my feet were dead, toes weren’t even being used in the shoes

But these days I feel like I have the most functional legs I’ve ever had


What barefoot shoes do you have?

My Buddy uses them as well

The only problem is, I can’t use them when I’m going to work. It looks really weird🤣

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You don’t have to wear what look like duck feet.
I for example wear this

and it is also the barefoot type of shoe.
There are even barefoot sneakers or even business shoes.


Ooooh never knew that. Great tip!

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@Achilles is right, I didn’t want to buy them coz they look really creepy but I was able to find many ones that look normal

Bought a going out pair that looked elegant and a sport CrossFit pair, both whitin brand

Never ever wore normal shoes since then

Whitin brand looks exactly like this


The Whitin shoes were the ones I was looking at

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Today is a very interesting day indeed. I seem to have gained that iron focus I have been training my mind to achieve daily since arriving to USA 6 months ago thanks to Khan.

Yesterday my moving job involved a 3 story building to and from, no elevator. I listened to musashi book of five rings and I have been training the stance he speaks of there

“Always do this stance”

I even have been focusing on keeping my eyes on the center of my opponent chest whilst I fight

I did a run at the park and I enjoyed it a lot

By the way it’s a note that I quit smoking cigarettes and I’m 31, began when I was 13. I quit during stage one of Khan

I have become the thing I’ve dreamed of being for years
A man on a mission, unwavering in focus on the task

I envision myself fighting all the time today, beginning at 12 pm

I did it more than yesterday, yesterday night I relaxed too hard and didn’t like it, I’m glad on my mindset today which is stronger

I also gave a client a private Muay Thai session with pads for 70 dollars. He’s a repeat customer and I truly believe we are meant to meet

It’s 5 PM 25 of September and I’m a man on a mission

I have gained peace due to this to truly chase my ho with a calm vigor


Flipped out on my room mate earlier due to a huge degree of covert disrespect, last time I flipped like this was months ago and it caused a change in the dynamic of our friendship to the better, we became close

I’m aiming to let this time be another move forward for us, I won’t be giving him the amazing treatment I used to give him by always buying him things and thinking of him. What’s funny is that he did all this after I offered to buy him alchemist so I see that my kindness was taken for weakness

I don’t like to overthink more than this, for a better future!


Today things escalated quick, I’m moving out very soon and I know this is a manifestation. I am going to upgrade once again

I went to training and once again focused my gaze onto one place and my mind on technique

I’m happy that I am working on not caring whatsoever what people think of me and just training to improve



so im listening to wanted, I am done with washout and this is the program I chose to run alongside my Muay thai custom

believe it or not, I have utter faith this is the complementary program needed to launch me into my final form.

today i was the most busy since reaching here in terms of how much PERSONAL profit i made.

i woke at 5 30 and stood next to the mirror with my hands up to the air like a champion and reaffirmed for myself, i got to my client’s park at 7 am and I began to train them Muay thai for an hour, 70 bucks, they are my only customer, and they are returning always!
in the last 7 days i think he had like 5 sessions, he loves my teaching.

After that i went straight to a moving job at 9 :30 am where we moved for a woman (i am getting 20 dollars an hour here, but its good for some cash) and she was acting very smitten around me.


The effects i have are no joke, when i was done with work waiting for the bus a very pretty young lady walking a dog literally stopped and stared at me, then moved forth and stopped to turn and stare again. She might have been high off her face but still.

I listened to the book of 5 rings for the 2nd time ever and i am learning much from it, I understand this is an entirely alchemical book and a most of the wisdom in it is symbolic rather than literal.

I also have been very intrigued with the concept of “from shit” in alchemy which states to create from shit thoughts gold. Every time i caught myself thinking bad thoughts I knew i was sitting on a goldmine and INSTANTLY switched to visions of me getting where i want to be

I kept this up half the day until the customer kept making it clearer and clearer she was attracted to me, however… I kept more strength and faith than yesterday and MY ULTIMATE PLAN is to feed my faith until the dreams i had come into reality, therefore, I aim to focus all my energy on my muay thai goal.

and she was a test for sure, i understand this. I want to keep dreaming of myself fighting and winning until it’s second nature, I dont want to sit there scared and cold in the ring once again, knowing my opponent is the same

I want to know my opponent is atleast 1% human and I am a machine who was dreaming of this moment day and night ! until the stimuli of fighting is my fuel and not my test.



also i read something in @Invictus journal that i shared, he said that he made his custom entirely from his subconcious

and thats LITERALLY how it went for me, something TOLD ME to add ebon maneuver, my normal rational mind wouldnt in a million years come to this conclusion, this was from outside.

berserker? heracles? two amazing ones i was SURE would make it into this custom no matter what. NOPE, didnt make the cut.

skeletal system also wouldnt have made it, i was thinking nervous system to be a cool fighter and win through calm (saving gas) but here we go, skeletal system.


im also beginning to see the contrast of how i was before using subs and how ive become, it’s crazy

im realizing how in the past when i was a muay thai fighter, i WAS headed for greatness, but i couldnt outlast the OLD ME (negative thoughts… how the hell can u become the best?) long enough to get to the new me, the faith I have in these subs along with the faith I have in alchemy been listening to ascension chamber religiously since release cannot be higher

I literally believe i can become something 99.9% of people think is impossible, and it’s effortless, all i have to do is believe

Some times the only logical thought that i can come up with is (everyone is a hologram, that can explain why youre so successful)

this time i wont stop, im going to climb to the top. I have a good pragmatic approach about it and I understand that even one of these modules (legs) is enough for me to dominate the whole north american Muay thai scene cuz of how strong these subs are.

also, the amount of trial IVE endured over the last 7 months on Khan has made me worlds ahead of most of the “high” level competition here, I’m not underestimating anyone, but i can see the goal.


anyway can anyone knowledgeable tell me once my custom arrives (it’s terminus) how many minutes are considered right? I heard that the programs are 14 minutes so do we do 3/5/7 or 2/4/6? and I plan to run it once a week.

@Invictus you know more than i do

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Hi @Yazooneh What is this concept?

What do you mean? Why having bad thoughts mean you are sitting on a goldminne?