How many is too many?


I see some people do a few major programs, plus other minor ones all at once, so I’m guessing it’s doable. However, I wanted to know if there is a rule of thumb to determine the point of diminishing returns…

Currently doing Emperor, Stark, and Commander. However, I plan to drop Stark to only 1 loop per day because I’m feeling it interferes with Emperor.

I’m interested in exploring Sanguine and Quantum Limitless. Wanted to get your opinion on adding either of these, or even both, to my current stack. I don’t know if this would be too much…also, I know Emperor (and Stark) have Limitless Lite in them, so I’d like to know what the extra benefit of adding Quantum Limitless would be.

Any insights appreciated!


Originally, you could run three and four programs with no program. It’s looking like the Q-powered subs, however, is stronger than we anticipated. Two programs may be the limit going forward. Superchargers shouldn’t really hurt you either way, as those results are generally more temporary and are mainly used for short-term state shifting.

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@SaintSovereign - and how many maximum stacking modules is advisable at a time?


You might be able to get away with a few loops of those on a rest day, or if you alternate your stack. For example, StarkQ and Emperor on Monday. Tuesday, StarkQ and Aura. Wednesday, StarkQ and Emperor, and so forth.


That makes sense. Thanks for input. I’ll be adding Sanguine for sure then.

Any thoughts regarding Quantum Limitless vs what’s already in Emperor and Stark?

My job it’s very intellectually taxing so I think I’d really benefit from something like that.


Can you run StarkQ and emperorQ one day then run StarkQT the next day then the next day off? I was just wondering since StarkQ and StarkQT are essentially the same programs just one is stronger then the other


Try it and let us know. We still want people to experiment, just cut back on the number of loops until you’ve got a better base.