Hi,new to subclub


Hi, im new to this place.ive used subs off and on over the past few years with sometimes good results but also sometimes no results.the place i was getting them from keeps getting more and more expensive and the newer the technology the less it seemed to work for me so i figured rather than continue trying to hit a dead horse.i would give here a try and see if it fits me any better.
Since i live with my gf and she works from home,theres not a lot of time to listen by myself since i cant go around wearing earbuds all day while im home with her so i usually go with subs that will benefit us both and shes fine with listening to them.my playlist is most likely going to be spartan and sex mastery x since they sound the best to help me last longer in bed and also to get optimal health and heal some of our nagging injuries.if it turns out that she cant be exposed to spartan,then ill probably switch it to muay thai x instead since it has fat burner and sounds like it will improve fitness also.
Anyways nice to meet everybody and hope to be here for a long time if the subs work(^-^)


Welcome! Looking forward to your journey!


Looking forward to it too.not sure whether will start a journal here till see some results though.not fun for people reading if keep posting that nothing happened.though hope that doesnt happen here xp


Welcome @Meng123
Sex mastery is one of must have sub .
It’s a hoot , brings result very fast .
Best wishes to both you and your girl
Enjoy and have fun !!!


Yup,sex mastery seemed to be one of the most liked subs while i was reading up on the subs in the community so looking forward to it(^_^)