How to be Iron Man (biohacking my way to awesome)


Hi all!

I’m new to the forums, though have been reading many threads over the past couple of weeks to check the scene out before jumping in. In the past I’ve had some insane results with hypnosis, including one particularly memorable session where I went from being shy and introverted to being almost unable to help myself from hitting on every girl I encountered… rather successfully, I might add. The initial effect faded in intensity after a few days, but eventually settled in at a level that was less manic but still left me totally comfortable chatting up any girl I took an interest in.

As the topic states, my intent is to develop a mindset akin to Iron Man. Less so the player aspect (I’m quite happily married now), but the alpha mindset, intellect, and of course the wealth.

I’ve done other programs to cultivate my alpha mindset, and it’s helped immensely with business. Even I’ve been a bit surprised at some of the things I’ve managed to gain access to, just by asking with confidence.
I’ve always been considered reasonably intelligent, but sometimes I have issues focusing. I recently had my brain mapped as part of a program called 40 Years of Zen, and realized I’ve got quite a bit of work to do to fully optimize my brain.
The wealth? Working on it… I’ve had 2 companies funded by angel investors so far; one of which barely got off the ground, but the other one is currently valued in the (very) low 7-figures after 4 years and is now my main focus day to day.

I do a twice daily meditation practice (Z Technique), and have a fairly modest supplement stack including

*Phosphatidyl Choline
*Magnesium L-Threonate
*5k IU D3/A/K2
*2400mg DHA
*Lion’s Mane extract

I will be purchasing a tDCS device at some point in the near future to help with brain training, and my thought is that running theta or alpha sessions while listening to subliminals will help me integrate them more quickly.

My interest is in cultivating more of an alpha mindset, and focusing on wealth and productivity. My company is launching 2 new products before the end of the year, 1 of which is a currently in a major push to get into pre-sales by Black Friday.

Ultimately Khan + Mogul sounds like a great stack, based on the descriptions, but I need something that will be effective sooner rather than later. No time for reconciliation or healing, I want a boost NOW.

That being said, I’m probably looking at Ascended Mogul to start.

Anyways, happy to be here, and I look forward to any insight anyone may have!


You might want to take a look at emperor before you decide. I dont know if you already did


From what I’ve read about Limitless, that could be a nice addition to your stack, for boosting the learning/memory/intellectual side even more.

I’ve yet to buy that one, though, so someone else could probably answer that better.


I’m definitely interested in Emperor! I’d read that it can have antisocial side effects, then I came across this comment by @AMASH

Emperor is not truly anti-social. All is does is any person who is not a positive influence in your life, it makes you lose interest in contact thing, keeping in touch with them, and bored talking to them.

And since most people are not doing much with their lives, you will seem to be a loner. However, when you find a person or a group of people who are a positive force in your life, you are extremely social with them. It’s just that those are not 99% of humanity. Compared to Daredevil which makes you friendly and enjoy all people and want to mingle with them.

This is already the case for me.

Backstory: About 5 years ago, after a trainwreck of a relationship imploded and left me a miserable and wanting to be drunk every night for a few weeks, I decided screw being sad, I’m going to be awesome instead. I traded vodka for a gym pass, and mindless tv watching for aggressively devouring personal development podcasts & audiobooks. (nothing really new for me there, the past few months had been a bit of an unexpected detour)
As I focused more on business, I started getting more annoyed by stupid sh*t my friends would say. We started having more disagreements about money, business, and eventually politics as well. I won’t mention specifics, but suffice to say most were not pro-business. To them, I was becoming a “sell-out”.

So, over a period of about 18 months I made some sweeping changes to my life:

*I cut down my use of social media by 75%+ and removed the FB app from my phone. I’ve since stopped using FB entirely, except for advertising, but I have a team than handles that.
*I had been running a regional NGO that was infuriatingly ineffective, so to the shock of everyone on the board, I quit without notice at the AGM… the organization folded completely within 6 months after I left. I also stopped talking to nearly all of them, once it became apparent that the only value they saw of me was running the organization so they could look good having “board member of X” on their resumes.
*I cut ties with at least 90% of my social circle, with the most definitive action being not inviting nearly any of them to my wedding.

And you know what? I don’t miss any of them. At first it was a social experiment, but after more than 3 years it’s pretty clear that it’s permanent.

The small number of people I choose to spend time with now are ones I truly enjoy being with, and include no less than 2 multi-millionaires who are both awesome friends. The net result is I spend most of my time at home with my amazing wife, who is also an entrepreneur, and together we’re building our little empire. Any of the people who felt negatively toward my business mindset got cut out of my life completely.

So… given that info, anyone care to venture a thought on how Emperor might affect me? Increase this effect? No effect since I’ve already got that mindset? Something else?



@BLACKICE - Welcome to SubClub. That’s a very inspiring journey you shared there.

