How do you handle challenges to your elevated status?

There are numerous mentions of “challenges” people come across, or manifest, while using Emperor and other subs to assist in their transformation.

From greater levels of aggression from coworkers/family to the rando guy at the gym who puffs up…and a lot of other situations.

So what was your situation and how did you resolve / handle it? (that you can remember, if not presently handling)

What did you notice someone doing? How did you handle it? How was that different than what you’d done before?

The more examples the better.

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I didn’t notice a lot of direct challenges on EQ. Not in this way. The challenges I faced were more circumstantial, a delay on a project, financial pressure, stress in my personal life, maybe the occasional s*tests etc.

Although on PS, my vibe probably irked a few people around me but no direct confrontation.

I used to get agitated easier, and I tend to be impatient, but I noticed I’m much more collected and centered on EQ.

Eye on the prize, or the goal so to speak. I didn’t pay much attention to other distractions.

I brushed things off for the most part, except when something truly mattered to me.


That’s an important shift: not getting automatically pulled into things, being deliberate with your attention.



Thanks for sharing two examples of how awesome Emperor has been, @JCast.

Not sure which points you meant to convey, but here’s what I got from these two badass examples as pertains to adapting to elevated status:

  • moving from splitting focus among multiple areas of interest to going all-in on the one most important area that would move the needle (for @Yardbird), which required sacrificing certain things / opportunities / people
  • going from feeling like certain women were out of his league to knowing nobody is out of his league – and is having a fun sex life as a result
  • and for @OldChap, it seems like he overcame personal and workplace issues with disrespect and turned it so completely around that the CEOs of his company were compelled to give him a share of the company…and is on his way to fulfilling a childhood dream.

The one quality which they both achieved and mentioned, and is ringing in my head right now, is: becoming indespensible. And they did it through taking the right actions with respect to their personal objectives.

Those were awesome stories about their adaptation to Emperor-level status. :crown:

Who else has some stories?


This one is not from me. This journal involves success with Emperor and The Executive Ultima. It was in the Q version not QV2.

This journal was one of the main reasons I joined SubClub and got Emperor as my first sub. The journal poster is no longer active.

Short Version: TLDR

Poster runs Emperor + Executive Ultima Q Version a lot. Some recon occurs in the form of wanting to quit job, anger, rage, etc.

Poster buys a suit from store. Female sales associate likes poster. Poster asks her out.

Best sex of poster’s life with female sales associate. Obtains business connections with female sales associate.

Gets job offer. Life is better, journal closed.


Very interesting how things happen, I’ve had lots of similar twists of fate. The most recent example while on my custom was that I met this girl while out and about, a gorgeous blonde, 5’9, green eyes, amazing bubbly personality. Took her out and had lots of fun, we still see each other.

Couple of weeks later I was able to leverage her connections to seal some very lucrative deals for the company.


Did you notice those opportunities arising normally, or was it something you started noticing more after using subs @OldChap?

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I had a challenge yesterday where I received a very angry, threatening email from a client. There were a few minutes where I experienced confusion and anger (ok, more than a few minutes), but I absolutely crushed the guy in an eloquent and professional manner, with an added touch of compassion for the situation.

The end result was an apology from the guy and offering of gifts from his wife…because reasons.

It’s one of the first times I’ve experienced something like this.

Did Emperor manifest this so I’d know what I’m capable of in this regard? Possible. I don’t know, but I’ll take it.

It felt good.

I wrote about it in detail in my journal entry…


After subs.


Hey, what field of work are you in if you don’t mind me asking?

Curious to know how Emperor helped you in that field.

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Primarily lead acquisition and conversion for local businesses, but I’m looking to shift into eComm.

I’ve only had two months of exposure to Emperor, but within that time I’ve noticed myself put more pressure on my prospects and clients (in terms of closing the sale and getting them to do what I need them to do), and my emotional response to any BS resolves more quickly and I’ve become more calculated in response to it.

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