Hi guys, new here


Hey everyone, I’m Kotaro, hope everyone is doing well.

Since I’m not American, nor British, hope you can forgive my writing errors. Also, I hope that you can deal with it.

I’m new to subliminals because I don’t trust on people who does them. I believe that is a thing with many people who starts it, but I found your site and then the forum and after reading some reviews, I decided to give it a chance.

I want too main things: I will take an PTE test in 1 month or so, and need to improve my English skills to do a great test. This is important for me to get a HUGE scholarship soon. But I have main problems on focusing and memorizing since I have ADHD, so I need a strong program for that.

Also, I really liked EoG program, it hits directly my intentions. I really want to do it, because I’m starting an online business and I really want a huge growth, of course.

Can you guys give me some indications? I really would love some help here. Also, if you can help me on listening it right, it would be perfect.

I work at home, so I don’t have any problems on letting the subliminals running all day long, if needed / indicated.

Thank you guys, and sorry for the long message.


Welcome to the show Kotaro!
And dont worry, your English is fine and your message isnt long.
I think Limitless and EoG could help you with your goals, especially since Limitless seems to push the effects of other subliminals when listened together.
There is a manual Saint and Fire created, you can find it here:


Oh, thank you brother!

Look, what’s better to focus on: Ascended Mogul first, Limiteless or Ecstasy of gold?

I really need to stop procrastination, but I also need to get some money from my business.

It seems that Ascended Mogul is the beginning of it all, but I really need some fast learning and strong focus.

What you indicates to me, guys? Should I run both?


Hmm… EoG ST3 or Khan ST3 have the most powerful action taking… however, since you need money for the business, I think it would be better for you to get either Limitless or Ascended Mogul and use the rest of the money on setting up the business. The 50~ dollar difference can be enough to get a domain and have a website set up.

Which one you choose depends on what is more important to you - business or the exam, and which one appeals to you more. Limitless would help you with the exam and then in the future with learning the ins and outs of running a business, while Ascended Mogul will make you much more ambitious and confident with both the exam and the business.

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Thank you, @Fire.

The thing here isn’t that I need much money for business, since I can double it within weeks it everything went right and I have enough focus and discipline of doing it, but the fastest way to progress through those necessities.

I really need to go well on the test + getting enough discipline and the right mindset for attracting money towards me. Besides Mogul and EoG, is there other scripts that work with money attraction?

I was also thinking of getting the beyond limitless stack if you say that it would work well in my case. I believe that stopping the procrastination and getting some discipline and fast learning are the priority right now.

Also, there’s another question, @Fire: since I live outside USA, I will use a credit card for getting the stuff. I got the discount for first buy and dude, it’s really a great thing. But my credit card limit will take something like 10 days to renew, since I expend it on getting my bots done for the day trade market. Do you guys accept PayPal? Is there a way to use PayPal and keep the discount? Because if there’s a way, I buy the packs right now and can start it today.

Thank you for the patience, dude.


I see.

Besides Mogul and EoG, there is Ascended Mogul, Emperor (excellent for an entrepreneur) and Khan (even though it is very focused on sexuality and power).

Send us a support email on this, or send @SaintSovereign or myself a PM.


@Fire I sent you a PM. Thank you.