Hi need info on subs


Hi I am new to subliminal club.

My main questions were how are the sub formats.

Are they masked, ultrasonic and how many hours a day do you have to listen to them?

Is 30 days enough to see some success?


Hey, welcome.

Currently they are ultrasonic only, with masked coming soon.

For hours, we use the set it and forget it method (ie play it as much as possible and leave it to play). The subliminal will naturally tune you into the right amount of listening when you use this method for optimal efficiency and power.

And yes, 30 days is enough, but we recommend 6 months for the full life changing benefits. The longer you run it, the more the snowball effect occurs.


Hi because their only ultrasonic at the moment does that mean we can only listen with speakers I usually have my earphones in the day and speakers at night thanks


You can listen to them on earphones too, just be mindful of the volume.


How are you suppose to know the correct volume to set for earphones?


75% to maybe 50% of the usual volume that you listen music to, depending on how loud you usually listen music to.


Is it okay to watch videos or films while the subliminal is on loop on a different player?


Absolutely, go ahead.

Though it might be slightly more effective to listen from another device, so if you can - do that, if not, don’t worry about it.