How vivid is your mind's eye?

How vivid is your mind’s eye?

  • No image at all, I only “know” I am thinking of the object
  • Dim and vague image
  • Moderately realistic and vivid
  • Realistic and reasonably vivid
  • Perfectly realistic, as vivid as real seeing

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Always enjoy seeing polls like these.

One “trick” is to remember that the vividness of your mind’s eye is directly related to your current state, and hence adjusting your state will allow you to tap into different aspects of your mind’s eye.

The everyday vividness of your mind’s eye is the most versatile, quick and easy to use tool. It is the one you use in any moment of the day.

Then, as you relax and deepen your state, as you pull inwards, the vividness skyrockets. You’ll become able to more easily envision complex situations and sceneries, to imagine flowcharts and abstract systems with greater ease. Simply taking 5 minutes with closed eyes can be enough focus to start imagining greater systems - useful for work all-around. More complex products and technology becomes easier to imagine.

Going further, you’re going to be hitting the level of what I like to call “near-seeing”. This is the stage where you are still seeing with the mind’s eye, but the complexity is all-out. When you are truly struggling with imagining a vast and complex system or scenario, this is where you want to go. Will likely take around 15 minutes to hit this point of active focus. This is also the point where you will likely start hitting the point of sleepiness - depends on you and how much practice you got too.

Next stage is the limit, the bridge, the abyss, the “jump” before the cream of the crop.

The toughest stage before the greatest.


Best comparison I can make is if you’ve ever had a lucid dream and things start to fade. That moment when you know you’re waking up from the dream and losing the depth of it. Same deal. It’s fragmented sections of an environment I’m trying to recall or pieces disappear in my head. I can’t hold anything.

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What is this “greatest”?

My visualisation used to be awful. Now it’s starting to become super real

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