Hi. I'm Voytek :)

I’ve just come back to the original username as our name here is like a brand and as I’m planning to help SC grow by helping people get acqauinted with their excellent products and guide them to the best of my abilities, I need tto go back to some more recognition. I’m creating a site where Polish people could learn more about that extraordinary opportunity to transform themselves and significantly improve their lives.

Voytek, peace out. :blush:


just realized your new profile pic is the mudra for this chakra meditation. u wouldn’t happen to know what its called?


I have know idea as to me it’s just an alchemical gesture representing unification of those two elements (water and fire).


So happy to have that name back. Missed it from our adventures with Dragon Reborn Q


Thank you, J. :slight_smile: I was not aware of how much confusion changing the username can bring, not only when it comes to identifying you but also in your relationships on the forum. Never, again. Promise! :blush: I’m back for good! :heart_eyes:


welcome back @Voytek :rofl: I thought you left the forum :sweat_smile:


Daj znać jak strona będzie czynna! :))

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I have to been to Poland so many times @Voytek

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Hallo Voytek

Welcome to Subliminalclub


Thanks a lot, guys! :blush:

Doing a Crucible journal?

In Black Club :slight_smile:

Hey voytek🙂

Hey, Patrik. :slight_smile:

Hello boytek, may I say that’s a mighty fine profile picture

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Hey. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hej, chciałam na Twojej stronie na forum się z Tobą skontaktować ale jakoś nie ogarniam jak się zarejestrować. Jak można się z Tobą skontaktować?

The above message has been replied to, naturally. :slight_smile:

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@Voytek is an enigma who lives in the muliverse so contact may be limited

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Never for you, James. :slight_smile:

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