How to listen for a long time with busy life?

Ive a busy life with a loud home with no free quiet place any advice about how to listen for multiple hours in a loud busy day? I would guess still using the audios while going about my day like normal. Also can i use the ultrasonics for sleep programming? |Limitless: Ultimate Learning and Productivity Subliminal|1|$34.99|
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|Beyond Limitless – Supercharge Your Creativity and Intelligence. I ask because i want to listen as much as possible and i love audio books.


Most people run the ultrasonics on speakers on their mobile device wherever they go. I listen using headphones and don’t want to expose others, so I can’t always listen to them or have to listen on one ear only. When I sleep I used the masked track, so as long as I get enough sleep, at least I’ve got those hours. Ultrasonics work here too, just make sure you use speakers there.


I use ultrasonic when I sleep. During the day, I have a set of Bose wireless bluetooth earbuds that I use when working. I’ll listen to the masked versions quietly while listening to a piano / classical playlist on Spotify.


I’ve got speakers set up in various spots in my house playing masked tracks 24 hours a day.

The Musicolet audio player on my phone allows me to play ultrasonics on my phone even if I am playing music or listening to a podcast or watching a video.


hey @SaintSovereign I love listening to classical music too it really calms my spirit:))

but what do you think its optimum? to play the subs by their own or with music? Id like to go with the most optimum option for maximum effects


Honestly, I believe listening with positive, uplifting music helps. First, music puts you in a mild trance state, which helps bypass the critical faculties that can prevent change from happening. The alchemical process is largely driven by emotion – the stronger the emotion, the more powerful the outcome. Listening to music that makes you feel good (your favorite tracks that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world) can promote subconscious change much faster.

This is why True Social is getting such good reviews and results. It’s the first supercharger to use very upbeat music as opposed to contemplative music. Of course, that was intentional, as we needed True Social to cause a very noticeable immediate effect, while the other superchargers require a much more subtle effect that’s revealed over time.


I rarely participate in talks like this. However, what Saint had reinstate has definite validity to it as I’ve experienced much the same effects. I’ve got my playlist filled to the brim with lots of musics, listening to it while driving with the subliminal playing minimally on the background.

The effects? It’s profoundly effective. I noticed the shift, sharp changes over the span of just days instead of weeks. One analogy that I could and can linked to it to provide an example of what I’d experienced is this;

Ever wondered how your listening stimuli tend to gravitate towards what others are discussing instead of focusing at the primary task at hand? For instance, you are working on a project and your colleagues happened to gossip about something else or about someone whereby your listening stimuli tend to focus unto their discussions instead of the task at hand. People called it distraction but little did they know about what the actual effects are.

Same goes to the music concept. You listen to music (The primary task) but with the subliminal task playing on the background, haven’t anyone thought about the stimuli listening attentively to the subliminal instead of focusing on the primary task at hand? This is why it’s productive and efficient listening to a subliminal in this manner.

If it’s just rain drops or something else covering it, it’s non-productive as you’ve consciously thought of it as a cover to mask the message and you are not unconsciously tapping into it. To be unconscious, it’s better to listen to music or to be occupied with something else that puts your mind heavily into the primary action in and of itself.

Just my two cents, good luck.

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