Hi and a Question on Stacks and Loops

I bought my first sub, Regeneration, in late December 2020, then I got Ascension and Primal Seduction about a month ago. I’m looking for advice on how best to use them.

My main issue is P.T.S.D, which I ‘‘picked up’’ during certain events in certain Middle Eastern and African countries while I was posted there. I thought both Regeneration and Ascension would be good for this. I got Primal because… well because I’m a red-blooded male.

I’m wondering should I use three loops daily (with two days off a week, of course) of Regeneration and Ascension, or two loops daily of all three? I’m beginning to wonder if I should bother with Primal at all for the moment, since most countries are in and out of lockdown on a constant basis.

Advise much appreciated.


Its a pleasure to meet you.Regeneration and ascension are definitely great first programs to start of with.Primal seduction can still work on your social and seduction abilities even in lockdown but could also cause reconcilation if you have nobody to interact with online while in lockdown cause it makes you desire interactions with people.

Regeneration would definitely be a good program to help with any trauma that you have been through and can be made even stronger by pairing it with the elixir ultima if desired for even deeper and faster healing.Although if you have the money to spring for it dragon reborn is a lot lot stronger for clearing and healing any traumas.Ive never tried another program thats quite as strong as it and it blows regeneration out of the water but its more expensive and also a multistage so probably best to stick with regeneration first but its a good program to keep in mind for the future.

As for stacking and loops.Its perfectly viable to start with 3 loops daily if your doing two programs though i would personally start with 1 each cause some people can run more and some people can run less loops so need to find your own sweet spot for loops.Personally i can only run 1-2 loops of each program in a stack.If i tried 3 loops of each i would get really bad side effects like headaches or reconcilation.If your planning on three,i would pick a dominant program,most likely regeneration in this case and alternate the other 2 for 4 days and run all 3 on the 5th day.Personally would just stick with 2 though first cause results will be faster.A more detailed explanation on stacking can be found in the official link below

I would start with a loop of regen/ascension, leave out PS for now esp since just starting out and perhaps also you’re not getting much chance for social interactions; or just focus regen fora month if you prefer

would start with a loop per day of each, or if you want to emphasise one of them make that one the dominant sub and listen to it more eg. 3:1 ratio

and each week add a loop until you find yourself at your sweet spot (no reconciliation but max results)

Welcome and wish you all the best


Thank you. That’s big help. I considered Dragon Reborn too, but I thought it would be a bit strong for me at present. I will keep it in mind for sometime down the road though. I got such professional counselling as the forces provide, and it helped a lot with nightmares, which produced night-sweats, thankfully they’re done with.
When I first introduced Ascension along with regeneration, I got some irritability for the first day or so, but that’s subsided now, just some strange dreams. I think, in the short term anyhow, I’ll stick with regeneration and ascension and maybe I’ll get Elixir ultima in another month or so. Makes sense to deal with the main issues first. I’m still eager to use primal, but I can wait awhile.

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Thanks Almighty. I appreciate your help. You’re right, I’ll leave PS for a later time and focus on the other two.

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Hmm,thats true.Dragon reborn can be pretty strong,particularly if your new to subs.Regeneration is a good program anyway just doesnt work quite as well as dragon reborn but thats to be expected.
Yeah,i also got some irritability with ascension.It builds personal power so you will sometimes get a bit more irritated at people taking advantage of you or wasting your time etc.All good in the long run though.
Yep,sticking to just regeneration and ascension in the short term would be the best option.They are both smaller programs so results will appear faster also.Adding in elixir ultima after a month is a good plan also,it definitely can heal deep and faster than regeneration by itself but sometimes healing too fast can be bad.Will have lots of traumas coming up to heal and moods up and down(>_<)Regeneration by itself is alot milder.

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Regeneration and ascension for the moment. That’s the plan, then. Thanks for your help.


Please keep us posted. I would encourage you to read journals of @Enchantress and @Lisa as they have been running Regeneration.

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Thanks. I’ll read those and I’ll let you know how things go.

So I just got the Elixir ultima. A quick question. I know to listen to the supercharger twice, back to back, once a day, but what about the Ultima (the 1 hour-long track), I presume I would listen to this once a day also. Is this correct?

Hmm,the ultima actually replaces the superchargers so you dont actually have to use the superchargers unless you want to.yeah,listen to the ultima once a day to start off with.if you want to increase to 2 loops after awhile then split to one in the morning and one in the afternoon.instructions are in more detail below if you want the official one

Thanks, that’s great. I couldn’t wait another month. I just listened to the supercharger, very powerful.

Thanks for jumping in and helping @Meng123!