Hi, I'm new on the forum

Hello ! I hope all of you are doing well.
This is the first time I joined a forum about subliminals haha.
So, I am doing this post to introduce myself and see if some of you have similar experiences to mine. Let’s go !

1. I’m 18.

2. My pronouns are he/they.

3. English is not my native language, so I warn you that some of my sentences can be weird. Don’t hesitate to correct me.

4. I’ve discovered subliminals in 2019, on Youtube. I don’t remember how this discovery exactly happened. I guess the Universe wanted me to discover about them. I started by only listening to them. Yes, only. The best result I had with that method was gaining 2cm in height. Nothing more.

Of course, I had multiple breaks from subs. I never had the best mindset to have results and it’s still the case. It didn’t help me to read a lot of limiting beliefs. I’m so tempted to diss them right now. :smile:

Since the end of 2020, I discovered more about subs by joining communities about them. They helped me to detach from some limiting beliefs, discover new methods, tips, journeys and more.

Currently, I experiment three methods :

  • Listening to subliminals
    You already know how I do it.

  • Visualization with music
    I listen to songs that remind me of my goals.
    I visualize my goals while listening to these songs.

  • Affirming
    I affirm my goals in my head as much as possible. I don’t live alone so don’t expect me to affirm out loud. I also use affirmations related to self-concept.

The few results I had :

  • Fast delivery
    I was tired of my orders from my favorite site taking a month to arrive at my doorstep.
    So I manifested fast delivery and my orders arrived in ten days. Also, the maximum delivery time dropped from one month to thirteen days in my country.

  • Thicker oral tissues
    For my braces. Sorry but dental wax is horrible.

  • Nail shape
    I don’t know how to explain it lmao.
    One of my nails got a large nail bed, which was annoying to clean.
    I affirmed and this nail bed became way smaller.

  • Sharper jaw
    Just a bit.

  • Money
    My parents said they will give me more money each month when I enter college.


  • Straight hair
    My mom has 1A/B hair. Technically, I have 50% of her DNA so I guess I just need to trigger some recessive genes.

  • Being 1m80
    Because it’s fun to make people nervous outside when all you do is being next to them.
    /half joke tone

  • Having my ideal face
    To simplify, my inspos are Leon Kennedy, Kim Taehyung, Karina and Tifa Lockhart.

I’ve seen many girls having a male desired face and it inspired me lol.

  • Having C2 English qualification
    I feel so far from that with my B1.

  • Traveling to another realities
    Maybe the most complicated goal.
    Or I’m overcomplicating it.

Thanks for reading to the end !
If you have a similar experience to mine, don’t hesitate to say it. I enjoy learning about others’ journeys. :slight_smile:


hi welcome to the forum!

if youre looking for just purely physical changes from subliminal here i think you should read people’s journals on “Wanted” its a subliminal that changes your physical shape from what i read,

if thats a priority and a goal to you then maybe read some journals and see if thats what youre looking for :smiley:

welcome budd


Seductress if you’re a girl wanted If you’re a man


The problem is that I want to attract all genders and get masculine + feminine features. Also, I don’t want to gain weight.

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Hmm, it might be best to send a support ticket question on this since it is rather unique. Though from what I know, Seductress/Wanted forms the body you wish to have regardless of the intended audience (and attracts people based on your sexual orientation). I could be wrong though so it’s best to get an official answer. You could run both, that’d be an interesting test. It might be best to go with a Custom but I worry you might not have the budget since you’re 18 at the moment.

Do you mean reality shifting or astral travel?

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Okay, I’m thinking about it.

Both, we can shift with astral travel.

Please submit a support ticket requesting recommended modules or programs.

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That’s no problem at all

I asume you have both polarities

Masculine and Feminine

So the subs should work like that

Every information that strengthen the Masculine Wil do

Every information that strengthen the Feminine will do

I expirience it that way in myself

Never had any problems


Hello! Thanks for sharing. I wish you good luck on your journey. This is a fine community, you will not be dissapointed :slight_smile:


Did you decide on running Wanted or Seductress?

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