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Here at subliminal club a lot of wealth subs ,and potential wealth subs can be created using Qstore . And how money works is a question should be on our mind . Not on the level of

  • creating business or
  • finding a new job
  • or building new required skills

But on international level , the big picture of things and how this affects us .

The coming post from David Icke book I am me , I am free the robots guide to freedom .


major expression of that fear is the need to earn money to live. Again, that’s the idea. If you can artificially inflate the cost of the basics of life, food, warmth, clothing, and shelter, you pressure people to serve your system to earn the money to buy those basics. The less you need to earn, the more choice you have to live your life as you see fit. The more you need to earn, the fewer the choices. This scam is founded on the greatest con trick of them all - the paying of interest on money that doesn’t exist. The fact
that we stand for this as a human race, reveals so much about the scale of the collective mind-cloning that has unfolded on this planet.
The Elite-controlled banks are legally lending as a matter of course ten thousand pounds for every thousand pounds they actually own. It is like you owning a hundred pounds, but lending a thousand pounds to your friends and charging them interest. Should each of your friends demand cash in their hands, you couldn’t work this scam, but the banks have no such problem because most of their transactions do not involve cash. They work mostly with theoretical “money” - cheques and credit cards. If everyone went to the bank to ask for their money back at the same time, the banks would be bankrupt many times over because they are lending far more than they have deposited with them. All but a fraction of the money that the banks “loan” doesn’t physically exist.

Most people believe that banks lend only the money that customers have deposited with them. This is simply not true. What the banks lend is, in effect… nothing. When you go to a bank for a loan your account is “credited” with that amount. All the bank has done is to type the amount of your loan, say £10,000, onto a computer disk. If the bank was lending you its customers money, their accounts would have to be reduced by £10,000 to allow you to have the loan. But they’re not. They remain the same.

So where has this mysterious £10,000 suddenly appeared from? Your “loan”, as with every “loan”, is conjured out of nothing as merely figures on a computer screen! And from that moment you begin to pay interest on that non-existent money.

More than that, this phantom “money” is even counted in the bank’s accounts as an “asset” and this allows it to make yet more loans of the same kind.
With every loan, the borrower goes into debt and the bank’s official assets increase, and yet not one new coin has been minted and ‘not one new note has been printed. It’s all an illusion. Banking is the most profitable and most destructive criminal activity on the planet. People who grow food and produce the necessities of life are up to their eyes in debt, and often pushed into bankruptcy and ruin by people who do nothing more than type figures onto a computer screen and charge interest on them. Fantastic amounts of “money” are in circulation in the form of cheques and credit of various kinds, but less than ten per cent of it is in the form of coins and notes. More than ninety per cent of it doesn’t exist.

The system is massively bankrupt and it only survives because people are conditioned into accepting cheques and credit cards as “money” when, in fact, it is nothing more than an entry on a computer program with nothing whatsoever to back it up.
Staggeringly, this is how the vast majority of “money” is put into circulation - not by governments printing cash, but by private banks lending money that doesn’t exist and charging interest on it. By credit in other words. This means that all but a fraction of the “money” used to exchange for goods and services is created, right at the start, as a debt. We hear that inflation is caused by governments printing too much money. No it’s not. Governments don’t print enough! Ninety per cent of “money” released into circulation is “created” in the form of debt by the private banking network controlled by the Global Elite. It is utterly insane and no wonder the mountain of debt increases by the minute. An economic “boom” when production and consumption increases, simply leads to more borrowing from the banks to increase spending. So in the economic “good times”, the amount of debt increases by colossal amounts and this eventually leads to the bad times known as depression.

As the banks have control over the creation of “money” through loans, they decide if there is to be an economic boom or depression by increasing or decreasing the amount of “money” they allow people to borrow. The difference between a boom and a bust is only the amount of money available through cash or credit to make purchases. As the banking system is controlled by the Global Elite, this tiny clique therefore have control over the economy of every country and the decisions of the political and economic “leaders” who either don’t understand how the banking system and money creation really works (the majority) or are knowingly working with those who run the system. By this sleight of hand, the debts of people, businesses, and countries have soared into never-never-land and the need to pay the interest is reflected in the money we pay for taxation, food, warmth, clothing and shelter. The British Government spends far more on interest charges per year than it does on education and once you realise how the system works it is no longer surprising that the United States is trillions and trillions of dollars in debt.
Look at what happens in one transaction alone. Say the US government wants to borrow a billion dollars to cover its short fall in income. It issues a Treasury note or bill, an IOU in other words, and delivers it to the Federal Reserve, a cartel of private banks controlled by the Global Elite. The bankers then “create” a billion dollars at negligible cost to them. At this point the banks begin to charge the government (the people) interest on a billion dollars. Not only that, the piece of paper,

the IOU, is now counted as an “asset” of the banks and it appears in their accounts as if they actually own a billion dollars in their coffers

