How loud do you play your ultrasonic subliminals?


I use the Frequensee app to gauge how loud my subliminal is, for except for earaches if it’s too loud, I’d just not know.

I keep my computer volume at 100%, and I normally run VLC at 50% with these subliminals. Another vendor I usually played it at 40-45% since for some reason, they seemed to play louder than Subliminal Club subs.

I’m wondering since my bed is about 6 feet from my PC speakers, and when I’m in my computer chair, it shows volume at -60 to -50 decibals. But the sound barely registers on my phone when I’m in bed.

So I’m wondering how loud others play theirs.


At work I play them on my iPhone’s speaker. I leave it on my desk a couple of feet away from me. At home, I listen on a JBL Flip 4 bluetooth speaker that’s a few feet away from my bed. On both I turn the volume to max since the speaker isn’t close to my ears.


Most of the time, I play then right off my phone, an iPhone XR. Phone is above my head, pretty loud. On my MacBook, I do about 75% system volume, 80% + iTunes.

Our subs aren’t built like other companies, that includes volume. Check and see if your speakers have physical volume controls.

Suggestions: Easier way to calibrate the listening volume

@SaintSovereign so it is safe to play Subliminal Club products at 75% of system volume through speakers? I just want to confirm, because then I have been playing them way way lower than that.


Depends on your speakers and how your setup is made. Use just one device to control volume.

I mean, look at where the volume comes from in line. Here are places where I control my volume of Emperor:

  1. There is VLC player that has volume control.
  2. Then there is PC output (sound cart from PC)
  3. And then there are speakers that are attached to computer that have volume control of their own.

So, in this case you have to look at the last controllable volume that you have in the line.

Mine is ‘‘external speakers’’ as they have their own volume controller. I just found best volume that is below the one that makes my ears hurt and itch and just left it there (I even made a small mark). All the vlc and pc output is on 100% (pc output is 100% because there’s no distortion for me). Those I do not change.

If your speakers do not have volume controller in them, choose either vlc or system volume to control the sound of subliminal and remember the settings.

Basically 75% of system volume will never be the same for everyone. If you put vlc to 10%, 75% of system volume and speakers to 2/10 it is much different than vlc to 100%, 75% system and speakers to 7/10.


@vadc said it best. Also, use FrequenSee st different parts of the room to see what’s registering. It’s not going to be uniform. As long as FrequenSee is registering above -80db, your subconscious can hear it.

Masked on Speakers
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May I ask you about listening time? In the instruction file it informs that I can hear up to 16hours. So if I listen to it more than 16 hours a day what would happen?? Is it going to degrade the results?
Why can’t we listen to it more than 16 hours?


The brain needs time to process the subliminal input. However, if you can handle more time, go ahead.

Extreme listening saturation due to "set it and forget it" and "social distancing"