Hi looking for suggestions


Randomly found this place last night while googling hyperphantasia it must have stuck in my mind because I was thinking maybe I’ll join and post when I woke up this morning :wink:
Took me an hour to pluck up the courage to do this though but it seems like overall a very friendly place so I am.
Long post because lots of background hope that’s ok.
I’m female, have epilepsy in the form of absence and complex partial seizures have never taken medication any form of drugs don’t agree with me I supplement with magnesium chloride powder in my drink and works well at relieving them.

I’m 40 this year which is freaking the F of of me for some reason. I don’t have kids or a partner I’m happy with that love my own company or just being surrounded by my pets, I love being the cool auntie :heart:.
I don’t much of an income but I have food and a warm home so I’m grateful.
The last decade had some of the worse times in my life and have dealt with PTSD for a few years of that, and a 6 month period where there was a lot of death around me to a point where after 2 months of loss my brain then just shut off my feelings so when it happened again I was just numb to it.
Eventually felt strong enough to feel it and worked through that. Listened to a couple of audible books called it’s not your money and letting go and realised that I had always had a very strong need to control the way life goes (but the majority of the time life went the opposite way) learned to surrender it a higher power (I don’t believe in God but I am very spiritual) and for the past 5 months life as felt easier.
I’ve always wanted to have my own business I have an endless list of ideas my brain runs a million miles a minute sometimes it seems because I can visualise everything so clearly as thou its already a memory.
Friends and family and strangers have told me over the years about something I’ve created you should sell these or I don’t know why you’re not a millionaire or if I had half your skills or imagination I’d make a fortune.
That’s where I fall down and why i feel like now maybe only subliminals will help.
I do have great ideas and like an unlimited imagination for new ideas and I will create a prototype friends and family will love it people in social media groups I’m in will love it I might even sell a few but then I panic and shut the whole thing down :woman_facepalming:t2: I can feel the panic now recalling the memory that who am I too be successful and earn money doing something I love other people don’t have that luxury etc etc
It’s like I just put a block on it and move onto trying again with something new same thing happens.
The latest thing thou I really want to do haven’t released it haven’t even finished it because I’m not able to finish it’s like I’ve given up I can’t seem to push through anymore to even work on it I really want too and it’s driving me mad that this time my procrastination is so strong it’s like I am blocking myself from even trying now :frowning:
I’m not consciously thinking it though I think everyday today is the day I’ll start and then I’ll find other things to do.
I am actually busy for 10 hours a day but that still leaves me another 6 I would love to use.
So willing to try whatever is recommended budget is below 50 dollars though.
Thanks for reading :grin:


Welcome, @Spiritandfortitude,

Since you specified that you have wealth goals, I would recommend Ecstacy of Gold. But that is 99 USD. I would encourage you to use that. But if your budget is tight, I would recommend Mogul which is 35 USD and is solely money oriented. If you want a general purpose subliminal though which boosts your career, confidence and status, I would recommend Ascension for Women which is also 35 USD.

All the best


Thanks I was looking at ascension for women wondering if that would be a good place to start. I will look at mogul too.
Definitely have wealth goals not only for myself but also so I could help others :grin:
Edit : Definitely getting mogul that sounds like exactly what I need right now :grin:


@Spiritandfortitude, I had complex partial seizures all my life until 2006, when a planned operation removed the trigger. I’ve never known anyone could treat them without meds. Good for you!!

Mogul is a good starting point. I’m using EOG right now, doing very well on it. I’m on Stage 1 currently, and it unexpectedly has been removing/correcting some old thoughts and ways I’d not connected with hindering my wealth growth. I strongly suspected it would do more than I expected, and I’m enjoying the growing awareness.

You’re starting on a journey of growth and discovery, and you’ll not forget your experiences! Welcome to the club :blush:


Thanks I feel really excited :grin:
I didn’t even know I had any epilepsy at all until I was in my 30s (it was put down to daydreaming as a kid) and when I got older sometimes people would be angry because they thought I was ignoring them i didn’t even really realise anything was happening i didn’t get auras until I was I was 32 long story short when I got the auras I realised that aspartame and alcohol triggered them and thinking people would be being angry with me. Magnesium is depleted massively when you drink alcohol so I googled the connection between low magnesium and epilepsy tried magnesium chloride spray but the powder works better. Also changed my diet to whole food plant based that also helps hugely I think if I hadn’t found out these things I would have quit life a couple of years back as I wouldn’t have coped.
Life is ok now but I would like to “move up a level” to where I can say life is great :wink:


I had not come across Tosha Silver before.
Thanks for mentioning the books.



I have relistened to her audible book a few times now it’s great helped me let go of past grief where I felt like I couldn’t stop what was happening but I felt like I should’ve been able too. Realising that today could only happen because that did was a huge mindshift change for me