Honest Review of PS Iron Throne


I don’t know why, but I think I look so amazingly handsome, and I feel like I am a King. Girls tell me I am “too confident,” which since I came from being a shy introverted guy, I take it as a compliment.

I love that feeling. I hope it gets even more amplified in the updated Primal cc @Fire

I hope we get that sweet belief that Julien had which is: each and every girl lived her life waiting for the moment she will witness my presence. Meeting me is the most important things in her life, and she waiting for so long just to witness me approach her and say “hi”. It’s good.


Beautifully said :smile: :+1:t2:


Thank you. It is amazing to me that my Aura is incredible, and I am not even using the Aura stacking module.

I hope the Aura stacking module gets updated to New Dawn. That will be a big important piece of advancement. I am not using it because it is very old tech by now, so I prefer to get more time with PS instead. But if Aura SM gets updated, that would really change my playlist and that of many.

Plus, it is a great complement to Mogul and Emperor. So I believe in Aura SM, and I hope to see a ND version of it.

cc @SaintSovereign


I am such an attractive man.

I wish I were a girl just to experience how amazing it must be to be with me.

The funniest things, these beliefs feel true to me now. I might be becoming too cocky.

We will see.


If you allow something to add: +5% sense of personal safety. And the world is yours :wink:


Today, I went out to approach women since it was a sunny day and my Aura was incredible!

I felt like a KING, I walked around like a King, and approached women like a King.

I got the most phone numbers of any day in my life EVER. Even girls with boyfriends and married women in their early 20s gave me their numbers.

My AURA just penetrates girls when I approach them. It was just incredible. I wish for it more often. Maybe it’s stabilizing now more since I am almost at my 60th day of continuous PS use.

I am still using PS Standard, but I am combining it with the updated Limitless since that is very important for me.


@AMASH, I’ve been eyeing PS recently, mostly from your history on it. Reading your posts on it make me say “I want that!”

I’m going to be (a little) mature though. I’m picking up Elixir tonight and will loop it a couple of times.

The results, mood, and power you carry is a highly sought-after place to be. Thank you for being so real in your posts :slight_smile:


Thank you.

Although if you feel anything is “immature,” it means you need some healing in this area. :slight_smile:


Absolutely! You’re right there.

Me being mature meant I’d be responsible for myself by feeling my own feelings, and not imagine living in yours. That’s an old fallback of mine when feeling emotional discomfort. I’m running Regeneration now, so thoughts and feelings are pretty fresh.