Hi I’m new and need help


I’m confused on what would be best for me.
I’m in the process of a nasty divorce. I’ve been married 15 years to a man I didn’t even know.
He married me for my lifestyle not for me.
He has stolen from me for 15 years, robbed me of my inheritance, and has been cheating on me since day 1. He also ran my dads business nearly broke and I’m trying to recover without any money left to my name with 2 kids.
He wants cars from me, furniture and I’m wondering how he even had money for a lawyer… because he stole all of my deceased mothers jewelry! He even wants my 14 year old kids bedroom set and $25,000!!! He’s out his damn mind!
It’s all very hard for me to swallow even though I threw him out in October.
My finances are 0, my self esteem is 0.
I can’t even afford to run heat at night because if the business folds… we’re really in trouble!!
He actually told people while we were married he didn’t sleep with my I was gross and disgusting.
I’m only holding it together for my kids… and they see right through it!
Can anyone suggest something for me please!!???
I’m in dire need of help!!!


I am so sorry to hear that lisa, it is very unfortunate that people like him exists nowdays.

start with regenerationQ + elixir ultima for emotional healing for atleast 2-3 month. maybe even more

at the same time i think maybe therapy or meditation can help alleviate some of the pain away.

after that i believe ascension for women can really rise your self esteem and confidence and get you to work towards your goal…

don’t give up, you are a stronge woman and your kids know that!


Hello, and welcome to Subliminal Club –

I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this experience. I’ll be honest with you, when you’re at your lowest, subliminal use is going to be rough. You may want to seek therapy with a qualified medical professional before using subliminals. Please read the medical disclaimer before purchasing or using any titles.

That being said, there’s a wide assortment of titles you may try that can help with a situation like this. It’ll be tempting to jump to the “alpha” subs first, like Seductress / Ascension, or the wealth ones, like EoG. I recommend using something like Regeneration + Rebirth Ultima. This should help ease the emotional pain you’re experiencing. The alpha subs will cause LOTS of reconciliation, since you’re still in the midst of anguish. Once you’ve done some time on that, then focus on rebuilding. I’m sure the community here will have some recommendations also.


Thanks for your reply.

I have actually been in therapy for anxiety for most of my life. Now my kids are also unfortunately.

I used to try and meditate at least an hour a day since I was 19 (I’m 49 ) but I can’t get past the physical pain to see anything clear in my meditation. I can’t focus, there’s so much…it’s clouding my vision completely! I’m homeschooling my 14 year old, which is somewhat therapeutic for me also because I have to focus. I’ve always said wherever you are, be there.

I studied and used subliminal quite a bit in college and found them very intriguing as I actually did receive results on the topic I choose. It was class so nothing like this!!

I found your site actually thinking this is what I really need at the moment! I’m pretty schooled in the process, but that was years ago.

I’m open to any suggestions and thank you!


I’d encourage you to read about Mind’s Eye, and Paragon Ultima at the main shop.



One more thing, perhaps after 60 to 90 days, perhaps consider Dragon Reborn. It can be a tough ride, but… hey @JCast would you please comment here?


@Lisa Welcome to Subliminal Club. My heart goes out to you. I understand the therapy. I myself have been in therapy off and on since I was 5. I will be 53 in July. Don’t let the hair fool you. I’m the resident old guy here no matter what @OldChap says.
Back to your situation. As much as I would love to recommend Dragon Reborn it might be a better option at this point to run Ascension for Women for three to six months then very much consider purchasing and running Dragon Reborn each stage for no less than 90 days each. I know a year seems like a long time but it really isn’t. If you read my journals regarding Dragon Reborn i have gotten results in under sixty days that I have never gotten from any subliminal, book , program, course , or anything. Not even a fraction. I am not the person I was before Dragon Reborn and like you my family means everything to me. I want to be my best for them and not allow the past to influence or impact anything . I could go on but hopefully you get my point. If you have any questions or if I can help let me know


Thanks, my mind eye is open and has been for years. My 2 sons just had theirs forced open, and are still ignoring it…but they’ll find out eventually


Great thank you! I will have a look at that one!





@Lisa If you’re holding it together for your kids you’re a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for. I went back and read your first post and how your situation in ways mirrors what my Wife was going through when we met.


Thanks I appreciate that so much!!


Can I use 2 at once? I always thought one at a time?


I would start with Ascension For Women and run that alone for a bit


Hello there,

I am sorry that you’re going through this, I cannot begin to imagine how difficult it must be.

I would follow Saint’s and JCast’s advice. Ascension with Regeneration and Rebirth. Restoring your power is essential for someone in your position.


Alright yall! Thanks for the advise and words of empowerment!
I just bought the 2 and I’m going for it!!

Can I add the Seductress??

I had Melanoma Cancer removed from my scalp 2 years ago, leaving a 2 and a half inch scar that no hair grows from on my head.
I had 4 cancer scares in 2020, all non cancer thank God!
I saw luxurious hair in the description…

I’m not really looking for a man, but I am a woman in a mans business.
Would that help me make more sales?

Or is the 2 I have just started enough atm?


Which 2?

I’d encourage you consider running your first 2 for 30 days, then maybe a third could be added. Keeps us posted, we don’t want you getting overwhelmed.


Which two?

Seductress contains Ascension, but it is not as focused in comparison to AscensionW on its own. If you did get Ascension, stick with it for a month and then switch to Seductress is what I would recommend.

It definitely would make you attractive, the way you will be carrying yourself - your confident personality, and that should help you make more sales. Mogul is a title that focuses on business. There have been many great reviews of people advancing in their positions and getting raises and more sales. I would look into that after that month. It synergies well with Ascension


I was sorry I asked as I’m already overwhelmed with the 2 I have! I suppose I have so much bottled up, and I really stared crying and got a splitting headache!
I’ll stick with these 2 until I can handle more!
I’m using Ascension for Women: Become the Alpha Female Subliminal & Regeneration: Emotional and Mental Healing
I’m so stressed and just flat out betrayed I feel like the last 15 years of my life was a bad Lifetime Movie!


It’s all right, It be like that sometimes. The fact that you found your way here is a proof that you’ll triumph over this. :slight_smile:

Be sure to hydrate and take in enough nourishment. Go slowly at first with the files (check out the manual, if you haven’t already) and do not forget to take two rest days off subliminals. You now have ground-breaking tools to go through this.

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.