Hey! I'm new here. :)


Hello all,

This is my first post here, I signed up a few weeks ago and I finally got the courage to participate by at least introducing myself. Hope the post isn’t too long or annoying, I promise i will try my utmost best to only mention whatever is relevant.

I’m 22 and I have a 2 year experience with subliminals. I did see some small improvements, such as a more positive, present mindset. However, I didn’t end up keeping it consistent. Mainly due to life events, and depression, and at one point i became quite skeptical of these things after they stopped working. I was also cutting back on my prescribed meds. Currently I am pursuing 2 degrees, one in psychology, and the other in sound engineering. Music production, psychology, and philosophy (and whatever is in between) are my passions, and I aspire to be able to combine all these things in order to create something beautiful and lead a meaningful and satisfying life.

I have purchased the following:

  • StarkQ

  • Emperor

  • Emperor Fitness Supreme

  • Regeneration

  • Sanguine Ultima

  • Beyond Limitless Ultima

  • Rebirth Ultima

  • True Social

  • Ascension Q

  • Alchemist Supreme

I may have rushed in buying all these in a short time however, I’ll be able to utilize them once i figure it out, and I welcome all suggestions. :slight_smile:

My goals are to get out of the depressive and soul numbing hole that i’ve been in for a some time now, I’m quitting my psych meds and i believe that subliminals will be able to provide at least some small help when i go through any withdrawal effects. One thing i also noticed was that when i quit my meds in the past, the subliminals worked better. (This is not to encourage anyone to do what I did, I’m just speaking about my personal experience with subs and mental health so far).
I want to heal myself from past traumas and build resilence so that I can be more prepared for whatever happens in my life. I want to live in the present moment, motivated, determined, fit and strong. I want my self confidence, esteem, and efficacy to increase. Most importantly, I want to get over my learned helplessness and self-handicapping behavior that can sabotage any kind of progress, and get healthy and fit as I was in the past, and probably better. I’ve been using the below mentioned stacks for about 4 days now, I changed my previous one. Nonethless, I am feeling this kind of improvement, it’s helping me keep going in a way, while actually doing things to improve and change my life ofcourse.

So, I would like to ask for your guidance to help me with beginning my journey again with better subliminals. Am I doing the right thing? Should I make some adjustments? Feel free to let me know.

My current stack is the following:

Day Stack:
Regeneration 1x
Rebirth 1x
Aura 1x
Sanguine 1x
Emperor Fitness ST1 1x
Alchemist ST1 2x
Aura 1x
StarkQ 1x
Emperor fitness ST1 1x

Night Stack:
Regeneration 1x
EmperorQ 2x
Rebirth 1x
Sanguine 1x
Alchemist ST1 3x

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope this wasn’t a boring read for you.
Feedback and questions are more than welcome. :slight_smile:



Ok, you might be trying to do too much too fast to begin with. These are more powerful than most if not all of the other producers subs, so your mind needs to get used to them before you try to cram all of that in there. You can get to all of your goals, but in the beginning, it’s better to focus on one at a time. I recommend starting with one title related to your most important goal for at least three to six months before moving on or adding anything else. You’ll get faster, more focused results and get your personal momentum started. Both emperor and Stark have enough in there to keep you developing for that long.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

So would you reccomend that i listen to emperor and stark all day and night? As in should I loop both for 24 hours?


I recommend Regeneration only for 6 months plus and the elixir.


Welcome to the forums!

This is indeed a lot to begin with. I would recommend focusing only on one sub fo now. EmperorQ would be a good one to begin with, as it is very powerful yet manageable for beginners at the same time.


Focusing purely on healing may be the best way to go for now. There are a few angles to approach this that can still work with a light listening pattern.

  • Option 1: Ascension. This is a subliminal whose effects reportedly come by VERY quickly, perhaps quicker than any other sub on here (aside from Ultima titles). It pushes you towards action quickly.
  • Option 2: Regeneration: Pure healing focus.

Once you have acclimated to one of these (~month), then you may try integrating one or two Ultimas. Rebirth is clearly the most relevant one since that provides a powerful take on healing, but it could also cause a lot of reconciliation (a lot for you to deal with at once). Sanguine is an Ultima which will smooth out the listening journey for yourself. It is a feel-good, optimistic sub.


Welcome to the beginning. Let us know what you decide and keep a journal.


No. I’d recommend that you start with one loop a day five days a week and take two off. These aren’t your grandpa’s subs and more is DEFINITELY not always better. It can lead to headaches, brain fog, and all kinds of fun stuff.
That doesn’t sound like much for someone who is used to older subs, but I promise you’ll see results.



Welcome :slight_smile: ! your willingness to commit to all those purchases and jump in is highly commendable but start with one 1 sub for the first month. Base this sub on your current goals and what you’d want to run based off the descriptions.

Then follow these guidelines


Emperor Q 1 loop per day and Rebirth ultima.

For the first week try and run emperor Q 1 loop for the first 5 days, then 2 days off. Asses how you feel every day (writing a journal, online or offline), then on the second week you could add Rebirth.

If you see results, and don’t have a lot of reconciliation, stay there. But I’ll second @Azriel on this one, try and follow the guidelines :wink:


Welcome, @gldistrict

22 is a nice young age to start your subliminal journey with SubClub.

Looking at your goals, I would agree with most of what the replies you got recommended to you. Unlike youtube subliminals, playing a lot of the titles over here at once will overload your brain.

I would recommend the following:

Month 1 (Healing):
Week 1 (Monday to Friday)
-Sanguine Ultima x 1
-Regeneration x 1
Week 2 (Monday to Friday)
-Sanguine Ultima x 1
-Regeneration x 2
Week 3 (Monday to Friday)
-Sanguine Ultima x 1
-Regeneration x 3
Week 4 (Monday to Friday)
-Sanguine Ultima x 1
-Regeneration x 4
(Sanguine, in addition to giving you confidence, will make your healing easier)

Month 2 (Learning and Empire building):
Week 1 (Monday to Friday)
-Sanguine Ultima x 1
-Regeneration x 1
-Beyond Limitless Ultima x 1
-EmperorQ x 1
Week 2 (Monday to Friday)
-Sanguine Ultima x 1
-Regeneration x 1
-Beyond Limitless Ultima x 1
-EmperorQ x 2
Week 3 (Monday to Friday)
-Sanguine Ultima x 1
-Regeneration x 1
-Beyond Limitless Ultima x 1
-EmperorQ x 3
Week 4 (Monday to Friday)
-Sanguine Ultima x 1
-Regeneration x 1
-Beyond Limitless Ultima x 1
-EmperorQ x 4
(You can remove Regeneration if you are done with healing in the first month and don’t feel like you need it in the second month)

Month 3:
Well, lets get 2 months out of the way before deciding anything here :wink:


It took 7 posts for somebody to mention this one? :wink:

Do keep in mind that Ultima is very heavy in the beginning (may make you uncomfortable) but the mind tends to get used to it quite fast. Make sure your speakers/headphones are at least decent quality.


Good luck with that beast of a stack


Thank you all for your suggestions and kind words, I really appreciate it!


Hello, New Here! Great to meet you, best of luck in your journey!