How does Q Store handle more or fewer modules?

It’s been confirmed that all Q Store subs are 1 hour long, regardless of the number of modules.

How does Q handle more or fewer modules? Would fewer modules allow for more repetition? Or are modules literally stacked on top of each other? Or…?

Well, we’re not going to give out the technical details of what occurs, but I can tell you the effect – a smaller, more focused subliminal will manifest results much quicker.


What would manifest results quicker, a sub with 10 specific modules or a 20 module sub with the same 10 specific modules and 10 results enhancers focused on enhancing subliminal effectiveness?


The latter would take longer to start manifesting, since you have to overcome all fears and traumas related to the goal of your script. Once you started manifesting, though… get ready for amazing results.


Very excited for that :slight_smile:


Surprised by this answer.

Is it possible to manifest faster by bypassing the process of overcoming all fears and traumas related to the goal of the script? What if those fears and traumas need to be overcome before any real world results can be experienced?

Prior to what you said, I’ve always seen the Result Enhancer Modules as “Results Accelerator” :thinking:

I think that’s why PS IT works faster than PS . As former has no healing modules in it .

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As I understand these things, it’s a choice between getting the best results you can get with all of your fears and traumas intact RIGHT NOW or getting even better results at a slower pace. I assume that if you aren’t very afraid of the what the program would do, you’ll get stellar results from a focused sub, but not much if you are.
If I had the money, I’d try getting a very focused sub and a result enhanced one for the same goal and see which works better.


Seems to me that most long term goals cannot be realize with fears and traumas being intact :thinking:

Probably depends on how much better you want to be at whatever your goal is, how close you actually are, and how much fear or negative thinking you actually have. (More experienced people please correct me if I’m wrong) For instance, if you are already pretty good with women, a focused sub would likely make you great in short order. But if you were a thirty year old virgin who wet himself any time a woman looked at him, you’d have to use all the results enhancement stuff in order to see any results at all, and that would take a while.


hopefully @SaintSovereign can clariify if this is indeed the way it works.

Paging @Fire

I’m working with a related but slightly different situation.

I’ve chosen one goal where I have a lot of barriers (Wealth and Self-determination) and another goal in which I feel pretty comfortable (Physical Fitness and Wellbeing).

I’m running 2 similarly packed out Terminus customs for each of them. They both contain Results-Enhancement. I didn’t see those as ‘diffusing’ the focus. In any case, they’ve both got 20 modules.

For what it’s worth, I am seeing more immediate effects with the Physical Fitness subliminal.

Makes me think that it’s important to plan out ‘baby steps’ for the more challenging goals. Just because you’re too scared or unskilled for Major Action dos not mean that you have to give up on any action at all.


That’s why it is interesting to align a subliminal with your goals; the amount of reconciliation always depends on where you’re at in life compared to where to subliminal will get you. So the path of least resistance will always be the path of extensive results.

Anyway at the end of the day any subliminal will always pay off if you stick to it. Yet if you’re new to subliminal’s and life is nowhere at where you want to be then just use a single core Custom to start with. It’ll be an easier transition and once you’ve got a good foundation you can go for something more in-depth.

Okay, so if I understand you, your answer to the first question is No?

Which question are you referring to?

Is it possible to manifest faster by bypassing the process of overcoming all fears and traumas related to the goal of the script?

Depends on the way you bypass it. How would you do it?

And surely in the future those fears and trauma’s will come to the surface and bring even greater problems.

Personally I cant see how. I believe these things have to be sorted out, and in the process evolve from in order to manifest the “bigger” goals eg making $100 million in a month, photographic memory, etc

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@Magneto I definitely feel there has to be a resolution or resolving of underlying obstacles or obvious inner limitations for the bigger goals to manifest. It’s a progression but you probably already know that. As well as commitment, determination, and drive. It’s always fascinating to see how quickly people give up and start assigning blame when they are in reality unwilling to give up their current belief systems to progress towards achieving those bigger long term goals