If I was in your shoes, I wouldn’t use Emperor since you are married and Emperor has the chance to mess with the sexual aspects of your marital life. But since I am not an Emperor user, I am not 100 percent sure on this. Am merely reporting what I have noticed in other people’s experiences here. That they somewhat lose interest in the bedroom.

I would go for either Khan (a very good all round subliminal for both alpha mindset and wealth but which will take time. It has sexual aspects too)


Ascended Mogul which is remarkably quick for both alpha mindset and finance


Ecstacy of Gold + an alpha mindset subliminal like Godlike Masculinity or Primal or Ascension (this is will develop your wealth to the highest along with getting alpha male mindset.)

PS: if you want to use Emperor, I would recommend to add a sex related subliminal like Sex Mastery along with it. So that’s an option too)


What do you mean?

Emperor has sex mastery already :slight_smile:


@rising - yeah, I wasn’t 100 percent sure on Emperor like I mentioned. Thanks for clarifying.


@rising - here is one Emperor user who had issues with libido which was resolved by Sex Mastery. If I am not mistaken, there are another 2 instances in the forum where I read something similar related to Emperor awhile back where user lost interest in dating and that’s why I mentioned it in this thread. It could be a rare case and Emperor could work without messing with sex but do check this out. @AMASH also has valuable inputs in this case especially when told that Emperor has SM in it:



Your backstory already sounds like Emperor! Because that is exactly what users report: cutting social media, dropping useless friends, laser focus on wealth generation, big boss respect.

Khan is very sexual, so unless that’s your aim, I’d go for Emperor 100%.


Really depends on what your goals are.

Chiming back in a bit:

Emperor is a kickass sub
But if you want to just go for alpha/wealth, I’d stick with AM

That’ll help you get those faster.
Emperor will help you get there but it also has SM in it so that will make the whole process take longer.

SINCE you went through the 40 Years of Zen stuff, I assume you did all the “resets” or “clearing” things i read about in that…so technically you’ve already started building a foundation.

I wouldn’t say you need the full 500 hours I’ve read about here. So your results/manifestations may actually start faster than what a “beginner” may experience.

Could also do maybe 2X or 3X loop daily of AscMogul and Emperor stacked together…3 of those each day would yield 4.5 hours daily of subs I think. Which would be in line with the new experimental listening pattern some here are trying out.


Where you read that emperor needs 500hrs?


Mainly the convincing argument made by @AMASH on my Emperor journal about first-timers possibly needing more than “just” 250 hours…Where the 250-hours-recommendation came in AFTER a foundation was laid.
But NOW that I re-read that I see he said 300, not 500. Boy do I feel like a jackass HAH.


No worries. The hours seemed too much since its not a multistage. Keep in mind everyone is different. Some people may need indeed 500hrs


The way I see it, if you can do 500, then do 500. The more, the better. Your goals will change as you grow and the sub will change with you.


I’d meant to jump back into this yesterday to start on the 1st of the month, but I was away for a business trip and didn’t get back online last night.
After comparing the programs, it looks like Ascended Mogul and Emperor are quite similar, but Emperor has the Sex Mastery components in it, as well as some extra productivity and focus elements.

If I were starting from a base of zero and needed to build up a wealth mindset from scratch, I can definitely see that Mogul or Ascended Mogul would be the best option. Given that I’ve already got some groundwork (years of business experience, brain training, and a decent alpha mindset already), maybe Emperor would be a better choice.

I would definitely like to do both Khan and EoG, but right now I need to maintain focus, so any multi-stage programs that have a healing stage will have to wait for a bit.

Any final insights on Ascended Mogul vs Emperor? I’d like to get one or the other today and unless there’s a good reason to not do so, I am leaning toward Emperor now.


I’ve just bought Emperor for upping my mental game, and Sanguine for being chill about it.

Wish me luck! :sunglasses:


Why not both + sanguine? :slight_smile: Emperor is more of a shotgun spray of goodness while AM is a slightly more focused approach. Having both + sanguine on stack will only amplify your results


Emperor will give me the overall alpha business mindset that I’m looking for, would stacking Mogul with that just add a bit more focus to the wealth creation aspect as opposed to the alpha/sex scripting?

I’m also quite interested in the upcoming Quantum Limitless program, of course, and can’t wait to see what’s included in that.

For Sanguine, I’ll be running at least 1 loop of of that at night in between dinner and bed; I’ve got a lot of moving parts pertaining to some large business deals in the works so I’ve definitely had some anxiety lately plus trouble sleeping.


Definitely if that’s what you’re looking for, it would add extra focus on wealth building without the alpha scripting of Ascension :slight_smile:


You don’t seem to need luck brother :wink:
You are a winner * for some reason this quote from the movie with Paul Newman The hustler anchored to my mind writing this , probably because I find your Odyssey very inspiring :))

I wish you all your soul really desires to come true