How is Subliminal Club's scripting different



I have tried subliminals before. I was amazed that the first few ones I tried worked well. But since then my results have been very up and down, but also haven’t gotten better. What I feel is that a lot of these subliminals are worded/scripted differently. I have heard that using one’s own name in a subliminal helps greatly. I was therefore wondering what else is different about the Subliminal club’s scripting that apparently makes it so effective? Obviously a lot of the users won’t be able to hear it, but this really would tell me a lot as to whether this product is worth buying or not. I would prefer it if I were given specific examples and if this seems convincing enough I would buy the product



I’m a user who has been after that answer as well. But, It’s proprietary, limited to the creators and their inner circle.


Only the owners can tell you something about the scripting method, but what I can tell you is that it is a trade secret. I can understand you sceptism but they cannot share their scripting method when all the competition is watching them closely. There was a free subliminal called „Ascension free“ which you can try out if it still exists and see how much results you get. I am sure you will be impressed. Or you jump in the cold water and invest 30$ to buy a subliminal that fits your need and can really change your life. There is also a 30-day-money-back guarantee if you listen 30 days and don’t get results, but I hardly doubt that will happen.


That would be good if I could get access to that, thanks for telling me. Do you have a link because I couldn’t see it online?


I hope we find out


Hi there,

One thing i can tell you is that a lot of subliminal creators produce very short scripted basic subliminals that creat a very temporary but quick superficial state that will deteriorate as soon as either you stop listening to or go against what the script is telling you to do.

There is really no point in listening to those as they will not provide the results that someone is usually seeking, ie life transformation. Only 2 providers i know of who don’t do that and only one I’ll mention here. Which is Sub club. I still have results from listening to titles from some time ago that i am not currently listening to. That’s why I’m making such a bold statement.

I don’t know sub clubs exact secret scripting methods but i can tell you they use very vigorous and we’ll crafted master scripting techniques that they have developed over years of experience.

I’m sure you’ll be pleased with results as long as you keep to a minimum amount of subliminals and follow the rules required to achieve them. :grinning:


Your subconscious is like a firewall. It has a very large set of rules that help it to process everything that comes at you non-stop. In order to do that fast enough, everything needs to be neatly placed in a little box. If something doesn’t fit in a box or conflicts with one, your mind short-circuits, comes to a screeching halt and goes ‘blank’ for a moment while it figures things out and makes the world right again. Only lasts a few seconds, but to the subconscious that’s an eternity.

Hypnotists often use it for speed-inductions, because for a very short moment you become super suggestible. You can imagine some guys have learned how to use it in seduction. It’s also funny to use on waiters or similar service personnel that have memorized long lists of things.

What does that have to do with subliminals?

Who you are as a person is also in those little boxes. So there’s a box for every belief you hold, a box for every habit, a box for every aspect of your personality.

Now… when someone tells you that you are awesome, the subconscious looks for boxes to prove that. If it doesn’t enough proof to back that statement, it will reject it. It doesn’t match with who it believes you are and it doesn’t have time to make it match.

But when someone asks a question, your subconscious has a compulsion to answer it. A question without an answer is something without a little box. Which is why when people ask why they are not losing weight, or why they are so scared to approach somebody they like, their subconscious will happily come up with the answers for them.

But this “addiction” to answer every question cuts both ways. The subconscious can reject a statement without spending any time on it. But it can not reject a question.

So when you instead ask yourself why you are so awesome, your subconscious looks at all the little boxes and starts to mix-and-match them in order to create a story, a narrative, that would answer that question. If there are parts missing, it will make you do the missing things. It is obsessed with finding an answer, no matter how long it takes. Until it has one, you are going to be uncomfortable. Anything can happen, from stress to mood swings to loss of focus. But your subconscious will always find an answer that works.

By the time it is done, your subconscious is able to answer why you are so awesome. And the more often it has to answer that question, the more evidence it starts to find. And when your subconscious has to look up the same evidence over and over to answer the same question, it will eventually create a shortcut to save time in the future. A new little box that states: you are awesome and this is why. Next time, no more looking for answers, the answer is already available.

So that’s how SubClub subs work. They don’t tell your subconscious that you are awesome. They assume you are indeed awesome and then challenge your subconscious to prove them right. And during that journey of self-discovery, your subconscious makes you awesome.

In a way, SubClub is using a flaw in the system.

Seems easy enough, right?

The difficulty is in asking the right question. Like those stories about making a deal with evil, or bugs in a computer program causing massive damage because of one tiny typo, your subconscious take the question as literal as it can and often ends up with the wrong answer. A valid answer, but not the one you were expecting.

So you need to ask questions in such a way that the only possible answer is the one you want to have. Zero ambiguity.

And that is why I would love to donate Fire’s brain to science. After I download it. :slight_smile:

Self Development Road Map

Long story short: SubliminalClub’s subs are scripted to work WITH your subconscious, not AGAINST your subconscious.

A longer explanation:
That’s an old post, but still gives an idea as to how SubClub is different. Now HOW they manage to do this so effectively is a trade secret.


Are you taking a stab at me? :wink:


Funny enough, your reply popped up on my screen a few seconds before I posted mine!


So you really reckon that listening to fewer subliminals is more effective? What about if you’re not getting results after three months? Do you switch then?

Thank you


This is great, thank you for the response. It is very interesting and it does convince me to some extent to try it out. I guess I will never find out the exact way in which this is done


Thanks. The issue I have is that the number of topics on here is limited, whereas on YouTube it is pretty unlimited. But where possible it would be great to make the switch


The free subs on YouTube are of low quality at best, and at worst actually contain malicious material. It’s kind of like free software, it’s likely to be junk, and likely to contain viruses. That’s why they’re free.
I would suggest you at the very least go with an actual sub company. I have found two, and this is one of them that get better results than the rest.


May I ask which the other one was?


I won’t recommend another company’s products on this one’s forum. If you look around, you’ll see some references though.


When Q goes public, there will be more than enough choices for you to get exactly what you need.


Looking forward to the physical change modules


Listening to fewer subliminals will provide quicker, concentrated, more noticeable results ye definitely.

Not getting results could have many reasons.

First it could be a bogus or poorly made subliminal. Check the source.

It could be that if your playing ultrasonics your having equipment issues.

Also you may be in data receiving mode. If you stop listening for a week you would go into data execution mode. your mind would start pushing you in the direction of the subliminal and you would notice results of that was the case.

Or somewhere after you started listening to a particular sub you started getting results, but then you started going against the subliminal by not taking action. When that happens your subconscious will block the subliminal out because it got the message that your not approving it. In this case you would take a break say a week or two then go back to listening and this Time taking total action.

Or you may not be noticing results because it has been designed in a way that makes you not notice the changes ( an attempt to bypass the resistance to changing, which i don’t think they do that here at sub club). In this case others would notice the change depending on the type of subliminal.

Also I’ve noticed personally that listening to subliminals whilst in a theta brainwave state (hypnosis) significantly increases results speed. That’s my way of listening actually.

These are just some of the reasons. Many more.

Also don’t wait for the subliminal to make all the changes for you. Start transforming your life now consciously and your subconscious will follow. Take care


Wow! Never thought of it like this