How do you deal with ego in competition

Even tho its not logical but ego mechanism for me takes any competition as life and death pretty much and triggers complaning and anger as well as to keep safe in future it pulls you back to comfort zone so it doesnt re wound itself and re experience pain through inevitable losses.

Which is all very unproductive in advancing in more serious competition, cant go further with old model of being.

Any strategies or practices to counter these ego mechanics?

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Any person may feel egoistical but not going beyond it by being aggressive. If you have a sense of a competition, it may actually not have much of an ego, instead it’s to compensate for low self esteem by being competitive.
I would listen to Love Bomb.
Spent time with nature.
Don’t waste time arguing with people, or to seek approval, instead go to places and make people happy.

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I mean in sense of sports, business etc competition to excel in

There is no life or death scenario and you should know this my man

A Loss is an illusion created by your brain, if someone gets something and u dont, that shitty feeling of loss is really envy tbh

Just realize you didnt lose anything and theres nothing to lose, just lessons to be learnt for next time

It’s also a result of perfectionism, you should realize that we’re all humans, even Michael Jordan the king of winning was loosing for years before he won. And even he didnt win forever. Lol

Win or Lose, It’s an illusion. Stuff we give meaning to.

Unless you find it fun to compete just realize there is no competition

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I know that but like i said its not logical, its in the visceral, emotional ego experiential way, i cant logically reason with it, it will still feel like life and death over small stuff competition and i need to shift it at that level. Where it doesnt feel like poking a hornet nest and cant convince it with mental concepts.

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Being excessively triggered and avoidant definetly sounds like some form of trauma response.

Fear of loosing something/somebody again?

I recommend reading the Book C-PTSD From surviving to thriving, it includes descriptions of how different people react based on their trauma.

And cool profile pic.

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Makes sense, will start khan st1 total breakdown soon so hopefully that helps as avoiding losses is a major block to success, and thanks it is a lovely profile pic :blush:

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