Hi - another Newbie here

Hello everyone,
I am not totally new to [company name removed], but to this company I am. I am 64 years old, male, retired from my job, and my questions are:

  1. Do these subliminals work for people like me who are no native English speakers?
    What subliminal(s) would be recommendable for my following goals:
  • triple my income (no Youtube recommendations “follow this guy he will make you rich” please)
  • write a bestselling novel, play perfectly piano
  • as a gay man become attractive to other gay men, improve sex life
  • stay fit, young and healthy

Thats it. Thanks for any recommendations



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Yes …

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Thanks @gdbdboy
How many Subliminals can you listen to per day?
Headphone or speaker?
Is there a booster to have fast results?

Hey, @Alberlin1 welcome to subclub, wishing you a beautiful life. :blue_heart::pray:
The listening pattern as follows

Maximum 3 zp titles per cycle

Day 1 1st title *1 loop 2nd title *1 loop
Day 2 rest
Day 3 3rd title *1 loop
Day 4 rest
Day 5 1st title *1 loop 2nd title *1 loop
Day 6 rest
Day 7 3rd title *1 loop
Day 8 rest

Day 21 1st title *1 loop 2nd title *1 loop

Day 22,23,24,25,26 (washout period)

This is called cycle :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:

Preferable headphones :headphones: only if you listen to the masked version . If you will listen to the ultrasonic version use speaker or your phone.

The idea of booster ended . You have Ascension chamber that can be used only once for a week . Its free now if you want to benefit from this opportunity .

I think there is a wanted version for that purpose exactly :+1:

The recommendation for this will differ alot regarding your

  • the complexity of your skills
  • wanting another job or to start a business
  • are you stable financially and not in hurry

Yes , if you can read write and have good conversation ability .alot of people Here are not native English speaker.


Thanks a lot
What is the cycle if I just decide for two audios (Wanted and Ultimate Artist)?
Forget that question, I just read the General information


Good choice. Its better to start with 1 or 2 titles, not 3.

You can listen to them both right after each other.

Day 1: Listening Day
8:00pm - wanted
8:15pm - ultimate artist

Day 2: rest day

Day 3: same as day 1 (listening day)

Day 4: same as day 2 (rest day)

Etc etc.

That’s called a “one day on, one day off” schedule.

Another pro-tip… start off only listening to 5 minutes of a title. See if that gets you results. If it does, good! If it doesn’t, then increase to 15 minutes. No need to start at 15 minutes per loop

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Ascended Mogul and Stark seem like the titles to help you achieve your goals, to start. You can always try others as you learn more.

Ascended Mogul: everything. Attractiveness. Confidence. Income. Skills. Passion. Discipline and ambition. Money. Power

Stark: Similar to ascended mogul, but more focus on learning, intelligence, socializing and being the life of the party, small amounts of sexual healing and confidence, massive bursts of energy and love of life (to stay young!)

You wont triple it overnight. Ascended Mogul is a good place to start.

This goal requires FOCUS.

Not just subliminal focus. But LIFE FOCUS. Discipline.

It requires focusing more on your money than you focus on your piano, dating, sex, or happiness goals.

Are you willing to out your other goals aside in order to triple your income?

If not… find a new goal.

Or, be okay with it taking 10-20 years to triple.

But unless you have AMAZING money making potential that you are simply not using… it will either reqyire focus or time…

And since you’re 64, I’m sorry to say, you don’t have 10-20 years to triple your income and enjoy the rewards.

This title helps speed up other titles. It’s called Rebirth

I would recommend Ascended Mogul + Rebirth for you to start. Later on, replace Rebirth for Stark, or whatever other sub you’re interested in!

Depends on your goals.

If you want to give wealth 100% of your attention, the stack might be different.

But Ascended Mogul, Stark, and Rebirth will help ALL of your goals described, no matter which one you focus o

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I hope you are not trying to tell me that I am too old for this stuff anyway :slight_smile:
Otherwise I wouldn’t bother to try this out.
I am the type who wants instant results.
And I mean not the goal of the marathon, but the first step.

