How does this stack thing work?


I’m migrating over from [Mod Edit: Removed competitor name, let’s keep the peace ;)] store since I just can’t stand his attitude anymore (plus, I’m due for a change).

I’m used to only being allowed to listen to a single sub, but you have this idea of stacking, as well as superchargers. I’m trying to figure out how to work with that.

I think I would take Emperor as the main product (seems to contain a bit off all the others). Now I read somewhere on the site you can have up to 9 stacking modules on top of that. At very least, I’m considering Aura. It seems to be a nice enhancement. The Limit Destroyer would help in internalizing the main module. The other available stacking modules all help the main module, but I wouldn’t want to diversify/dilute too much.

As for the superchargers, I’m considering Dreams at night when going to bed in the hope that I’ll finally start remembering my dreams and move towards lucidity. And Libertine to start off the day and get me in the mood to socialize. Since I usually meditate after work at home, would Beyond Limitless help there? It would be about halfway through the day.

I’ve seen some people actually suggesting Daredevil in combination with primary modules. But isn’t it a primary module? It really does appeal to me.

Any suggestions on how to build my stack? My main problem area would be getting out there and becoming more extrovert (without neglecting my career). I’m thinking this stack, with a healing stack for a week every 4 weeks or so to get rid of any blockers and calm down from the sheer intimidation of the Emperor stack. Wouldn’t buy it all at once of course, but it’s nice to have a sense of direction.

All suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!


I’m Kind of New to this format of subs too. [Mod Edit: Removed competitor name – please refrain, thanks!] Spent so much time on his subs with no results I decided to try these subs instead. I can say that for me I create a playlist like they recommend one primary sub and right now I’m only using 2 modules. It lets the subconscious process less data which has I believe a better effect. But as I’m new to this format that is my best answer. As I hopefully become more experienced i can give better Answers.


Another question: I see people describing a stack as 3x, 2x etc. Suppose I want to run Emperor and Primal Seduction, is it better to run Emperor 3x, followed by PS 2x, or is it better to do Emp/PS/Emp/PS/Emp?

Although I’m probably gonna save up for Khan, in which case it would be Khan 1,1,1,2,2,2,3,3,3 or 1/2/3/1/2/3/1/2/3.

I really do hope there’s good manuals included in the products…


You’ll have to experiment, honestly. I get the best results by stacking the same subliminal back to back. When it comes to building your stack, however, choose a “core” subliminal that addresses a particular problem, and anything else is for enhancement. For example, you’d run 4x Emperor and 2x Daredevil per day if you wanted to focus on your business while maintaining a social edge. That’s the EASY way to get started.

More advanced users are tinkering with their stacks in different ways, but at this point, they’re very aware of how subliminals affect them and how adjusting their stack will maximize results. Don’t start with that, however. Keep it simple at first.

You can’t put 9 stack modules – that’d be way too many subliminals. They were probably talking about the number of loops, since stack modules are generally 30 minutes.

My recommendation for you:
4x Ascended Mogul
2x Daredevil
2x Rebirth

That will give you a strong social edge, while enhancing your career. Rebirth will help you accept the subconscious scripting much more.


So imagine my surprise when I went to look at the page for Rebirth to find this:

So, what were you talking about? :slight_smile:


@SaintSovereign Since Emperor contains both Ascension and Mogul and some updated scripting, what motivated you to pick Ascended Mogul instead? The fact that AM lacks the extra Emperor scripting and could as such be perceived as more targeted?

As for back to back, logic would dictate that since modules stack on one another, you would run the different modules one after another as a cycle, then run multiple cycles, possibly ending (or starting) with a few back-to-back iterations of the major-program you want focus on. Still, I defer to your superior knowledge on the topic.


Clearly, that’s just a typo. We don’t even have 9 different stacking modules for sale. Rebirth is 30 minutes long, meaning if you ran it up to nine times in your stack, it’d take up roughly 4.5 hours, which isn’t enough to dominate a stack consisting on one core subliminal and a single stacking module. Not to mention, it was released back in December 2018 as one of our first stack modules, so we had no idea how they would perform. What we know now is that stack modules can have just as much of an effect as a core subliminal, depending on the person. So don’t run nine different titles.

No, because you expressed a desire to become more social and avoid neglecting your career. Emperor has a well documented effect of making you less social and more focused on building an empire as a solopreneur or with one partner.

Logic can’t dictate that because every subconscious is different and responds differently. There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to run a subliminal, because what’s effective for you may not be effective anyone else. For example, I actually don’t respond well to ultrasonics, they make me exceptionally agitated – UNLESS I play them at very quiet volumes. On the flipside, I can play masked as loud as I want and get a profound motivational effect. Some people are the exact opposite – they get nothing from masked, but extremely good results on ultrasonic.

We’re now testing alternative listening patterns – a few days on, few days off. Some responded well, like @OmFlux on Spartan.

If you want to test your theory, please do so and report back. But, when dealing with something like subliminals, remember that there are no “hard facts.”

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