How to deal with sexual urges from khan?


You guys weren’t playing around when you said it really spikes the drive haha

Actually I really need help with it. I’m on S3, and I’ve been quite motivated to take action compared to my normal motivation levels, so that’s pretty cool. Problem is my sex drive spikes heavily and my mind gets too foggy to get anything done.

Of course I already consulted Dr. Google and Dr. YouTube. Found a bunch of NoFap videos to not relapse. Tried the suggestions.

Cold showers. Works while I’m IN the cold shower, maybe 10 - 20 minutes after the drive returns.

Exercise. Drop down, do about 20 - 50 pushups. Nothing too crazy, I already workout and don’t want to overdo anyting. Drive goes away, comes back fairly quickly.

Meditating/observing the feeling until the feeling passes. Works but once Khan is loaded up again, doesn’t take long to be back to square one.

I should note all of these situations khan is being ran afterwards. I tried dropping it for a couple of days and my drive returned to normal, and the methods to deal with the drive worked.

So the abundance of energy is great, I just don’t know how to channel it to productive things. I’ve read Think and Grow Rich, I’m sure a lot of you have as well, and sex transmutation is mentioned but there’s not a tangible method or anything.

If I can’t channel the energy to take more action, I might just drop khan and return to emperor. I’ve lost a lot of productive time, even though the action taking is more intense, it’s in fewer increments due to the overwhelming energy.

If there is a method of transmutation someone knows about, it’d be greatly appreciated if you can share because my googling skills seem to be insufficient to find something that works.


Those who ran ascended mogul did it help with nofap?

Cut back on the number of Khan loops, mix a bit of Emperor (or another title that also fits your needs, like Limitless) to dilute the effect a bit. Believe it or not, this is a good thing. Khan spikes your masculine drive overall – which includes motivation to succeed AND sex. This will level off a bit as the subconscious gets used to it.

Grimm's journey into becoming a masculine confident man

here is a method I learned from kundalini meditation…imagine a light ball around your sacral chakra /genital region…feel it …take a deep breath…whenever you breathe in …imagine the energy from your sacral chakra going up to your…third eye area…whenever you breathe out …imagine the energy spread all over your body…repeat the process few times …you should be fine…also …make a conscious decision only focus on your goal…if you meditate daily that should be really easy …if not…try it and make it a habit …you wont regret it


Add ascended mogul
I am running a Seduction stack and it helps me immensely to keep the horniness under control
For me 1x AM is enough. Try and see what works for you


Go meet some girls, and fuck them.

They’ll enjoy it, you will enjoy it too. Win win.


I can tell you from experience… they stop enjoying it after the 4th or 5th time in a row. At some point certain body parts just become way too sensitive. Which is when you switch to the second one. You did take two of them home with you, right?

Seriously, I’m all for lots of sex, but sometimes you just want to do something else. Being able to say “no”, whether to a girl or your own body, should be possible. If your body just won’t listen to you and acts like a hungry cat that keeps jumping on the keyboard while you are ctp394tgnq;390u4;onx;u32… typing, it’s not that pleasurable.

I had that for several weeks on ST2 and I wasn’t able to do a thing with my life. Friends asked me what I’d been doing to find a new job and I didn’t know what to tell them. Product Test Technician for Durex? My qualifications? Some people can’t get it up, I can’t get it down. Please put me in touch with my female Product Test colleagues. Wait, isn’t that the address for the Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting?

Not to mention the mess kept piling up. I did some cleaning today while Windows was updating to the latest build and it was truly horrific the mess I had allowed to accumulate.

I trust my ST3 will be better.


Uh. That’s not an image I needed to see, let’s keep it PG-13, y’all.

The fact of the matter is, when you’re running a subliminal that constantly questioning your subconscious about developing your masculinity, sense of self worth and self perception of attractiveness, it’s natural that it’ll respond with “time to go impregnate tons of women, spread my seed and make tons of money.” It’ll balance out over time. Your mind’s just not used to it.

That’s why no fap can be harmful. I know it can work wonders to those who have long-term porn addiction, but in an individual without that issue, you’re fighting the most powerful human instinct there is outside of sheer survival.

If you have So Below, use it to transmute the energy and project it as a sexual aura. Then, do what @AMASH said. Or, listen to Khan for a day, then take a day off. Repeat.


Fine, fine, maybe I exaggerated a bit to make a point. But AMASH’s answer was just way too easy. Just because I have redheaded twins waiting for me at home giving me all I need in that area doesn’t mean I don’t still get annoyed by the couple next to me on the bus making out while I’m trying to focus on a presentation I have to make.

Sometimes our priorities are just different. We call ourselves civilized because we are not slaves to our instincts. Ultrasonic wants to get stuff done rather than be controlled by his urges. Telling him to go and have sex isn’t the answer he’s looking for. IMHO anyway.


@DarkPhilosopher, the OP talked about NoFAP and doing push ups.

So my suggestion was in line with expanding the universe of possibilities he is considering.

Just because you have no refractory period, doesn’t mean other men can’t relax after sex.

P.S. Since you have no use for your redhead twins, send them my way. I’ll keep them warm for you :wink:


No can do, they like to cuddle. Hearing them breathe softly as they sleep snuggled up to me in that sign of absolute trust gives me a reason to work harder, since I know what I’m doing it for. :slight_smile:

I would think that if having lots of sex was in his realm of possibilities, it would most likely have been the very first thing he considered. So obvious he felt he didn’t need to mention it. Instead, he just wanted to do as Saint suggests, find a way to transmute the energy rather than expend it.

One method I was reasonably successful at was to actually perform a minor transmutation and guide the energy away from the groin area and up the spine. I wasn’t able to actually use it for anything specific, but it did make me more alert and pulled the focus away from sex for a while. Still, I wasn’t able to do very complex things or things that took a long time. I admit I spent most of the time playing computer games.

Anyways, I seem to have taken the thread hostage.


Hey, thanks a lot guys. For the helpful answers and the smile I had while reading this thread hahaha

Yeah I’ve definitely considered sex already, and don’t get me wrong I’ll enjoy those fruits when I’m more open to it, but for now with such a large amount of energy being generated, I just thought “well hey, if this can be transmuted to help my current efforts that’d be great”.

Doing sacral exercises and moving the energy up the spine seems to be a fairly decent solution so far, so seriously thanks guys.

I’ve also been doing “microcosmic orbit”, or rather experimenting with it. Seems to help quite a bit, though I need about 5 - 10 minutes. It’s a fairly relaxing practice either way, might rearrange my schedule just to fit blocks of it in during my day. Not only does the energy seem to calm itself, I do experience that heightened alertness.