Hi all, time for the next step!

Hi All,

Let me start with a short introduction. As a person I already have a long-time interest in self-development / improvement. This started in my teen years with practising PUA and Inner-Game concepts, the reason for this was obvious. I was and still am to a certain degree a shy and inscure person.

PUA and the accompanying Inner-Game concepts where very helpfull, but still was not really feeling that I was living up to my full potential. Gradually I also started to get an interest in meditation, hypnosis and subliminals. Now fast forward a lot of years and professional therapy / medication later, I am now a older but I still feel that I am holding myself back.

In April 2020 I discovered SubClub and started out with Emperor and gradually adding superchargers like Rebirth, GLM, The Commander and Aura. After a month or two on / off on EmperorQ, alot of stuff seemed to come up. Especially regarding self-esteem and not being happy where I currently was, this triggered me to take steps and apply again for professional therapy / medication. This seemed to really have helped and i’ve grown as a person.

The next step for me is to gain more self-confidence and grow as a professional (increasing salary etc.). After reading a lot on this forum and seeing the experiences people are having with Dragon Reborn, I’m almost at the point of purchasing this program and take it to the next level.

One thing that is withholding me, is the thought if this is really the right program for me. As I’m also thinking about Khan. Hopefully you have some tips and can help me in making my choice.

For now, thanks you for your time and greetings from somewhere in Europe :wink: .



It’s a great idea to start with healing and Dragon Reborn is definitely something more than that.


Hi there,

Thanks for the comment.

After reading some more experiences, I have decided to take the step and go for Dragon Reborn.
As creating a clean sheet so to say for further improvement afterwards seems like a good idea.

Alright, lets see how this will go and see you soon at my journal :wink:

Are you are Bruce Lee fan?

Any aspect of him that you want to emulate?

Yep, I’m a fan mostly because of the philosophy.

And if there’s a trait I would love to emulate than its his unshakable confidence.

I’d encourage you to think about DR. Then if you get DR maybe after 60 days of DR, re-evaluate if you still want to get Khan.

Thanks for the advise, this made me more comfortable with my choice as I decided to go with Dragon Reborn.

See you all soon at my journal.

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I’ve healed a lot on khan. Apart stage one stage two and four has spiritually changed me and healed me on many levels, the angle was through social status and dominance