How to increase results with Physical shifting subs

I wanted to make a quick post on what I used in order to make my physical shifting results come much faster (Depending on the module I used in my custom):

EF: Height Inducer: Hanging from a bar for 3 minutes every day, stretching, 8 - 10 hours of sleep, vitamin d and calcium rich foods (Milk for example), limit fast food intake.

Facial Morphing: Lose weight to get to a lower body fat, using Chisell to strengthen and build up my jaw muscles.

Physical Shifter: Sexiness: Workout out consistently, have a good diet, use Tiege Hanley as part of my personal routine, take care of my hair, good sleep.

IQ booster: Read, listen to audiobooks, having a tech job where I learn and problem solve every day, be friends with @Invictus which gives you 100 IQ points (Kidding but not kidding).