How do you deal with your Imperfections

How do you deal with your imperfections? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this





I’ve found out the more I seek to work on my imperfections, the more they seem to multiply, it’s like an endless cycle and I’m caught in a loop.

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Please move this thread to the Emperor’s Lounge, @Vkluff. Thank you :pray:

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If I can fix it, I fix it.

If I can’t, I stop caring about it.

If you don’t care, nobody care.

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Take for instance your not so good at keeping conversations or making them interesting and it’s something that’s been a huge hindrance to your game. Do you just accept it?

I don’t have any


Perfect response I think I was looking for. Reminds me of one of the 4 agreements. Be impeccable with your word. In the mirror which I choose to view my self, I am pure and perfect :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



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Building intrinsic self worth. Imperfections are mostly based on the premise of some aspect of me not being good enough. That feeling of not being good enough is what’s painful, not the imperfections themselves.

Intrinsic self worth is really difficult for me to build though. I’m getting better, but I can see more clearly now how self worth helps you break the illusion of those imperfections being a huge defect in your personal character. They hold less weight.


What imperfections! I am the perfect Simon.

And I keep improving.


Work on your goals, not problems.

Imperfect people are achieving big goals everyday.

Eliminating all problems will NOT lead to creating your dream life.

It’s a waste of time.


That’s a skill issue. If you have the ability to learn, you’re good. You just need to start like a Daredevil.

However, skills can take time, and it may be more efficient to work a plan that does NOT require you to build said skills.

Not all styles of game require making long interesting conversations.
I don’t think Wanted or Emperor users talk a lot on their dates.


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There is wabi-sabi, and then there is wasabi, which will take your focus off of everything (except finding water), and clear your mind and sinuses.

@Vkluff is it perfection, or that you (and the world) are not matching your idea of how things ought to be?


I think it’s the later, but after seeing Friday’s reply which is something I already knew and learnt from Don Miguel’s book, I adjusted my frame of mind to the thought that I am perfect and the world which is imperfect will either accept that fact or then nothing at all and since then I think I’ve been bending my reality to that which I accept it to be which is the fact that “I am perfect” and then based on @Simon’s reply I’ve chosen to keep on working on things I’ve been working on, this I also learnt from reality transurfing which also talked about this as well, i knew all this but then once in a while life issues makes you begin to question certain beliefs you already knew. I’ve learnt that there are wise people in this forum and whenever I’m conflicted on a certain issue, I won’t fail to bring it to this forum.

While working on a skill though. It’s important that you don’t decide to work on that skill because you are imperfect but because of the fact that you are good but just want to be extra good and that you’ll still be fine if you don’t choose to learn such skill. I picked up one of Rollo Tomasi’s book to work on my game not because I don’t have game at all but because I just want to improve my game. And even if I decide not to, I’ll still be fine the way I was before. So far, the book’s been teaching me a few things of which I knew of but then offering a different, more enlightened perspective

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There’s an ancient wisdom story about this:



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The fool is the precursor to the saint.

Whatever you start doing, you will first suck at it.

You say holding conversations is an issue, then you need to suck at it. You get better over time. Nobody starts at ANYTHING like a boss.

Not a thing.

So the key is accepting to suck. LBFH helps a lot with it.

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I still think you are another re-incarnation of the Buddha.


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Takes one to know one

Or maybe,

takes one to no one?

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How humble and zen. Only a true re-incarnation of Buddha would say something like this.

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Thank you for the blessing!

:pray:t5: :pray:t5: :pray:t5: