Hola everyone, new member here and wish for support with beginning

Visions/Plans for future

Hello everyone,
Even though I dived already for a while into Subs (of different producers), I never properly planned my stacks etc. Also approx. last February I bought my first SC titles and played around with them, but not serious, properly, long enough (you name it).
Now I followed my Intuition and restart the sub journey, this time with aid of the forum :slight_smile:

Background info
My last approx. 10 years went kinda like as if I was playing the StarQ sub of SC, was riding a rollercoaster, and experienced my 2nd Awakening past August, found most of my Souls’ purposes of this lifetime and so on. (As there are several souls incorporated in this body, being a Multipotentalite is inevitable). I am a Starseed. Just recently a major life cycle ended, and a new one is about to begin. I’m fed up with the old and intend to live the life I deserve and manifest all of my grand visions for a better World (being these huge projects and/or business ideas).

I finally start my career as a Healer, Coach & so-called influencer/wisdom teacher, the overarching vision is to unite humanity and lead into a harmonious co-living with nature.

Now for my ambitions and to put my stacks together I ask the community for support.

I wish to:

Finally be financially problem-free
Bring all my business ideas to fruition (being a high-impact serial social entrepreneur)
Have amazing, gorgeous women in my life
Mainly spend time doing what I love (Music production & Arts)
Would be amazing to manifest many many clients of my business :slight_smile:

Following my intuition, I listed subs from the store and ask your help to put together the stacks, how to get started.
I wish to start working in the area of Sex & Romance, as I offer Tantra Massages (with gorgeous women it’s for sure more pleasant :wink: plus getting financially free

These from the normal ones:

Sex Mastery X2 Ultima
The Elixir Ultima
Primal Seduction
Sex Mastery x2
True Social Ultima
Limitless Executive Ultima
R.I.C.H. Ultima

These the selection from Quintessence:

Sexual Manifestation
Focused Arousal
Gorgeous Manifestor
Primal Seduction Q Core
Sex Mastery XQ Core
Chosen of Venus
Mogul Q Core
R.I.C.H. Ultima Core
Mercy Protocol
The Flow
Ultimate Music Producer
Joie de Vivre
Master’s Coordination
Spiritual Reality Alignment
Information Releaser
New beginnings

I already have the following subs at hand:

Sex & Seduction Q (it’s not personalised, though), Libertine Ultima v2, Love Bomb Ultima (Mk II Prototype), Diamond Ultima, Power Can Corrupt, House of Medici, The Executive.

I thank you all in advance :slight_smile:

(Apologies for the long post, felt important to share all info)

BTW.: Can I speed up the subs? And layer them w/ different speeds?

Modifying the subs in any way will likely ruin them. There’s a LOT of technology and scripting in them to help you get results at YOUR optimal pace.

Okay thanks for this clarification :slight_smile:

I would recommend you chuck Mosaic in any custom subliminal you decide to put more than 1 topic or category in.

I think in one of your customs it’s enough, it stacks with the rest. (mosaic)

Also if you’re new I recommend first you listen to the major titles, see how they work for you, and after that go with a custom @elTaco this way you see which one works for you and which one you like, then make the custom around it. Because there’s no refunds on the customs, whereas with major program you get a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can try a couple of titles (of course dont buy a few at the same time, but use this as a chance to see which title resonates with you and works best or you).

Then get the custom. That’s how I’d do it

Also I’d recommend against speeding the subs up. I think they have already done that much as optimal. I’d not tamper with it!

All The best.

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Good points!

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Okay, thank you all for the replies

Upon waking up it got very clear on how to start:
I stack Sex & Seduction Q, Libertine V2 Ultima and R.I.C.H. Ultima (used as major), plus from time to time Diamond Ultima (when Sex is probable).

I see how this will go, and add Ultimate Music Producer Q lateron next.

Then after some months (approx. 3) I go for customs.

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This I don’t understand…
Mosaic = putting different areas/topics together?

If you have many different topics ideas in your customs/major titles you listen to, Mosaic helps it all fit together and integrate even better.

But you dont need it in each title based on what I gathered, you just need it in one custom and it stacks with the rest (same for aura modules)


Ah, .haha, I wasn’t aware that ‘Mosaic’ is a Module :sweat_smile::joy:I thought it’d be a specific terminus, when someone has such a broad interest he/she would like to merge.


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