Hypnosis Resources


What are some hypnosis resources you like?

I’ve got my subliminals going all the time but at night I spend about an hour listening to a hypnosis track through my light and sound machine (Mind Alive Alert Pro). Lately I have been listening to Hypnotica’s Masculine Matrix and the tracks in his Metamorphosis series.


@dorfmeister how do you like those hypnotica sessions?


I feel like hypnosis is a nice counterpoint to the work with subliminals that I am doing. I don’t feel like there is any conflict.

I like Masculinity Matrix a lot. It is really dynamic and inspiring.

I like the Metamorphosis sessions a lot, too.

He gets you actively involved in the sessions. With Masculinity Matrix he actually has you move and step into ideal self images you create.

That would be the session I would start with. It is inspiring and energizing. I like the Metamorphosis tracks, too.

It has been a long time but I didn’t like Collection of Confidence as much as these.

I listened a lot to Sphinx of Imagination back when it came out, but have not listened to the updated version of it, but will probably purchase it and do so.


Will be trying out Rapid Transformational Therapy


Back in the day I listened a lot to Sphinx of Imagination, the first one, it gave me the deepest trances, never liked the second one that much.
Now theres one I love more, “Deeper States” by Richard Bandler, its really good if you want to travel to the depths of your mind. Ive been using this one since its release


@dorfmeister - I love Hypnotica. I first came across him on youtube and I have done one of his programs called Deep Phone Seduction. Even before then, I was pretty good at phone game and ladies always mentioned that they liked my voice.

Even better, his autobiographical book “Metawhore” is one of the best books I have ever read. Filled with deep intelligence and frank wisdom, he will make you laugh and think. The guy is clever and at first glance some will think that this muscle man wouldn’t know anything about philosophy or life. Or at most think that he is just a Pick Up artist.

The Hypnosis programs you mentioned sure sound interesting. I will definitely have to check them out. Masculine Matrix sounds right up my alley.


Masculine Matrix is my favorite track. I wouldn’t feel any qualms about recommending it. Really well done. Inspiring.

I have not read Metawhore. I’d like him to come out with an audio version of that. Maybe combine it with some Metawhore themed hypnosis tracks


I have listened to Bandler’s Neursonics and some other tracks he did with Denver Clay.

I also think that having listened to some of Bandler’s training audios he is very entertaining to listen to. He is a great NLP trainer in the guise of a stand-up comedian.

I am pretty sure Hypnotica would give a big nod to Bandler as a major influence on what he is doing + he is working with Denver Clay, too.


Wait, there’s a second Sphinx?

First time I did Matrix I was so enthusiastic about breathing in the essence of the new me that I ended up hyperventilating. Whole body was shivering. Oops.

For me the deepest I went were those 6 CD’s by Mark Cunningham (with Denver Clay) a long time ago (first one was called Trance in the First Place). Very simple and yet they let me go pretty deep.

I’ve been doing some UltraDeep healing sessions a few times a week while lying on an acupressure mat. Last an hour and a half. I keep thinking I fell asleep, an yet I always “wake up” right at the end of the session, not remembering anything that happened the last hour.


“Will be trying out Rapid Transformational Therapy”

Is it a form of hypnosis?

I looked at their webpage and could not immediately figure out what sort of modality it is.


2011 Sphinx. Have not yet heard it.

I’ve used that Mark Cunningham set as well as Hypnotic Awakenings. Also went to one of his seminars back in 2004.

What are the details on the UltraDeep Healing? Sounds interesting. Ok so, I just googled “UltraDeep Healing” and didn’t find anything that looked relevant. What is it. Can you give more context?


Sounds very interesting. I will check out the masculine matrix and metamorphosis.


What sessions are these? That’s a good trance hypnosis right there😉 Sometimes that will happen when I’m listening to Paul McKenna.


It’s Quantum Healing, actually. Uses UltraDeep hypnosis to get to where it needs to go. No idea if it works, but if nothing else it helps me relax and forget I’m lying on 1000 sharp needles.


I’m not sure if what I do qualifies as hypnosis, but I watch and listen to this exact video - I just happened to find it on YouTube the other day. It’s on the topic of recognizing your self worth. I like it very much.

And this is an explanation of it:


I think it qualifies, it put me in a trance within 2 minutes. Needs an epilepsy warning though. And a higher quality version.

I found it hard to listen to the voice, I was far too absorbed in the mandala.

I may create a loop and use it for some meditations though.

One of those crystals would looks nice in my bedroom. Too bad it costs 30k.


Ok…so I have used an “Utra Depth” session where reaching something called the Sichort Sate was emphasized. The track I used was a very nice hypnosis track, though I am not sure if I reached the Sichort State. I did go very deep, though, and even though I felt like I was asleep I came back out nicely at the end of the track.

I also used some subliminals by the same producer and was not impressed. I won’t say who it was as my understanding is that the Subliminal Club creators do not want other sub creators mentioned.


just wondering but can you run hypnosis tracks like craig beck for a few hours then run the sub club subs or would the hypnosis tracks diminish the results


I can’t see how running a hypnosis session will cause problems with subliminals. But I never run hypnosis tracks for a few hours. They are different from subliminals.

I run them once through headphones. The Hypnotica tracks require active involvement from the listener. They are not passive tracks. They are not used in the same manner as subliminals.


I may know the one you speak of. Then again, I may be wrong, his subliminals are considered to be quite effective. :slight_smile:

For some reason he’s nearly impossible to find on Google though.

I’ve been trying out a burning meditation, the same one those monks use to heat up their body in the snow. If you give it a Western twist, it’s a lot like hypnosis.