I cut my experiment short on QLQ and want to go back to Emperor (Washout first?)

I did QLQ and unfortunately it wasn’t for me and recon was heavy a lot of the days so I want to go back to Emperor because it got me two jobs offers and gives me a good amount of results. Question is, should I do one week washout or should I just go directly to my usually two loops this week?

Sorry to hear that. QLQ gave you reconciliation? How many loops per day? Which stage?
I will return to whatever had work for me.

Yeah even with two loops a week which isn’t the problem. Honestly it’s my fault that I can’t deal with recon but I start work in August so I need something that can make me productive which ST1 is not doing.

sorry you were running it solo? Or is there another sub?

Same problem here. I need a long term recovery of my natural brain capacities. I tried limitless v1 without apparent results after 2 months. But, those times were hard…
Then, Quantum Limitless appeared. I did ST1 and ST2 without noticeable results after 2 months. Maybe my neurons are tired :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:
For me, Emperor V3 was the beast. Somehow, it works for me.

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It was solo

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QLQ is just a long term sub takes more time to work that’s the thing.

I want to get your guys thoughts on this @WhiteTiger @RVconsultant @Voytek

Dude, you will achieve your goal, I believe in you and all the difficulties are just temporary. Try to use QL at least a little more and highlight the advantages that QL has given you :ухмыляющийся:

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If the Emperor title worked for you, I’m confused because EQ contains a lot of QL in the script.

Я тоже говорю по русски. Трудно продолжать использовать QL из-за разведки.

Maybe because it had QL Lite?

Yes Emperor contains QL Lite along with AM, Sex Mastery & other modules.

Just go straight to Emperor i had no problems doing that. I have read your previous posts its not as if you are a rookie using these products.


I’m guessing that’s Russian?

Indeed it is

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That’s awesome. I am a huge hockey fan and most if not all of my favorite players are Russian.


What I would do is run Emperor for some time, let your brain assimilate the script in QV2 and after maybe a month or two, try again QL, maybe one loop per week, to gage how you react to it.

Since emperor contains some of QL scripting, it should still help you to run QL afterward.


Perfect thank you! Right now I do one loop Tuesday and one Saturday. I was thinking maybe it’s better to do one loop Saturday and one Sunday so recon would be less and my brain will have 5 days each week to assimilate the script. What do you think?

Nice! Fun fact I know nothing about hockey lmao.

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