Hydromax Pumps - These do work


I know people are looking to subliminals for enhancement, but using one of these pumps helps to maximize and catalyze the work you are doing with your subliminals.

I have one of these and it works if you use it consistently. Never had any problem with size, but some of us are simply curious and want to maximize what we’ve got to the greatest extent possible.

These get used in the shower so that gives you the chance to use it every day as you should.

This isn’t going to get you from like 8" to 12" or anything but at this point I couldn’t say what the max is. You will notice longer and girthier in a clear way.



I will also mention that I have one of the automated air pumps that I bought from Amazon and it is beneficial, too. I use them both.


Also, I found these, after never having taken much interest in such things, not that long after starting to listen to Primal Seduction.

I am figuring there is a module in Sex snd Seduction or Sex Mastery X that is also in Primal Seduction that encourages finds like this.

That's great to here, I was researching hydropump/bathmate in prep for the male enhancement sub. You find it leads to permanent gains? Also is your link the best place to order you think?

I jelged for two years straight when I was 17-19 and enhanced my member by 1.5 inches in length and 1 girth. I’m also an identical twin, i.e. a control group so know it was the jelging.
Since from personal experience I know that it is possible to enhance growth, I can’t imagine some exercises combined with a water pump wouldn’t yield results. Especially with a sub boost. I’m doing pretty well as is but would love to get to ‘holy shit’ territory. So if adding a pump would help I’ll test that out.


Just use a delay spray guys works wonders


Dont get me wrong but delay sprays are good and work but dont solve the problems. In my experiments with Sexual Energy and Chakras… i discovered this problems we man have is just blocked energies / feelings/ Traumas / experiences in our energy body /chakras.

Want to solve the problem? Pranayama and Mantra Chanting ( pick a general one)

It works and its used in Old Tantra or Multiorgasmic Man


U right about that cause after sometime on these subs I became very sexual and had my partner satisfied irrespective of size and sex duration…at once I was obsessed with lasting long and having a big member but after these subs things change!


Interesting. What sub(s) do you think caused these changes?


Ascension definitely!


Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.


They do recommend jelqing, too, though at this point I haven’t tried that.

I think the thing about this is that there are physical limits to how much you can add, but it is fun to play around with.

Yes, working to get into “holy shit” territory was what motivated me, too.


@dorfmeister This picture has (1) message for you:

Am I a joke to you?


@Elme Pranayama and Mantra chanting (any specific ) Can you link to any what you have used?


Agreed, it’s all about the energy/attraction. I have found that the sense of having an above average member turns me on more than it does woman. There were several woman who were really into
and I believe just mechanically a lot of woman enjoy more girth, but at the end of the day its negligible compared to other factors.
My interest in enhancing in this way really has very little to do with woman. I think many men may feel similarly


I am kind of befuddled as to why this topic so quickly went off the tracks. It is clearly not magick spells and prayer for penis enlargement. If you want to talk about mantras and prayers for penis enlargement why not start your own thread?

You say to use a general mantra. I have done thousands of repetitions of “Om Gum Ganapatyei Namaha”. While it is good for dissociating from stress I have never noticed any effect on penis size. If I am misunderstanding, why don’t you start your own thread on the topic and put together a tutorial, faq or at least a set of links so people can access the information that would allow it to work.

I have no idea what delay sprays are, but, hey, maybe they deserve a thread, too. If you want to start a general purpose thread about various methods and techniques for enlargement feel free to do so.

This is going to sound kind of self indulgent but I wanted to see how close to big dick porn guy I could get from a starting point of being above average in the first place. So there is this self indulgent ego thing with using the hydromax pump.

I have not made it to big dick porn guy but the hydromax definitely works and it is pretty quick and obvious. Will it be permanent? They claim it will. I can’t make any claims from my three month experience.

I am not so confident that repeating mantras/prayers are going to do the same, especially on as short a term timetable. I am not saying it won’t work, because I don’t know, but Hydromax actually has a noticeable effect that becomes apparent pretty quickly and I can say that from having had the experience and now continuing to work with it. It isn’t magick, it is a physical process.


I bought the new hydromax about 2 months ago been using it most days i am definitely seeing an improvement in girth and length when flaccid. I started off using it every day but found it better doing it two days on and one day off as i needed a rest day just like weightlifting i guess. I also do 5 minutes of jelquing after i have used the pump. I have the penis enlargement module in my custom subliminal so hopefully i will see better results, i am thinking long term it takes time but worth the effort.


Thanks, Slickman. I was starting to wonder if I was the only one who thinks this is probably more effective than prayer for enlarging your penis. I have been doing it every day + using the air pump some days, too. It helps me to stay consistent having it hanging from its strap in the shower and using it every time I am in there unless I am in a big hurry.

I have not done the recommended jelqing and I am not using the penis enlargement module, though I am wondering if it is in Primal Seduction, as that is in my subliminal stack.