I am new here and would like some suggestions


I am wondering what major program would best fit with my goals. I have just started a BA degree in management and entrepreneurship. I don’t currently have any business Idea, let alone a plan, but I know I would like to go in the direction of independence. I chose to study this area as it connected with my long term goals and I said to my self I have 4 years to come up with an ideal business for me that I can act on, but if I felt inspired to go down a different path be it self employment, or career or something completely non related then that will be fine too. But what I have been learning so far on my degree is really beneficial and it is hitting the right spots for me to go in that direction and I am really enjoying it.

As I am a full-time student I have enough money to tie me over for a little while as I sold my car, but eventually, soon, I will have to get a part-time job alongside my degree.

I do strength training at least 3 times a week and focusing on increasing my strength.

I want to also continue to increase my attractiveness, as I do like having the possibility to do things with beautiful women if I wanted to, not that I need it or want it, just nice to have the options. My main focus is my studies, my self and increasing my income. If I got a super increase in attraction and attention from beautiful women that would be a nice daily perk and if I didn’t like the advances I could just not recipcate or turn them down gently as I have more important things to focus on.

So with all this in mind, what do you think I should start with?

Thanks a lot for your help, and I like the vibe of this place.

not an expert like the others but khan sounds like your deal to me. Social intelligent pure sexuality and confidence and also great dominance. wealth programming is in there too should be enough to get you through the college years and i’ve noticed a strong assertiveness with it which also should be enough to get you past those college years.

Emperor fitness is amazing too, I’ve eaten like a pig and shed tons of fat from about 20% to 13% in 45 days on stage 2 and I now look like a tank on stage 3.

those are the two subs I bought in my 4 and a half month period here and I’m starting stage 4 of each today


Khan will make you horny as hell hahaha
It is great for work, but mainly geared toward sexual and social. You could definitly roll with it!

Emperor might be better to focus solely on study and eventually starting a business :wink:

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If you want to succeed in business get good at marketing and finance. Also become real good at creating relationships, plant those seeds now!

In terms of subliminals I would advise: House of Medici and/or StarkQ

StarkQ is like Tony Stark - entrepreneur like(persuasion, intellect, visionary…)

Medici is like God Father - political, social and financial mastermind( master of relationships, shrewd leader, excel in trading/finance, family focus…)


Thanks. Yeah, they all look good! I will have to go read the descriptions on each multiple times to help make a decision :smiley:

With Khan that sexual energy might distract me from more important goals. My penis just whispered to me “I would love for you to run it though!”.

I know I have got time with the whole business side so that works in my favour. But I understand if can start cultivating that mindset now, by the end of my degree I would be unstoppable :muscle: for sure.

I am pretty confident and solid, but I am more of an alone wolf; like to do my own thing. It is my natural inclination. So yeah would need help in becoming more of a ‘people person’. :grin:

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