. This means that they can lend another ten billion dollars (at least) of non-existent “credit” to other customers!
Everyone involved in a production process, be it the supplier of the materials, the producer, the transportation company, the shop, etc… are all adding extra to their prices to cover their need to pay interest on the non-existent money they have “borrowed”. By the time you buy a product in the shop, its price is massively inflated compared with what it needs to be, because each stage in the process is servicing interest payments on money that doesn’t exist. We are buying three houses for the right to live in one because two thirds, sometimes more, of the money we pay on a mortgage is interest on money that doesn’t exist. If you take out a £50,000 loan to buy a house with Britain’s National Westminster Bank you will pay them back £152,000. You will buy three houses to live in one. On the leaflet which revealed these figures, they had the nerve to say: The National Westminster Bank - we re here to make life easier”. Thanks so much, I’m really grateful. All over the planet are people doing things they have no desire to do because they need to pay interest on money that doesn’t exist. The Third World Debt which is crucifying billions of people by the day, is overwhelming debt on money that has never, does not, and will never exist. And we stand for this!
It is a con trick. It is not necessary. It is there to control us. That is why the system was created in the first place.

Despite the obvious insanity of this legalised theft, our minds are still conditioned to believe that charging interest on money is essential and without it the world economy would collapse. Not so. The global banking dictatorship orchestrated by the Global Elite would collapse and that would be fantastic. But people who are enslaved by paying interest on money that doesn’t exist, defend the system and say it must continue! Hey, prison warder, don’t you dare open that door, d’ya hear?
The interest system is not a safeguard against economic suffering. In truth the interest system creates poverty and inequality and allows the accumulation of global power.

Tell me this: what would happen if, instead of borrowing non-existent money from the private banking network, our governments printed their own money interest-free and lent it to the people interest-free with perhaps a very small one-off fee to cover administration costs? Would we no longer be able to buy all we need? Yes, of course we would, and far more easily because the cost of everything would be less. The cost of a mortgage would plummet by two-thirds if you no longer had to pay interest. The 37 homeless could be housed and we would not have the grotesque sight of people sleeping rough in the streets because they cannot gather together enough pieces of paper or non-existent computer figures to pay for a proper shelter. Money would become what it was meant to be, a means of exchanging contributions to the community which smooths out the limitations of barter.

It is only when you have interest on money that it becomes the vehicle for control which is used with such devastating effect today. No-one gains from the payment of interest, except the banks of the Global Elite. No-one would lose out if the system were changed, except for the banking nexus and those who use money to make money without any productive contribution to the world. The banks which have plundered and abused humanity for so long would go under and the role of their successors would be constructive rather than destructive. Is the demise of interest-charging banks really so terrible? I’m leaping for joy at the very thought.

There is no reason why we cannot have interest-free money. It is only the will that is missing because the politicians who could bring an end to interest on money are controlled and manipulated by the same people who own the global banking system which wields its power over people’s lives by demanding interest on money that doesn’t exist. Look at the “different” political parties in your country. How many of them are proposing to end interest on money if they are voted into power?
None? Thank you. And now you know why.
Two presidents of the United States have proposed to print interest-free money and begun in a small way to introduce it. One was Abraham Lincoln and the other was John F Kennedy. What else do they have in common?
An important question to ask constantly is “who benefits?”


Richard Werner explains the concept quite clearly.


Not that I don’t understand what you’re trying to say, but tell me what do you think will happen if a government is given the complete monopoly over the legal power, the right to violence then the financial power of a state

It might sound nice in theory but then the government will do whatever it so desires with its people and nobody will be able to save the people because other countries cannot easily influence them. There are some countries like this that exist today.

After all a government still operates like a corporation except that it just moves slower than a corporation. Worse problems could exist as it will still prioritize the interest of those at the top and the people will have lesser power than they have now because the government won’t just control their source of livelihood anymore it controls their lives now.

Finally, not to scare people but it’s truly unfortunate because this is a very possible future. For if two powerful governments have implemented similar systems and are pushing their agenda strongly, others will begin to do so too.