How to Maximize Results


Hi all, new user here. Made my first purchase of Khan last night. I have a few questions for the veterans about how we get the most of our subs.

I understand the masked and ultrasonic versions contain the same program. Should we split our listening between the two every day for the best results? I plan to use the ultrasonic at night since sleeping with headphones kills my ability to fall asleep.

For Khan I see there’s four steps to the package. Is the standard to listen to one step for at least a month before moving on to the next?

Thanks for any advice you can give.


It doesn’t matter if you choose to use only masked or ultrasonic, or both of them. You can do the way you think suits you better.

For Khan, there is no standard. Each step has its goals, and you can choose to listen to those that resonate with your objetives. You can listen each step for one month, like you said; or, if you think that taking action is your main problem, you can go right to step three; or, you can make a stack with steps one and three; or you can go right to step four if you prefer; it’s your choice. I sugest you analyse your goals and choose the step (or steps) that fits them better.


In theory, ultrasonics may be less effective depending on age, frequent exposure to loud noise and other things that cause hearing damage over time. So my recommendation is to use masked when you can (if you have nothing else to listen to) and use ultrasonics the rest of the time. As for sleeping, you could try SleepPhones. They were designed for this kind of thing. Although the wireless version may be slightly more comfortable, I prefer the wired one. We have too many radiowaves going through our head already. Ever sleep in a Faraday cage? It’s unbelievable how well rested you get.

using masked to determine ultra

You do not have to split between the masked and ultrasonic versions.

What I do is I listen to masked at night through my phone speaker and listen to ultrasonic in the morning through my computer speaker or phone speaker depending on where I am

For the Khan stages, you are free to listen to however long that you want for each stage. It’s highly dependent on your situations and goals. We here at subliminal club like to experiment around with subliminals to see what is best for us.


Great, thanks for the overviews on Khan. I think I’ll start with ST1 since that the way the program is currently arranged makes the most logical sense. First break down the bad, then reintegrate the good.

Also will look the sleep phones.

Is masked effective without headphones? Is it the recommended sub for sleep?


Masked can be used with or without headphones, but I believe it works better with headphones. Without headphone, make sure you are within close proximity to the speaker

Listening to subs while sleeping can be incredibly effective for some, but irritating and disturbing to others, so try it for a week and readjust.