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nope! Not saying that.

You should see results right away. However, it takes time to triple your income.

TBH - I think you have too many goals.

Triple your income = requires 100% focus
Play piano perfectly = will never happen without 10,000 hours of practice AKA 100% focus
Write a best selling novel = Totally could happen, requires 100% focus
Become attractive, fit, young, healthy = Doesn’t require 100% focus. Depends on how unattractive, how unfit, how unhealthy you are.

You can accomplish them ALL!

I believe in you.

But which one do you want to accomplish FIRST?

Because you have two options… you can spread your focus out amongst all of them.


You can focus on the most important goal first, and really focus on it, and listen to subliminals that will get you to that one goal as fast as possible.

Then, when you accomplish it, you move on to the next goal.

Subliminals are like life. When you have too many goals, you don’t accomplish any of them. You might make some mild progress, but people that “perfectly” play piano and write “bestselling novels” and “triple their income” dedicate themselves JUST to that one thing. At least until they’ve accomplished it. Then they move on to their next goal.

Your income goal might happen faster than you think. Maybe you’re in a low paying job or you have no job, so, all you need to do is get a job, and then BOOM, you’ve tripled your income… if your income is $600/month, it won’t be that hard to get it to $1800/month just by going back to work. But if you’re making 70k every year, tripling it to 210k/year will be mighty difficult.


You are right, it is not smart to have too many goals at the same time. BUT…
I retired from work recently, so I have all the time in the world to take action.
Besides, I have played piano all my life, even studied it when I was young, so I don’t need 20 years to learn my first Beethoven sonata. Playing perfect piano means: Better than now, practicing one hour per day - at least.
Same goes for writing a bestselling novel - I have published some short stories before, so I am not a complete beginner as writing is concerned, and yes: one hour per day is dedicated to working on my novel. At least!
This one will become a bestseller, which means - you guessed it: Triple my income. Which is not very much, actually. So, with let’s say with 500.000 copies sold and a call from hollywood for the movie rights I would be more than happy.
AND rich!
Becoming super attractive and have great sex… well…
staying fit and healthy and attractive even being 64 is “nice to have”, but not essential.
So, to cut a long story short:
I’ll go for Ultimate Artist, Wanted and Ascended Mogul and give that combination of ZPs a try. I am sure these will work for my goals.


I’m surprised no one has brought up Stark.

Hi, Alberlin1. So, based off of what I see in what I quoted as well as the above, you’ve led an established life. You desire romance, good looks, more of a refinement to already established musical talent, and to write a best selling novel which of course, requires a certain level of fame.

I don’t know if fame or reputation would suit better…:thinking:

Anyways, I strongly recommend you check out Stark’s sales page. It checks off every single thing you’re looking for.


@Alberlin1 Welcome, lot of great advice given. Enjoy Sub Club.


They did, but I think it doesn’t quite suit my goals. I read the description and it sounds great for becoming a politician, CEO, inventor or something. Which is not my plan.
I bought Ultimate Artist, Wanted and Ascended Mogul, and I started my listening schedule yesterday. Today is my day off. :innocent:
I am very excited and very sure that this will work for me!!!
Thanks to everybody for answering my newbie questions! I will keep you updated.


I hope you’ll see plenty of result and fast
May your journey be full of good things

I really like the vibe you already have
You seem to have more than a healthy mindset toward your goals, you’ll crush them for sure


Thank you so much!


Look out for Renaissance Man too.

But something tells me that, ultimately, you may become interested in customs. But there’s time for that later. First get a feel with the programs you’ve chosen.

Happy Developing!


Yes I will.
Just checked some of the other Journals and discovered that many people don’t stick to the listening schedule as recommended in the general information. Some guys listen like three or four themes on a loop all night long. That doesn’t sound healthy to me…

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