How Did You Discover SUBCLUB?


Two years ago,
I learnt about the subconscious, the self image and how subliminals may affect it.

I spent a few days wishing someone would produce subliminals for increasing social status and inner power.

Then I went on to YouTube and searched for subliminals. But the only subliminals I found, were fit for teenage girls.

I then went on to a pirate website and searched subliminals.

I found two different company products.

One was an Alpha Male sub by Voldemorts mental shop and
The other was a social sub by judge button.

When I went to voldemorts website, I saw that the alpha male title was over $500. The pirated copy felt like a win win and I started using it.

On that, I saw my fitness Changing, but nothing else in terms of improved inner power.

About after 2 and a half months of usage, one night, I saw a scary dream related to sub usage and Voldemort, and I stopped using the sub.

One and a half years ago, I felt the desire to use subs again. But now, I wanted to use an Entrepreneurship sub.

I remembered seeing such a sub in voldemorts website. So I hopped on to the website. But ohhh such a heavy price tag. It was too much. I did have the money, but I didn’t feel like spending so much without reading any reviews.

So, I searched alpha male sub review.

Upon my Google search, I came across a link “subliminal results” , and I immediately disregarded it as a website page with fake testimonials and I didn’t even bother clicking on the link.

Upon further research, I came across subliminal at that time it only had 1 or 2 pages of products, which felt like a joke compared to voldemorts tons of products.
Moreover, the price tag of 34 compared to voldemorts 600 seemed like a joke. So I disregarded subclub completely. I instead decided to buy a entrepreneurship meditation program for $40.

The meditations felt annoying after a while. So exactly a year ago, I started sub hunting again.

I had two names in mind now, “sub club” and “Voldemorts mental institution shop”. Voldemorts stuff had a favourability bias in me.

I googled reviews of these two groups repeatedly. Everytime subliminal results link would show up, I would just disregard it as a site which would probably have a bunch of fake testimonials.

Without much to read, I covinced myself to buy the 600 USD Entrepreneurship program, because atleast Voldemort wasn’t posting fake testimonials in a dedicated site for the same.

The morning I was about to buy the 600 USD thing from Voldemort, I decided to try the key words " sub review " one last time.
This time, when subliminal showed up, something different happened in my mind.
I was like, since I’m gonna join Voldemorts army anyway, why don’t i just click and see what fake testimonials subclub posts, how convincing can they be, how createive are the site owners?

So, I clicked the link.

And the rest was history.

What’s your story?


Nice post @mecharc
You also mentioning other vendors buddy



The following sounds rather accusatory


@pacman, “Voldemorts mental institution shop” is in code. Not the real name of any competitor. :smile:


Yes lol i know but its easy for people to figure it out


Only people who’ve had experience with the limitless line of products :wink:


Haha nice story,

I had a similar story, the review on subclub seemed to “woah, this changed my life… Blah blah blah.”

Seems too good to be true. But then I started lurking on the forum seeing mixed feelings and I was like “fuck I’m not alone, there are also people strugguling and seeing results but not “mind exploding” results like you see in the testimonals”. So I said to myself, well fuck it, 35USD for emperor, worst happening, I lose 35$.

So played emperor it pushed me to go to the bank meet the director to get a job. Then I registered and asked about primal or something, I also wanted to get laid :joy:


Did you get the job in the end?


Yeah, I got it, worked there for a year and a half hahaha

I just left to go back to study because it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life.


@SaintSovereign and @Fire please do read my story in your free time :slight_smile:


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I used to use all kinds of different youtube subs simultaneously.
I carried forward the same practice by running 5 6 subclub titles at once at the start.

Had to catch up with the technological advancements tho. Started buying subs afterwards.


Do you continue to use that approach now?

If you could go back and start over would you repeat that same approach with sub club titles from the beginning?


Oh no definately not. That approach was the consequence of being uneducated about how subs work. I stopped doing that after 2-3 days of investing my time in the forum.


ah, hahahaha. I see.


[Mod Edit: Removed pirate reference, please don’t share]

I was looking for training materials as well. Got curious about the Subliminal Club. Then researched, the website sales page got me hook :slight_smile: and further reading on the forums :slight_smile:


For a long time i was into self improvement, i then came across image streaming technique use it and since it increase the link between the conscious and subconscious i stated thinking that i should look for something much easier and have much move benefit.
i found out about subliminal look up youtube(didnt use any of these seemed like a waste of time)
came across subliminalclub on the net never going to look back :smile:


This video:


30-day, no questions asked guarantee. We always refund within that time period, even if we think the person is full of crap. We may blocklist them, but we don’t deny refunds. Giving us a try is always risk free.

The people in the testimonials are real, they’re pulled directly from the forum. We have tons of amazing testimonials that are sent via email and we always ask them to post it here, but most people want to stay anonymous. Generally, the “mind blowing” testimonials come from those who REALLY LISTEN to the instructions and don’t go out of their way to discredit their own results. It was hilarious and infuriating watching people run Libertine, then proceed to “logic” away all of their results. Which, of course fuels the haters, who then take what we say out of context and uses that to discredit their own results.

Like, who do they think they’re hurting? We’re good – we make good sales and we’re well funded. They’re only hurting themselves, lol.

Not directing this at you, just semi-ranting, hahaha.


Lol, none of our testimonials are fake. In fact, if we can’t link directly to the testimonial, we won’t actually promote it. Most of you have seen our emails, we link directly to the user’s thread, and we won’t link to new users (except a few). That way, you always know that our testimonials are real. We also don’t delete bad reviews, never have, never will. We simply don’t get a lot of them. We will, however, question a person’s experience if they’re clearly not using the title correctly.


Yeah I do know I’m not the target here.

Usually on a tons of websites, whenever someone see something “too good to be true”, it is. This is why I was always looking for the whole spectrum of opinion to decide.

By the way, you might want to check the latest post in my journal about Discordia Deliverance, I had a mind blowing experience that I’d like to share with you :