How to Manifest for Overthinkers

4 steps that can be repeated indefinitely until you realize you are already living the life of your dreams.

Step 1: Decide exactly what you want and while doing so, set some general conditions to put the thinking mind at ease. For example, “I want $500,000,000 in a way that promotes mutual benefit, love, happiness…you get it.” Decide what you want, and set general condition modifiers that make it all nice and fuzzy. What you want, and your modifiers are completely up to you. Here’s another example: “I want the body of my dreams in a way that’s enjoyable, fulfilling, and improves every aspect of my life.” The only limit is your creativity.

After you’ve decided what you want use a manifestation method of your choice to set the intention of having already achieved that thing. Do whatever you like, it really doesn’t matter. Subliminals count as a manifestation method.

Step 2: Read a lot of books, articles, and journals. Read, read, read. Make reading a daily habit. I don’t care how you fit it into your day, just fit it in. What do you read? I don’t care, but I would recommend that you read a good mix of non-fiction and fiction material: philosophy, biography/autobiography, science, fiction, self-help, spirituality–whatever you find interesting. Read what you find interesting. The only advice I would give you is to try to deliberately seek out interesting things to read that are outside your comfort zone. Stretching the comfort zone is perhaps the most important aspect of this exercise. That’s also why I’m telling you to read books and not listen to podcasts. More on that note later.

Step 3: Take actions in line with your desires. Do not overthink this step, I’m here to simplify it for you by telling you the most important aspect of this step: stretch your comfort zone. Take actions that stretch your comfort zone, and do not worry about success or failure. Cultivate a growth mindset in which every time you stretch your comfort zone, you are improving, getting better, and becoming more successful. Worry not about “failure.” What you do is almost irrelevant, all that matters is that it’s generally in line with your desires and that it stretches your comfort zone. If you want inspiration for actions to take, well why don’t you allow yourself to be inspired by all those books you’re reading?

Step 4: Sit back, relax, and allow your dreams to effortlessly manifest before your eyes. Don’t worry about anything. Don’t worry about when your dreams will come true–they will come true as fast as is physically possible. Don’t worry about how they will come true because you already set the conditions in step one: you’ll get the body of your dreams “'in a way that’s enjoyable, fulfilling, and improves every aspect of my life.”’ When I say sit back and relax, I mean keep taking action and reading books, but relax about the manifestation, it’s actually already here, so in the meantime, keep learning and growing.

Optional - Step 5: Journal daily in a handwritten journal. People can type very, very quickly. You can only write so quickly. The experience of hand journaling is very useful, give it a shot and lean into the frustration–remember, we want to stretch our comfort zone, don’t we?

Why It Works So Shockingly Well

The method has 4 steps, but there are only two things happening here.

You are stretching the comfort zone of your thinking mind which causes it to relax and expand its vision of what’s possible and safe for you to manifest. You are also providing your conscious and subconscious mind with information, lots of information. As a side benefit, you are also becoming more interesting and cultured as a human being.

The more you learn, experience, and know, the more possible pathways to manifestation will develop in your life. By dedicating yourself to constantly learning and constantly taking action that stretches your comfort zone, you are increasing the number of manifestation pathways, which means you are increasing the variety, and means of manifestation in your life–this also means you are making manifestation more effortless. In the same way that the rich often have multiple income streams, you are growing your mind to create multiple manifestation streams that can be called upon to fulfill your dreams.

Let’s say right now you only believe money can be made by going into sales. After 6 months of following this protocol, you now have a deeper understanding of business and the world and can see hundreds if not thousands of other possible manifestation pathways for your wealth. You can apply this concept of expanded awareness to anything you are trying to manifest.

There really isn’t anything else to say about this, it’s pretty simple if you only apply it.


I have been doing this without even knowing :joy:

I took all of my inspiration from the netflix series Vikings.

From ragnar i learned to not chase temporary happiness but to chase long term goals, to do thing that seems possible without fear, to work evem when you dont want to work and to never think about failure.

Failure is not an option, it does not exist.

We do what we do because we know we will succeed.

Thanks for this amazing guide :pray:

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Exactly, just lessons that you need to learn so you can succeed greater in the future.

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Natrual Winner module :eyes:

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Today, I would say that I still mostly agree with this. I would just add that if you focus on only a single thing at a time, the chances of success are far, far, far higher.

Also, build manifestations over time.

Don’t shoot straight for 10 million.

Instead write down 10 million as the ultimate goal. And then create sub-manifestations that lead to it.

For example.

Goal: 10,000,000

Today: make an extra 50 bucks.

Next week: make an extra 1000 bucks.

Next month: make an extra 5000 bucks.

And so on.

Focus on small manifestations that are beyond the current reality but are within reach.

By doing this you build trust and momentum overtime that snowballs to larger and larger manifestations :man: